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Hellgate Global Frequently Asked Questions by GM Vallafar

Item Introduction (click here)

Game System Guide? (click here)

– Chat Commands
– Friend and Ignore List
– Party Guide
– Mail System Guide
– Marketplace Guide
– Arena Guide

Guild Creation and Information (click here)
Security PIN Problem? (click here – make sure to press the “Reset In-Game Password”)
*** YNK Interactive Channeling Service ***
What is YNK Interactive Channeling Service?
 – It is a channeling service that will allow YNK Interactive players to log-in and play Hellgate Global without making/creating a T3Fun account.
Is this a different server?
 – No. This is the same server that T3Fun users are using. Hence YNK and T3Fun users will be able to see and interact with each other in-game.
Will players from United States experience less connection issue if they use this?
 – Provided that you will still be using the same server, it will still be the same. There are claims/reports that they had better connection using a YNK accounts but this is not something that we recommend. As we have mentioned multiple times in our announcement, we are continuously working on different things to provide our players with the best connection that we can offer.
*** Ticket Concerns ***

What is this ticket system?

– This “ticket” would appear as an in-game item that is available in our premium item mall. By using this, it would allow you to have access to Act3 contents till Abyss.

What are the contents that’s you can open when you activate one ticket?
– Acts 3-5
– Stonehenge
– 2nd Attack
– Abyss

*** On a side note: There will be no need for a Stonehenge Ticket. To enter a dungeon in Stonehenge, the character needs to talk to the altar near the portal to give 5 essences (the type of essence depends on the dungeon that you would like to enter).

How much would that ticket cost?
– 4000 Tcoins.

Do we have to purchase tickets for every character?

– No, the ticket is good for all 6 characters that you would create in your account. To make things simpler, 1 ticket = 1 account access

Do we have to pay for it monthly or does the ticket have expiration?
– No, the ticket has no expiration and is permanent once the account has been granted access.

Where can I buy the ticket?
– The ticket can be purchased through the in-game item shop. To open the item shop, you can click on the small “Premium Shop” button that is located just below the mini map. You can also use the shortcut key/button – “c”.

*** Other Concerns ***

Some of the monsters seems to be invisible or transparent. What can I do to resolve it?
– Here are some possible solution to this particular issue.
1. Try to repatch the client. (Open Launcher>Check>Repatch)
2. Try to change some of the graphic/video option like Shader Quality, Texture Detail, and Anisotropic Filtering.
3. Hellgate Global is only compatible with DirectX 9. If you are using DirectX10 or 11, there’s a possibility that you’ll
encounter this issue once in a while.
4. If you are using an ATI video card, please download this file (ATI hot fix.zip). After downloading the file, extract the contents
to your Hellgate Global client folder (Default Directory is C:t3funHellgate)

Will there be a character wipe?
– There will be no character wipe for this phase (the one that’s gonna start this today – June 30, 2011).

How will I charge/load my account with Tcoins?
click here

Will there be any updated or additions to the items that are being sold in the Premium Shop?– yes. there will be additional items that will be added to the Premium Shop. However, we wouldn’t  be able to provide any estimate date at the moment.

Billing Concerns?

– Please send us an email to hellgatesupport@t3fun.com. If you encounter a specific error message, please include a screenshot to your email inquiry.

I’m stuck. My character can’t get out of a particular area.
– Type “/stuck” to unstuck your character or warp it to the nearest portal.

I keep on getting this quest from Bioengineer Spence in Holborn Station. He’s always gives me a quest to kill Fat Bully.

– This is normal. The quest “A Leg UP” is a repeatable quest that players can get over and over again.

Is there a way to reset the skill, attributes or expertise points?
– There is a premium item that you can use to reset the said stats.
Skills Points        – Skill Initialization
Attibutes Points   – Ability Initialization (For engineer, drone’s attribute points will also be reset)
Expertise Points  – Expertise Skill Initialization

*** How to …. ***

Reset Field/Map?
– Press the “Arrow button” that can be seen at the upper left side of the mini map.Reseting a field can be useful in resolving quest item issue, portals and effectively applies the difficulty (Normal, Nightmare) that you chose while in town.

Change the difficulty? (Normal Nightmare)
– Difficulty can be changed whenever a character is in a station/hub. To change the difficulty, just select your preferred difficulty in the drop down menu that can be found on the upper left side of the mini map.

How does the auto-dismantler work?
– Once the item is in your inventory already, you need to configure the settings on what item class will it dismantle automatically. The settings can be found just below or on the lower left side of the inventory window.

*** Item Modification ***

What are the type of Mods?
– (click here)

How can I insert the Mod?

– Just drag the mod to the weapon to insert it (make sure that the weapon has an open slot and you are inserting the right type of mod)

How can I unlock the grayed out Mod slot?
– At the moment, there’s no way to unlock the said mod.

For other questions or inquiries about Hellgate Global, send it to us by using the Mail Inquiry Section under the Support Tab of the Hellgate Global Website. You can also send us an email to hellgatesupport@t3fun.com.

That will be all for now,

Thank you.

Hellgate GM Team

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