Kingdoms of Camelot Basic Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Basic Guide by Scott Lautzenheiser

1.) The Basics: Kingdoms of Camelot is a WAR GAME !!

This means going to War, those who don’t like violence or War Games should try something else….
Otherwise Kingdoms of Camelot (also named KOC from its Players), is a great Game full of Adventure, War Gaming. Building Troops, Castles and thinking up your own Defense and Attack Strategies.

KOC is based on Might points, the more Might you have, the Mightier you are !
Might Points are collected basically threw building your Castles and making your Troops. Naturally to achieve your wanted high Might, you need Resources (Gold, Food, Wood, Stone and Ore). In each of your Castles, you are able to produce these Resources, threw Farms, Mines, and Sawmills. You deciding of course how many of which Resource your in need of.

Each Castle has Buildings that need to be built and their Levels raised to keep you fit for your future Achievements (being Attacking , Defending against other Players) , more to those later in this Guide.
In each Domain where you play, you have Alliances, Alliances are groups of players, working together towards a common Goal (normally being the No. 1 Alliance in that Domain).
Alliances do bring advantages especially safety in numbers, also being able to trade Resources with each other which brings players to work together.

In your Domain, you have different Provinces, and in each Province you can place your Castle where you wish as long as you finish different Quests and Capture Wilds (Plains).
Every Domain has so called Wilds (Mountains, Lakes, Grasslands, Hills), these Wilds are very important to you because they strengthen your amount of Resources…
The amount of Wilds you may keep after being Captured is raised according tot he level of your Castle (1-11).

So now that you’ve read about Domains, Alliances, Castles, Troops, Buildings and Wilds, your probably thinking that KOC is complicated but actually it isn’t, if you read this Guide carefully and stick to the „Plan of Game Play“ , you will realize that KOC is a lot of fun and can played with alot of friends.

2.) After reaching 2 Million Might or more ?:

If you have 2 Million Might Points, then you should be in or seriously thinking about joining an Alliance that suits you best. The only Problem is that an Alliance can only have 100 Members.
Alliance advantages are Sharing Resources, speaking in your Alliance Chatroom and of course becoming the Reinforcing troops needed to help you defend against your Alliances Enemies.
In an Alliance , you should be an Active Player because you have the positive effect of Safety in Numbers.

[I would like to take the chance at this point to make a comment, some players say that some buildings are useless or not needed, this is NOT my opinion. In building your first Castle, it is most helpful to build one of each building, then the rest of your spaces should be used for extra Cottages and Barracks, for example:

1st Castle, build every building, plus 6 Cottages, and the rest Barracks.
2nd Castle, build 6 Cottages, Barracks and if you wish, leave the Market and Tavern out, (especially if your Castles are next to each other on the Domain Map).]
The Reason being that your playing a nice Game, and ALL the buildings do have a purpose, what you do with them is up to you naturally but your 1st (or Main) Castle is the corner stone, build it wisely.

Having over 2 Million (Mill) Might points also can bring responsibility, there are different Ranks in KOC, being Member(Player), Officer , Vice Chancellor (VC), and Chancellor.
The Chancellor being the „ Boss „ of the Alliance but not necessarily the Founder.
After reaching a certain amount of Might points, you will see that your food supply starts to fall with the growth of your Troops, If you keep larger amounts of Food on hand, then act accordingly and make sure you have enough defenses to keep them from being stolen.

You will surely be thinking about how to become more Food supplies and will need to make some unfriendly decisions on how to acquire the need supplies.

Keeping your connection to your fellow Alliance Members is of utmost importance. As your Might points grow, Having loyal friends in your near is helpful , especially when you need the Reinforcements against enemy attacks.

3.) Tips – Attacking and Defending:

General Information:
Many play with Honor, I am sorry to say that there are players that have little or no Honor, so be careful.
Understand how the Game works!! / Resources can be stolen !! / Wilds can be stolen !!
You loose Might points by loosing your Troops, from attackers or when you attack others!!
You also loose Might points by having your Troops Desert you, Desertion comes from not having enough food in your Castle to feed them.

In this game, the Defender has the upper hand, this means the Defender has an advantage over his attackers to a certain point. The Portal of Order is a good choice in a attackers strategy, moving a whole attacking Castle to his Enemy and starting his (her) attack from that position, it has the advantage of quicker march times for your Troops.
A good attacking Strategy is attacking your enemy in waves of Troops, depending on your enemies defensive Situation.
A normal attack starts with sending Scouts to try acquiring Information about your Enemy and their Defenses.
The Archers and Cavalry (Heavy Calvary) are the most widely used attacking Troops !
Overcoming Wall defenses are best learned within your Alliance, Information is always shared between the Members … Good Luck !!!

Nobody can destroy your Castle, Buildings, Farms ect.
Your Defensive Units (Wall units) can be destroyed and rebuilt
The Pike, Archers and other defensive Units build your General line of Defenses.
Robert Crabtree also wrote a nice thread and is very helpful in understanding the defensive strategy.
[The reason why the layer defense works so well is as follows…

The bad guys come running at you and your troops run at them… the first thing that the bad guys run into is your scouts (cuz they ran the fastest)… they attack your scouts and kill them… you then attack with your ranged troops (archers and balli) and your Xbows… The bad guys lose a bunch of troops and move forward.. then then run into your Calvary and kill them you now get a second round to attack with your ranged troops and Xbows.. if u have any field defenses then you would have gotten even one more round of attacks before the bad guys reach your walls or archers.

Now it does not matter if you have 1 scout or 5000 scouts running out to stop the bad guys… the result is the same… the bad guys have to stop and kill all the scouts before they can advance and kill your walls… the following is used to take out maximum troops with the fewest losses as possible.
If u see an attack coming pull all your scouts and reg Calvary from that city EXCEPT 1 of each… move these extra scouts and horses to your closest city not under attack…as soon as the first wave has hit your city return 1 of each (scout and Calvary) back to that city so you are ready for the next wave of bad guys.

By doing this it does few things for ya.
1- By having a scout running out to meet the bad guys it gives your archers a free round of attacks. The Calvary also gives you a free round of attacks… (Okay not free each round cost you troops but they are cheap troops)
2- Scouts are fast and run along ways thus pushing the battle further away from your city and if they sent slower troops at you then your archers will get extra rounds of attacks as their men try and make the long distance to your city.
3- By removing all but 1 scout and 1 Calvary from your city you have limited your losses to next to nothing and maximized your killing ability

Supply Troops
You need them until you can build supply wagons, after than they are useless, slow and not worth having].

In your Alliance, you will meet with other Members there that have thier own Strategy about attack and defense, it is up to you to decide what you wish to do and which strategy to use..

4.) Basic Statistics and Charts:

There are Websites Online that have a large amount of information as far as Charts, Statistics and other Important Information, for example : or use your browser with Google and look for Kingdoms of Camelot Information, there is a wide spread amount available.

5.) Comments, Tips and Tricks:

a.) Stay active. An active player receives the most rewards. Merlins Coins, Gifts and other Items are normally given to the more active Players.
b.) Use your Time in KOC for better things in Gameplay. Swearing, Foul Language and Bad Names for Castles or Otherwise is not appreciated. Keep your Gameplay Clean!!!
c.) Rumors – Rumors are a very active part of KOC, as well as active Spies, and Treachery, always be aware , and think twice about the Information you send to others, it could be used against you at any time, later in the game.
d.) Players and their Roles in the Game, There are different ways to playing in KOC, Roles being: Attacker / Defender / Warehouse/ or just plain Un-Allianced. Choose your Role well and have fun.

My special Thanks to the makers of Kingdoms of Camelot, they put together a very nice online game that works (most of the time), and my best wishes to the honorable players, and future players.

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