Haypi Monster Poe Information

Haypi Monster Poe Information by DeNira


1. Poe will evolve at any level as long as you get honey and equip it
2. There is a Poe for every element. You can get the honey for that element in team mode in their respective areas. (For example, volcano hosts fire monsters. It’s safe to assume you can find fire honey there.)
3. You can also find honey in gold and crystal chests.
4. You can’t breed normal poes, but you can breed poes of same evolution. (You can’t breed Poe and Poe. You can’t breed vegetaboe and psychoe. But you can breed vegetaboe with vegetaboe or psychoe with psychoe.)
5. Your baby will be the same evolution as the parents. It won’t pop out as the original poe.

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16 Responses

  1. Fan says:

    Electric is my guy best one have all and electric the number 1 choice

  2. K says:

    We can actually breed monster?

  3. Anonymous says:

    No snoe?

  4. Kyle says:

    Snoe is not there snoe is the best ^^

  5. Austin says:

    Add me as a pal for a good monster with evolving item. Invite code: 1SOFU

  6. MainhoFF says:

    Когда создаете новый аккаунт,введете код игрока(1L909) и вы через некоторое время получите призы

  7. mackari09 says:

    i wish haypi can let us breed poe with poe coz i have 2 poe

  8. Taylulah says:

    How do we get additional poes?
    I have all the honeys, i just don’t have the poes.
    I already got the free poe from 50 monster.

  9. fattchai says:

    beside quest , can we catch poe from map ?

  10. Otterkid says:

    I have every honey type i just need 6 poes to use the honeys

  11. Isley says:

    Any nice recommended Poe evolution? What about ice type

  12. Taylah34 says:

    Still no honey

  13. IDon'tKnowAName2013 says:

    Snoe is not there :(

  14. Taylah34 says:

    I got Poe from jungle I think

  15. DrewM27 says:

    Get 50 different monsters and you get one free

  16. mh says:

    where i can get poe ?

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