Hellgate Global Power Leveling Guide

Hellgate Global Power Leveling Guide by Azshei

After much trial and error, I have found two methods that work faster than anything else. This only applies to higher-level characters, though, so you’ll just have to follow standard routine if you are low-level, or figure something else out for yourself. Sorry:(

#1. Get a group together consisting of at least one Evoker (two is better, but one works just fine) with a high level spectral curse–Rank 9-10 is preferred–and a Guardian who is able to draw all mobs in the first room of Shadow Pass. He must be able to reach the end of the room, or close to it, in order to bring out the “brain-type” mobs that remain invisible and invulverable until they show themselves, as well as to draw as many mobs as possible to him. He must be able to survive this onslaught for a few seconds. The evoker then casts spectral curse. As soon as one person kills one cursed monster, it causes a chain explosion as one cursed monster kills another and another, ultimately resulting in massive AOE damage around the Guardian, clearing the room instantly, including EPIC AND UNIQUE MOBS ON NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY. When everything dies, grab your loot ASAP and run for the exit, then reset.

#2. The second best option if you lack the Guardian/Evoker duo is to have at least two or three Marksmen or Engineers do Strike AOE in Wake Hollow. This will not instantly kill all epic and legendary mobs and such, (unless the chars are super-powered) but it won’t take long to finish them off, and the room is easily cleared on nightmare difficulty in seconds. This is better because you’re clearing all mobs in the room, as opposed to only *some* in the case of Shadow Pass without a guardian.

Now, I know what some people are thinking here. I’m going to address some anticipated misconceptions before they crop up in replies.

“But Azshei, MM and Engi strikes can clear the Shadow Pass first room instantly! Your guide is useless.”

I’m sorry, unknown dissenter, but you are wrong. The “brain mobs” are invulnerable to any kind of damage until they actually appear.

(Test this by casting something like tempest or lightning field. You will notice that they take no damage until they actually materialize within the AOE you’ve cast, because when they do appear, they always have full HP. A lot of players miss this because those things tend to die so fast and they’re not paying attention.)

And those mobs only appear when someone reaches their present location. That means dashing to the end of the room while drawing agro. It’s suicide and impossible for anyone but a Guardian, and without this, you will only actually kill off maybe 70% or less of the mobs in the room. That makes Wake Hollow actually a lot faster if you have two or three powerful strikers in your team. They can kill everything in the room instantly because none of the mobs are invisible or invulverable (assuming the guys have high shield penetration, which EVERYONE should.)

More on this later. . .  I’m out of time. Let me know what you guys think of this and feel free to ask any questions or correct me if you think I’m wrong. I won’t get into any stupid debates, but I would obviously love to learn of better EXP farming methods if there actually are any.

And just to give you an idea of how well this works. . . It took me about an hour to rank 100% from 9 to 10 with no EXP bonus at all. No energy bonus. No EXP pack. YEAH!

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