Gameglobe Spending Guide

Gameglobe Spending Guide by Siatharus

Ok, so theres been a lot of games posting for the sole purpose of getting coins etc so i thought id put up a rough guide of how to spend your coins so you can get what you want done without running short.

First things first, build up a reserve. Avoid spending coins on unnecessary props when your coin drops below 100. That picture frame, fruit or chair might look tempting but you’ll soon regret it. Try to keep a reserve of 100 coins for when you absolutely need to purchase something, it really comes in handy.

Next up, hierarchy of choice.

Prioritise your gameplay props. Its all well and good having a pretty map, but without much functionality, it soon gets boring to play. Gameplay props give purpose to a map, they give you something to do not to mention they multiply the amount of stuff you can do with any other prop tenfold.

Next up, platforms and triggers. Platforms are anything from planks of wood, to poles. Anything you can use to quickly make an obstacle or to aid a character reach an area. This is possible with the terraform tools, but it will save you so much effort in the long run to quickly place a few planks of wood rather than construct platforms of dirt and the placement gives so much more precision.

The triggers, such as pressure pads and switches let you add traps and moving platforms with precision timing. Allowing the player to trigger an animation themselves saves a lot in trying to time moving platforms perfectly.

After this, enemies, NPCs etc. Another obstacle to add in, these vary the gameplay from none stop running around to a little combat. They also come with their own rewards. Theres also the bats, crows and fish to add to your level which, after applying a motion path, or a seeker prop, you can use to lead your players around the level.

Other props. Once you have all that you need to make a challenging level, with some variation, now its time for the aesthetics. Show off with these and make the area look populated and make the player feel less isolated ^^.

Finally, textures, and terraforming tools. While it seems like these are the biggest part of the level, theyre just the backdrop. What really matters to most people in a level is how playable it is, not how good it looks. More than anything, these just save effort in the long run. The mountain shape builds mountains quickly, but its nothing you couldnt make manually with the props already available.

The textures, as with the terraformers, are again, just the backdrop, choose these wisely. Dont fill yourself up with desert textures or youll end up with a barren wasteland, but the same goes for the opposite. Covering the map with lush grass, or rainforest gives it a cluttered feeling and the player will get lost very easily. Choose a few from each so that you can make a path through the rainforest. Textures, when used well, can be the difference between fun, and overly difficult.

Hope this helps someone ^^ have fuun playing.

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