Haypi Monster FAQ

Haypi Monster FAQ by DeNira

1. How many coins do I need to buy for VIP?

VIP 1 = 10
VIP 2 = 200
VIP 3 = 500
VIP 4 = 1000
VIP 5 = 2000

Note = How many coins it says is exactly how many coins you need. For example, for VIP 2, you need 200 coins. You don’t need 210 for VIP 1, then another 200 for VIP 2. You need to buy exactly 200. So for VIP 3, you need exactly 500, etc.

2. How long does VIP last?

From what I’ve heard so far, permanent.

2.2 What are VIP benefits?

Depends on the level of your VIP. You can check the diagram for VIP benefits in: home > settings > VIP > details.

3. What are those crowns next to the name in the chatroom?

There are two crowns. One type of crown is for VIP, which can range from 1 to 5. The other crown is for the “climb the ladder” event.

4. What is the “Climb the Ladder” Event?

Climb the ladder event is where you fight people who are stronger than you. As you beat people, you “climb the ladder” in a sense. Aim for the top! Your position will be seen on the chat room when you talk in the form of a crown.

5.1 At what level does my monster evolve?

For any monster, you can check the level by going to:
Home > Monster tab > Click said monster > Click the encyclopedia book on the left underneath the monster picture. The levels at which the monster levels will be shown on the bottom.

5.2 What if there is no level?

If its an icon of something else, then get that item, equip it to the monster and just keep on leveling until it levels. Otherwise, it’s a monster with no evolutions.

6. What element beats which other element?

You can check the diagrams in Home > Settings [bottom right] > Tips [bottom left] and there’s two of them. If you don’t understand the diagrams, here’s what you need to know for diagram one.

Wherever the arrow points at, that’s what the element beats. Here’s an example.

Element with an advantage ———->> Element at a disadvantage

6.1 Specific benefits of having an elemental advantage?

Lets use draconius and branchy.
Because draconius is a fire and branchy is nature, fire naturally beats nature. Just because the monster itself is an elemental advantage, it will have 50% more damage. Skills that are also an elemental advantage will give you another 50% more damage.

This also probably means that those that have an elemental disadvantage also do less damage, but someone should tell me so I can update this with this information specifically. xD

7. What is the best monster out there?

I think this is all opinion, but I don’t think there is a best monster. If anything, I guess I’d chose the dark type monster because you can factor out one of the monster types, the physical. Then, of course, get a grade S monster!

7.2 What the heck do you mean by grade S monster?

Monsters have grades. To check what grade your monster is, go to:
home > monster tab > monster > identify. The grade will appear in the top right corner after you identify it the first time.

7.3 How do I get a higher grade monster?

From what I’ve heard, the hatchery can be used to make a stronger monster. For example, D + D = C. There’s not always the greatest chance to get a higher grade, but you can get a high chance by sacrificing level 15 monsters to gain a blessing. More info later.

8. Where do I get more seal cards?

You can only buy VIP seal cards, which are 100%. For the free, cheapie, green ones, you get them by doing quests or by finding chests in game.

9. What are the crystal fragments and blocks for?

They’re daily quests [daily as in they happen once every day]. *My recommendation is that you sell any excess amounts. You only need ten a day. If you bag is full, the quest won’t finish. You will need to do it manually by: Home > Quest tab [looks like a scroll on the bottom right corner] > scroll all the way down for daily quests.

10. Where do I find honey for my Poe?

You may find different types of honey when you defeat the final boss of the stage in the spinning wheel. There is a different honey for each element.

10.1 At what level does the Poe evolve at once I have the honey?

This has changed in ver 1.02. Now Poe can evolve at any level once equipped with honey, even lvl 1.

Help! I can’t breed my Poe!

You can’t breed first evolution Poe. You can only evolve the SAME evolutions of Poe. For example, you can breed psychoe and psychoe but you can’t breed a vegetaboe with a psychoe. The baby will be the same element as the parents.

11. Where can I find flaunt, octobud, vertebrex, etc.?

There are some monsters in which cannot be caught. They can only be synthesized!

Flaunt = Random in team mode/veteran mode any stage
Vertedeath = ????????? [I hear it’s a random! Perhaps in veteran sealed space or expert sealed space.]
Chimp = Team mode, Canyon
Octobud = Team mode, Jungle
Crabby = Team mode, Miracle Sea
Lupa = Team mode, Volcano
Echo = Team mode, Sealed Space

11.2 I want this epic monster. Where can I get it?

Think this way for every epic in the area:

Normal mode : See the monster
Veteran mode : Chance to get the monster
Expert mode : Chance to evolve the monster

The only one that’s slightly different is sealed space. The boss you get scrolled is pampurred. Felicity must be bought after being unlocked with prestige. The Vertebrex is not yet known!

12. What is the highest grade possible?

It’s S. There is no S- or S+. ONLY S!

13. Any place I can make easy money?

I suggest team mode, the hardest one you can manage without using gold or revival cards. Otherwise, sell stuff you don’t need or sell scrolls of monsters you already have and can breed.

14. What are those caves?

Those caves house monsters that cannot be made with scrolls. Purple caves have epic monsters and green caves have common monsters that are used for synthesis.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the purple scrolls from the veteran mode

  2. xXBaconXx says:

    you can get scythe from a purple cave in sealed space veteran mode or you can hatch it randomly from an egg

  3. xXBaconXx says:

    you can find the four leafed clover in holy ruins veteran and expert mode

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    Where an I find four leaf clover ?

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    Where can I find schyte :/?

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