Firefall PvP Maps and Gametypes Guide

Firefall PvP Maps and Gametypes Guide by FadedPez

Firefall currently has three different gametypes: Team Deathmatch, Sabotage and Harvester.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a gametype where players are put into arenas. The objective is to defeat players on the opposing team and score points by executing downed enemies (letting them bleed out also awards your team points).

Shanty Town
Sunken Harbor
Moisture Farm

Win condition: first team to 25 kills.
Team size: 5v5


Sabotage is a gametype that puts one team on offense and the other on defense. There are multiple capture points that the offense must take in succession as the defense attempts to deny them those bases. After the first round, the teams’ roles switch and the previous defenders have a chance to capture the bases faster than the previous team. In order to win they must capture the bases quicker than the previous team, or capture more bases than the previous team, depending how round 1 ended.

Orbital Comm Tower

Capture Objectives: Three
Time limit: 10 minutes per round.
Team size: 10v10


Harvester is a capture and hold gametype. There are harvesters situated around the map. Each team needs to capture and hold as many harvesters as they possibly can. Harvesters accumulate points while they are activated for a specific team. In order for a team to capture an enemy-controlled harvester, they must destroy the core shielding then interact with the core to initiate the swap timer.

After a set duration, a boost unit will spawn at the center of the map. The team that successfully picks up the boost unit and delivers it to a harvester they control will dramatically increase that specific harvester’s point accumulation rate. The first team to reach the point limit wins the match.

Blackwater Marsh

Harvester count: Three
Point limit: 600
Team Size: 15v15

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