Firefall PvP Tips

Firefall PvP Tips by squidlips

I think a lot of people are turned off by pvp because they get into a few lopsided matches and decide it’s not for them. Speaking from experience in this beta – it does get better. It can be pretty miserable at the start but with a little practice it might turn into your favorite thing about the game. If I could add a few (mostly TDM-centric) points that helped me…

1. Focus on survival

Every death in TDM (excluding revives) gives a point to the other team. The difference between going 0 (kills) – 0 (deaths) and going 0 – 5 is the same as 5 – 0 and 0 – 0. Try not to be predictable mix in running sprinting zig-zagging jumping and jump-jetting. If the other team has a great recon stay low. If they have a great assault stay high. Keep trying different combinations and see what works best to keep you alive. No matter what line of sight is the best protection.

2. Mark Enemies

Knowing where the other team is helps you and your team immensely. Panning your view around and spamming this key will give you a quick snapshot of where you want to be/avoid. The default key is “F” (i think) – you might want to rebind this to an extra mouse button if you have one or a key you feel comfortable hitting while moving. If you see an enemy and have a moment before/while you engage be sure to mark them.

3. Be less aggressive

Instead of charging towards the nearest enemy give yourself a second to think about where you might be most useful. If you keep getting wiped out in the same spot don’t go there again or wait for some of your team to respawn and go as a group. Your odds are always better when you are fighting around other teammates. Also if you’re wounded badly don’t jump into the fight until you get some health from a powerup or a friendly biotech. If you do the other team will see you’re an easy target and focus you down very quickly.

4. Know when to execute and revive

Both can help your team out but not all the time. Revives take away a potential point for the other team (equivalent score-wise to you getting a kill) but only do it when you are sure the area is clear. When you are “locked in” to the revive animation you’re vulnerable and what would have been 1 point for the other team can turn into 2. Executes should be done when you think there might be a chance they will be revived and you have the time/safety. Even though the risk is much less than reviving a teammate you don’t necessarily have to execute – you can babysit the corpse and hopefully lure in someone with the possibility of a revive.

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