Haypi Monster Hatchery and Synthesizing Guide

Haypi Monster Hatchery and Synthesizing Guide by DeNira


1. You need one male and one female monster, both level 15 minimum.

2. Both must be the SAME MONSTER of ANY GRADE or of ANY EVOLUTION.

3. No, you can’t cross breed [because I’d have crossbred a mythik and a vertebrex already but I didn’t. Maybe in the future].

4. Identify the grade of the monster. Why?

– You want to breed the highest two grades you have. The higher the grade, the more likely you’ll be to get a higher grade. Ex. If you have a grade d, c and c+, you want to breed the c and c+.

-Also, every grade requires a specific love potion.

**What do I mean by grades?

E-, E, E+, D-, D, D+, ect..

5. Make sure you have the right corresponding love potion. Each love potion will only work for a certain grade. Check the description to see which grade the potion works for. You only need one. If the monsters are a different grade, a potion compatible with the higher grade monster of the two will be used.

6. Can I tell the gender of the next monster? No. You can’t. It’s the basic 50/50 chance of either gender.

7. Use blessing for a chance to get a higher grade baby.

8. Sacrifice monsters for blessing for a chance for a higher grade monster. *MUST BE VIP 4 TO USE BLESSING

9. Breeding does not mean that it’s 100% chance to go higher! Example

I breeded:
Pure S flight with A+ flight, which had A+, A+, A+, A+, S, S [hp, at, matk, spd, def, mdef] respectively. My baby came out A+, A+, S, A+, A+, S.

It means that YES… stats can go down. Or up. Or not move at all.

For all you clueless Poe People out there, only same evolutionary poes can be bred. The baby will be the same as the parents.

Ex. YES : Hypnoe + Hypnoe = Hypnoe
NO : Hypnoe + Psychoe = Freak of nature / Normal Poe


1. You can’t control gender. Good luck getting male and female. xD

2. You can kind of control grade, so save those ancestors!

For example, if you use S class synthesis monsters, your product monster could end up an S class as well! Likewise, if you used D class monsters, your monsters could end up in the D class range. Could save you a lot of time and effort rebreeding.

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  1. matt says:

    Actually you can control gender in synthesis. If you want to synthesize a female, you just have to make sure all of the monsters you use for synthesis are female as well. Vice versa for male

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