Haypi Monster Skills List

Haypi Monster Skills List by DeNira

Element / Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit NoteFind?Epic only?
FirePPAttack TypePowerHitNote
Burn15Physical35100May Burn
Hot Smoke10Physical4590Increase Dodge & May burnVet
Meteor5Magical5590May Burn Miltiple Targets
Wild Fire5Physical5590All OpponentsExp
Whirling Flame10Magical4595Enhance MATK and May Burn
Pyroblast10Physical6095May Burn
Fire Bomb5Magical9090May Burn
Fire Blast5Physical9090May Burn
Blinding Smoke10Supplementary100Increase Dodge
Molten Core10Supplementary100MATK & MDEF raised
Anger10Supplementary100Increase ATK
Firestorm10Supplementary70Will burn
WaterPPAttack TypePowerHitNote
Water Bomb
Water Droplet15Physical35100Damage opponent, May heal You
Sewage10Magical5090Increase self Dodge, May heal you
Whirlpool10Magical5090Decrease opponent MDEF, May heal you
Water Jets10Physical4595First hit, May heal you *PvP = Speed dependent
Tsunami5Physical5590All OppoentsExpYes
Erupting Spring10Physical6095Damage opponent, May Heal YouVet
Water Torrent3Magical11075May heal, but can’t attack next turn
Bubbles10Supplementary90Decrease Opponent’s Dodge
Water Cell10Supplementary50Keep opponent on field, damage each turn
Water Beads5Supplementary100Heal your monster for many turns
Soak3Supplementary100Heals your monster [1 turn]Yes
Absoprtion5Supplementary100Heals once, less than soak.No
Water Barrier10Supplementary100Increase MDEF
Crystallize10Supplementary100Increase Self DEF
PlantPPAttack TypePowerHitNote
Underworld Seeds5Magical1575Steals Health when damage done/May oison?
Vine Whip15Physical35100May Poison
Underworld Plant5Magical4095Steals Health and May poison?
Poison Whip10Magical4595May PoisonVet
Razor Leaves5Physical5590Hits all opponents, may poisonExpYes
Seed Bullet5Magical5595May poisonExpYes
Poison Petals10Magical6095May Poison
Poison Leaves10Physical9095May PoisonExpYes
Solar Smite5Physical11075May Poison, but can’t attack next turnExpYes
Photosynthesis3Supplementary100Heals your monster [1 turn]
Leaf Shield10Supplementary100Increase PDEF
Entwine10Supplementary50Keep opponent on field, damage each turn
Grass Wall10Supplementary100Increase Dodge
Mother’s Embrace10Supplementary100Increase MATK
Hypnosis Powder10Supplementary60Sleep (opponent can’t attack)
Poison Powder10Supplementary75Poison opponent
Paralysis Powder10Supplementary70Paralyze opponent
Cleansing Powder10Supplementary100Removes all debuffsExpYes
Earth PP Attack Type Power Hit Note
Rock15Physical35100May Stun
BoulderPhysical9095May stun
Rock Sling10Physical4595May lower opponents spd and may stun
Earthquake10Physical5580Damage all targets and may stun
Avalanche10Physical6095May stun
Fissure10Supplementary50Keep opponent on field, damage each turn
Rock Armor10Supplementary100Increase DEF
Swamp10Supplementary95Decrease Dodge
Burrow10Supplementary100Increase Dodge
ElectricPPAttack TypePowerHitNote
Electric Shock15Physical35100May Paralyze
Thunder Blast10Physical3590Double-damage and May Paralyze
Shock Switch5Physical3590Hits opponent, then switches monsterYes
Electric Ball10Physical5095Increase Speed, may paralyze
Electrified Teeth10Physical5090May Paralyze
Lightning Strike10Magical5590Hits all opponents, may paralyze
Electrical Storm10Physical5585Hits all opponents, may paralyze
Lightning10Physical6095May ParalyzeVet
Thunderstorm10Physical9085May ParalyzeYes
Double Image10Supplementary100Increase Dodge
Electric Net10Supplementary50May Paralyze
Electro-Aim10Supplementary100Increase Hit Rating
Charge10Supplementary100Increase MA
Static Armor10Supplementary100Increase DEF
PsychicPPAttack TypePowerHitNote
Spiritual Orb10Magical3090May hit twice, may confuse opponent
Mind Game15Magical35100May do additional damage
Spirit Channel10Magical6095May do additional damage
Mind Bending5Magical9080May do additional damageYes
Psychic Thrust3Magical11080Confuses User
Hypnotism10Supplementary60Hypnosis (can’t attack)
High Speed10Supplementary100Increase Speed
Memory WipeSupplementary100Removes all debuffs and enhance MDEF
Meditation10Supplementary100Increase MATK and MDEF
Psychic10Supplementary100Increase MATK and MDEF
Confusion10Supplementary70No damage, sends opponent into confusionNo
Ghost PP Attack Type Power Hit Note
SwindleMagical185Causes opponent to lose 1 PP in every skillYes
Shadow Orb15Magical45100Decrease MDEF
Shadow Swipe10Magical5095Enhance MATK
Sneak Attack10Magical55100Damages opponent
Dream Thief5Magical9090Asleep opponent, steals life. Awake? Damage.
Shadow StormMagical5595Damages all opponents
Curse10Supplementary95Sacrifice half hp to do -25% damage every turn
Polish10Supplementary100Increase MATK
Power of DarknessSupplementary100Increase MATK, ATK, DEF, MDEFK, SPD
Fear10Supplementary70Confuse opponentVet
Neutral PP Attack Type Power Hit Note
Whack10Physical2695Hit 1-3 times
Frenzied Attack5Physical2895Hit 1-5 timesExp
Smack15Physical3090First hit gurantee *PvP = Speed dependent
Strike15Physical3095Damage opponent
Claw15Physical3595Damage opponent
Iaijutsu10Physical5880Hit 1-2 times
Bodyslam10Physical6080Damage opponent
Infliction10Physical7580Injure opponent and self
Rampage5Physical7595Cause self confusion
Kamikaze5Physical11080Injure opponent and self (More than infliction)
MartyrdomPhysical40090Sacrifice yourself to severly damage opponentExpYes
Execution1 hit KO25Annihilates opponent with a single hitExpYes
Full Stomach10Supplementary100Enhance DEF
Sword Dance10Supplementary100Enhance ATK
Lullaby10Supplementary90Decrease DEF
Feign weakness10Supplementary90Decrease ATK
Puzzle10Supplementary95Decrease DEF
War Cry10Supplementary90Decrease MATK
SeductionSupplementary90Only effects the opposite gender, stops their attacks
ForesightLets you see opponents attacksYes

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