Gameglobe Beginner’s FAQ

Gameglobe Beginner’s FAQ by Freezia

1. Where can I find instructions?

The front page offers different mouse-over buttons in the main orange bar underneath the logo. Click the Guide button, which will bring you to a page with helpful tutorial videos and key mappings. Here you can learn which keys control which actions, and how to move through the levels.

2. How do I start playing?

Choose the level you want to play. Go to the front page to see the variety of levels there are to choose from. You can also search for the kind of level you’d like to play in the search bar on the right hand side of the main orange bar. Start the level by clicking on the screenshot or on the level’s title. The level will start to load and you’ll soon be ready to play.

3. How can I play the game in full screen?

In the level window, there are six gray mouse-over buttons in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The button to the very right allows you to play the level in full screen. You can also just press F12 to switch to full screen mode. Make sure that you have clicked on the level screen first before you press F12.

4. How do I change the display settings?

In the level window, there are six gray mouse-over buttons in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Click the button to the very left to change the resolution settings. You can choose between 360p, 720p and 1080p.

5. How can I move my avatar?

Use the WASD keys to control your avatar. Use the Q and E keys to walk sideways. Use the spacebar to jump and double jump.
With the mouseyou can change the perspective and angle; therefore, you can also control the direction in which you are walking.
Tips and tricks: If you are not especially skilled in using WASD, try a combination of pressing the W key and moving the mouse. Even though this is not as refined, it’s easier to maneuver, and it gets you through most levels easily.

6. Are there other keys?

To go up and down on a rope, use the R and F keys. The tab key lets you change between close combat and a range weapon.
In addition to the spacebar, you can also jump and double jump with the left mouse button.

7. How do I fight?

You can hit with the right mouse button. This also works if you are carrying a weapon. If you hold down the right mouse button, you can even load the weapon. If you jump and then strike at the same time, this maneuver is known as a ground pound.

8. What happens if I get hit or die?

If you get attacked, hit or hurt or if you fall off of an elevated plane, you lose health points. Your health points are indicated by the four hearts in the upper left corner of your level window. When all four hearts are blank, you lose one life. You have a total of three lives. If all three lives are lost, you must start over. However, you can also pay gold coins to continue the level.

9. How can I manage to get on the leaderboard?

Usually, you can earn score points by attacking enemies, destroying props or collecting pick-ups. Depending on the amount of score points you collect and the time frame in which you do so, a multiplier will be activated that increases the number of score points you earn. The more score points you earn, the more likely you are to make it on the leaderboard. However, you have to successfully complete the level for your score to count.

10. How do I complete a level?

There are three ways to complete a level: first, you die, which means completion is unsuccessful. Second, you fail the objective, which means Game Over and is not successful either. Third, you finish or complete the level, either by reaching the level finish or by successfully completing the objective. Then your score points will be counted.

11. What do I do when I have completed a level?

Please be so kind as to rate the level. You can also leave a comment and you are very welcome to share the level. Of course, you can always play it again and try to conquer the leaderboard.

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