Hellgate Global Evoker Solo Guide

Hellgate Global Evoker Solo Guide by Vallhael


as you may have seen, this thread will be about soloing the game with the Evocer class with the maximum efficiency and safety. From now on I will frequently present new Bosses and the tactics to solo them safely, their abilities , how to counter them, a.s.o., a.s.o. Some people say that there are some bosses which evocers can’t solo. This is a lie! With lvl 43 i had soloed every single boss in the game and although some proved a great challenge it was definitely possible. Often it was very hard, I had to reroll twice at 40+ to find the optimal build and faced many deaths when encountering some bosses the first time. That’s why i want to share my experience with everyone and especially address the evokers who are new to this game in order to help them to fight their way through the countless encounters during the game.
If you have questions concerning this thread feel free to contact me ingame under the name Veigaru and ask me.

My build:
Before i begin i shall present you my build for soloing. Ofc there are other, and i don’t deny its possible with them aswell. However this build makes it fairly easy: http://www.hellgateaus.net/planner/#Evoker,55,50,2,0000190003990000000900006083000000,000000000000000   (the missing point in arcane shield is because of my balbis, you can have it missing in whatever skill your balbis give u instead).

Boss Guide Nr.1, Berial:

What do you need to solo Berial:
lvl 42-55, demonspine lvl 10, flameshards lvl 8+, hellfire lvl 8+, arcane shield lvl 10 OR venom armor lvl 10, blink lvl 2++ (lvl 4 would be better), decent equip, on low levels a lot of patience, the +1 sec sprint duration achievement.
Very useful skills to have:  Spectral curse lvl 5++, Elemental drain 3+

About Berial:
Berial is probably the hardest encounter in the Game. He has strong reggen (1% of his life per second approx), immense dmg, adds and special mechanics that no other boss has (he also has a huge scythe which does 3k dmg per hit, so be a pall and don’t go melee..). It took me approx 1 hour to find out how to deal with him and another one to actually kill him at lvl 43. Berial is lvl 50 with 16,6k health , shielded and has 6 special abilities which i will present in the following:

1: Apocalypse walk. You probably know the ability from the burning trash mobs, disappearing and reappearing in a huge pillar of flames. This is slightly annoying, since Berial keeps  healing himself once disappeared and his shield keeps recharging. Still, this skill gives you a nice break which might save your life.

2. Poison Cones: One of the unique abilities of Berial. He uses this to create 7 cones of poison on the ground, similar to a cross walk, which go in your direction. These do approx. 800dmg per second, so a 3k shield will be able to hold them off for a while. Still, standing in them is a bad idea, and even running through them is only advisable in emergency situations.

3. Fireball Volley: Forget Moloch, Forget Astaroth. IF you get hit by those you’re almost certainly dead. Each fireball deals 2000 dmg, and he shoots 7 of them in an approx 8 meter broad cone. You can see him casting them pretty well though, since he raises his hand and creates a very bright ball of fire, which them splits up into this cone.

4. White Hellfire: Basically, a hellfire, announced by a white, round rune on the ground. Explodes after 3 sec, deals 1500 dmg per second, kills everything that isn’t smart enough to evade it. it IS fairly easy to evade it though, since its radius of effect is only like 8 meters.

5. Homing Swarm: This is what makes berial to Berial. He basically through a small, homing cloud of insects at you, which deals 2000dmg per second once in reaches you. At 20 meter range it needs about 1 sec to reach you, so in theory one would take 8000 raw dmg and die. In the tactic section I will explain how to deal with it.

6. Summon adds: At 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% Berial will once summon 2 Mini berials. While the adds are alive Berial is immortal and keeps regenerating.

Mini Berial: A mini Berial has 3-4k HP, is also lvl 50 and has 3 skills.

1. Lightning cone: the same as poison cone, but slightly less dmg, still, 2 of them are wrecking, and with poison cone active at the same time you could get in trouble.

2. Shatter ground: I yet have to figure out why the small Berials are able to do it, but the big isn’t..anyway, occasionally one of the small berials will smash their scythes in to the ground and send a giant cone of spikes right to your direction. It  deals the fair amount of 2,5k dmg and moves very fast.

3. Summon necros: Summons 6-8 small necros lvl 50 with 400hp which do 300-400 dmg per autohit and can jump to your location. A single hellfire should wipe them out entirely, however, there is an even better mechanic which I’ll present later to deal with them.
By the way, the mini berials keep casting this spell, even if you’re out of the dungeon. So if you decide to have a little break during the add phase, be prepared to face 200-300 of them ince you go back in.

Tactic: 1.

During add free phase:
Here you basically want to fire evrth you have on Berial, while evading his skills. Elemental drain helps in keeping him perma ignited, but isn’t necessary. Use a flameshards, demonspine, flameshards, demonspine rotation, or flameshards, demonspine, flameshards, Hellfire rotation if you can manage the power costs.
Trie to keep constantly moving in a circle at 20 m range around him, except when he casts his poison cone. Still this is the lowest priority, if u need to evade any of the other skills forgett about it.  Hellfire is pretty easy to evade, just bring 10-12 meter distance between you and the rune, in 3 secs that’s pretty easy. The fireballs are harder. You will have to use your sprint to evade it. Use it once you see the bright ball in his hand has formed, and run for your life. You’ll just be out of range when the fireballs impact.
Swarm is the hardest skill to evade. Once you see the bugs coming your way, you have to watch them extremely carefully and right before they reach you (it will take about 1 sec till they reach you at 20m range) use your blink and keep running. It is possible that the swarm will catch up during the last second and so some dmg, so always have your arcane shield ready!!

During Add phase:
Your main priority is to end this phase as fast as possible, as it is extremely hard. The evade rules of add free phase are still intact since Berial keeps using his skills. Normally, you just bomb the hell out of his adds with hellfire, flame shards and demon spine. However, there is a little trick to end it very fast. Once the small adds spawn immediately use a lvl 5 spectral curse (below that it will have no real effect) and quickly kill one of them with demon spine, inquiring another one. this will lead to a chain reaction, and kill everyone of them, phasing the mini berial and forcing him to take about 3k, dmg, 1-2 more hits and he’s done for. Works really well.

Shatter ground is an anomaly. You can have a whole Berial fight without it happening once and another one with 5-10 of them.  There are 2 ways to handle it. One way, is to just pop arcane shield, take it like a boss, and then run like a girl for 13 sec because your shield is down and you having nothing else to protect you. The other way is to watch the Mini berials very carefully and use sprint exactly when they use Shatter ground. This is very risk though since you have to use it immediately and 0,2 sec to late can already mean to take the whole hit. In addition it leaves you vulnerable to berials fireballs, so you’ll have to hide behind a column next time to evade them.

This is basically it. Repeat it 5 times and enjoy a dead and tasty berial. Btw, dieing during this encounter is not such a big problem, since you can just run back in within 30 sec and fight again. I died approx 30 times when i first killed him at 43, but it was worth it.

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