Kingdoms of Camelot Crest Hunting Strategy Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Crest Hunting Strategy Guide by Ouch
Okay guys this is an overview both for beginners and seasoned hunters.

It covers the general strategy, attacking with two waves, what wilds to look for, what to attack for cities 3 and 4, attacking wilds level 8 for city 5, and beyond city 5.


Different crests start dropping in different level wilds. The first thing is to determine what level wilds you will be attacking. For city 3 and 4, you can attack level 5, 6 and 7. For city 5, all you need to attack is wilds 8, and for beyond all you need to attack all wilds 8, 9 and 10.

In theory, you can get all crests you need from all cities from wilds level 9. However, also in theory, it is best to have fletching level 10 before attacking wilds 9 (or 10). SO for this reason, I held off this recommendation of attacking wild 9 until after city 5 (which comes with a divine intervention that you can use to get your alchemy lab to 10 and up all your researches).

There are two schools of thought on crest hunting that dominate over other schools of thought: The crest drop locations, and the statistics of drops by types of wilds.

In the first school of thought, due to the fact that crests drop in the same locations, you hit the wilds that gave you crests already once an hour or at least once every two hours. You might not get a crest, you might get the same crest, or you might get a different crest. Keep those locations in a notepad.

The second school of thought is based on mathematical statistics. On average, if you hit 5 wilds of the same type in row (plains, woods, hills, etc.) then you are supposed to get at least one crest.

Putting the two schools of thought together, this is how I work. I find an area that looks good. By GOOD I mean a decent number of wilds of the levels I am attacking. I bookmark the middle of the screen so I can go back on the map any time really quick. I then chose one type of wild and hit all the wilds that level of THAT type. Say, plains. I hit all plains of the level(s) I am hitting. Then I move to another type, say woods. When I am done with every type, I generally have some crests. I put in my notepad the crests location to hit those spots again in an hour or two. I then move on to another location.

Eventually, you have so many crests drop spots on your list that all you are doing every hour or two is hitting the spots you wrote down.


The idea here is to destroy the traps right before you hit with main troops.

I will develop attacking wilds 7, 6 and 5.

The rest will be developed later.

For these wilds here, you have to time your two waves apart by 17 seconds or less.

More then that, and you risk losing unnecessary troops.

For the first wave, you send militia – the exact number as the traps. Wilds 7, send 150. Wilds 6, send 100. Wilds 5, send 50. Those will DIE but better them then archers.

Less then 17 seconds later, a second wave of archers only should be on the way. Wilds 7, send 5250 archers (fletching lev 8). Wilds 6, send 4500 archers (fletching lev 7). Wilds 5, send 2500 archers (fletching lev 6).

There are attack variations of two wave attacks:

– Send 1 militia with your second wave of archers to slow them down to the speed of the first wave.

– Use other troops. Supply troops are slower then militia, for example, if you need more time. Or if you want to get as creative as using siege weapons that are really slow, you will have to send your 1st wave AFTER your 2nd one to make the 17 seconds close.

There are many ways to attack wilds, militia and archers are the standard most people use.


The idea here is that there are no need to waste unnecessary troops. With wilds level 8, the game introduces Ballista. So for cities 3 and 4, all you need to do is attack wilds 5, 6 and 7.

Once you get your Sir Bor crests, you can focus on just wilds 6 and 7.

Pick a spot on the map, and hit all of a type 5, 6 and 7. For example, all Lakes 5, 6 and 7 on that map. Then switch types, etc. (see section on general strategy).


For city 5, you will have to attack wilds level 8 and you will need Fletching level 9 (max you can get without a divine intervention).

Here we will introduce emergency measures if you miss your timing.

Wave 1 should consist of 1 Ballista and 300 militia.

Wave 2 should consist of 10k archers and 1k Ballista – OR- 3500 Ballista.

If you miss your timing, send SCOUTS before your second wave. It is better to lose scouts then siege weapons. Make sure the scouts are set to “attack” and not “scout”.

Although you can get them in higher level wilds as well, all the crests you need for a 5th city is in wilds 8 so no need to waste troops.

Remember to hit crest drop spots every 2 hours or even every hour.


To attack wilds level 9 and 10, you will need Fletching level 10. The good news is that you haven’t won or bought a divine intervention, city 5 comes with one. So use it for your alchemy lab. Once your lab is level 10, all research will be allowed to go to level 10. Do Fletching first of course.

For wilds 9, 1st wave is 1 Ballista and 600 militia. 2nd wave is 15k archers and 1600 Ballista -OR- 5500 Ballista.

For wilds 10, 1st wave is 1 catapult and 1200 militia. 2nd wave is 35k archers and 2500 Catapults. You will lose 50 Catapults additional to the first wave losses.

REMEMBER: If you mess up your timing, send scouts in time rather then see siege weapons destroyed. STAY SHARP.

I hope this document was very useful to you,

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