Gameglobe NPCs and Special Effects Guide

Gameglobe NPCs and Special Effects Guide by Siatharus

Ok, so i was playing around with some of the AI nodes and other gameplay props and found some fun stuff to do, so i thought id make a little demonstration game of these and explain how to recreate the effects ^^

So heres the result so far, nothing too fancy, but theres some stuff here that a few people have been requesting.

If you have any request on what youd like to see feel free to post. I’m putting the guide for creating the current npc’s that are in there together at the minute so my response may be a little late.

The Guide

Ok, let’s start off with the ghost pirate, first the effect, then the motion path.

The effect was easy, take the magic FX light from the jungle category, change it to cyan, drag it over the pirate, then glue it to him. Really simple.
Next up, making him friendly. Get the vision node, set it to “Blind” then to “Linked NPC’s” and link it to the pirate (the chain link icon). Make sure to drag the chain FROM the vision node TO the pirate. Always from the node to the reciever.

Now his motion path, this was a little trickier, getting him to walk backwards and forwards between 2 points.

First, set up 2 Attract Nodes, set them to “Linked NPC’s” and “Force Action” and position the sub-nodes at either end of where you want the pirate to walk. Next, link both attract nodes to the pirate. If you press play now, the pirate will just glitch on the spot (The same as the talking pirate at the minute, ill figure out why hes doing that later)
So we need to set up a relay which alternates the 2 nodes on and off, and when it comes to anything alternating, the Generator node is the key. Since we want 1 off and 1 on, we also need an Inverter node.

Ok so now we have 2 attract nodes with an npc linked up, a generator, and an inverter. First things first, drag a power cable FROM the inverter TO the generator. Then, drag a power cord from 1 of the attract nodes, to the generator, and drag a power cord from the left over attract node to the inverter.
Press play now and your NPC will walk between the two points.
Be sure to set a delay on the generator long enough for the character to reach the sub-node or you will end up with the same effect as not having the generator.

The talking npc (everyone wanted this and its dreadfully simple). Personally, i used the Jungle signpost, the tall thin one, since its easier to hide. Simply position the signpost directly underneath your NPC. Make sure that the signpost is completely underground since any parts sticking up can interfere with the NPC’s movement. Next, type your message on to the signposts settings.
Finally, glue the signpost to the NPC and hey presto, speach bubble.

Last but not least, the Overly Friendly NPC. Yup, that guy that was following you around. He does get annoying after a while.

For this method you will need:

A Vision AI Prop,
An Attract AI Prop,
and a Seeker Mechanics Prop (theres so much you can do with this one when you combine it with others, its amazing)

Set up your vision prop as you did before, so that the NPC is linked to the Vision node and blind. Next, take the attract node and link it to the NPC (Make sure its set to “Linked NPC’s” and “Force Action”) Drag the sub-node inside the attract node (just to save time compensating for the ofset)

Next create your seeker prop. Set it to seek the player, and set the speed to max or anything above 5. finally, glue the attract node to the seeker node, and drag it into position over the top of the seeker.

Now the linked pirate will follow the player around the map, without attacking them. XD i look forward to seeing some friendly NPC’s in future games.

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