FarmVille 2 Animals Basic Guide

FarmVille 2 Animals Basic Guide by Lexilicious

Your four legged companions are more than just cute… they are also the quickest way of earning Coins in FarmVille 2! Animals produce valuable Resources that you can use to create recipes in your Kitchen. Those Recipes can then be sold for Coins in your Market Stand!

What’s a Resource? Why are they important?

If you want to create a thriving farm, you will need to earn some Coins. The Resources that Animals produce can be sold in your Market Stand, or used in Crafting Kitchen Recipes.

To obtain Resources, simply feed a hungry Animal on your farm. Different Animals produce different types of Resources, including Ingredients.

Ingredients are edible Resources (e.g. milk, eggs, cheese) that are used to create Recipes in your Kitchen.

How to Get Animals for Your Farm

There are several different ways to get more animals for your Farm:

Starting Out

As you progress through the tutorial with Marie, you will be rewarded with some Chickens and a Red Goat. These Animals are yours to keep while you get the hang of farming and build up your menagerie!


See those animals wandering around in the land surrounding your farm? As you expand your farm and gain access to these areas, those Animals will become yours!

Place your cursor over a locked plot of land to see which Animals you will receive when you expand.

Expansion Animal

If you would like more information about Expansions, please visit our guide HERE.

General Store

You can purchase Animals from the General Store with Coins and Farm Bucks. Open the Market and click on the “Animals” tab to browse through the Animals that are currently for sale.

The General Store gives you a wealth of information about the Animals available for purchase. Place your cursor over a Market Card to see important details.

Market Card


This icon shows you how many XP points you will get from an animal. Experience Points are required to advance to the next level, and you get them every time you feed an adult animal.


This icon indicates you how much feed an animal needs to eat every time it is hungry. Animals that require more feed tend to produce more Resources, so they do pay off generously!


The Ingredient (Resource) that the Animal will provide when fed.


The number of Coins the produced Ingredient (Resource) will sell for in your Market Stand.


The Recipes that the produced Ingredient can be used in. If you don’t see this section when viewing an animal, it means the Resource produced can only be sold in your Market Stand and is not used in a Recipe.

If you would like more information about how to use the General Store, please visit our guide HERE.

Raising Your Animal From Babyhood

All animals purchased in the General Store start out as babies—it’s up to you to raise them to adulthood! Baby animals don’t provide Resources to sell in the Market or use in the Kitchen, so the sooner you raise the little guys into adults, the sooner you can start making money!

Once you purchase an animal, place it on your farm. Because it’s a growing baby, your new animal will be hungry as soon as you place it:

Hungy Baby

All baby animals require a certain number of Milk Bottles before they reach adulthood. Just like their adult counterparts, baby animals will get hungry for Milk Bottles at different intervals. Hover your mouse over a baby animal to see how long it will be until your Baby needs another bottle:

Baby Goat Timer

You can get Baby Bottles from your friends or you can purchase them with Farm Bucks.  If you run out of bottles, click the “Ask” button on the following pop-up to request some from your Neighbors.

Bottle Request

Different animals require different numbers of Milk Bottles before they become adults. Typically, larger animals require more Milk Bottles than smaller animals.

Once your Baby has had all the Milk Bottles it needs to grow up, it will transform into its permanent adult state. Once you have an adult animal, you can start giving it feed immediately, and it will give you valuable Resources in return!

Feeding Adult Animals

When an Animal is hungry, you will see a thought bubble with Feed above its head. If you place your mouse over a hungry Animal, you can see how much Feed it wants to eat. Every time you feed an animal, it will give you Resources you can scoop up, to be sold in the Market Stall or used in the Crafting Kitchen.

Hungry Animal

Animals produce differing amounts of Resources. Typically, more expensive animals tend to provide more of each Resource, while cheaper animals produce smaller amounts.


Edible Resources (Ingredients) are needed to create Recipes in you Crafting Kitchen. Selling Recipes in your Market Stall is a very lucrative business that will help you generate Coins quickly.

For more information about the Crafting Kitchen and how to create Recipes, please visit our guide HERE.

Animal Limits

The number of Animals you can have on your farm at one time depends on the number of Water Troughs you have. When you start the game, you have one Water Trough available and are allowed 15 animals on your Farm. From that point, every Water Trough you buy in the General Store (or obtain via Expansion) raises your animal capacity by 5. To keep your critters from taking over, your farm also has a total Animal limit of 50.

Where Can I Buy More Water Troughs?

You can purchase more Water Troughs in the General Store under the “Buildings” tab if you meet the necessary level requirement.

Water Trough Market

Once you have placed your Water Trough on your farm, you may notice it looks a little incomplete. That’s because you need to build your Water Trough before your animals will be able to use it!

How Do I build a Trough?

Building large objects isn’t easy—you’re going to need some help! To get started, click on the Water Trough. Once you do that, you will see a popup telling you what you need to do in order to progress:

Water trough1

This popup lets you know a few things:

  • What you need to do to build the Trough
  • How many tools you need and materials you need
  • What you will get once you complete the Trough (Animal Capacity +5)

Building requires you to complete two steps: one to gather materials you’ll need to tackle the job, and another to hire the crew needed to complete the task.

Gathering Materials

  • Gather the resources you need to complete buildings by asking your friends to send some your way.
  • You can do this by clicking the “Ask” button in the popup window. A message will be sent from you to your friends (you can choose which friends get this message!), asking your friends to send you the resources that you need.
  • Don’t have time to wait? You can buy the items you need with Farm Bucks.

Hiring Builders

Once you have your Materials, you’ll get a second popup:

Water trough 2

  • To complete this step, click the “Ask Friends” button to send a request to your friends for help.
  • If they accept your request, they will fill one of the open positions, and you will see their Facebook profile picture next to one of the positions you needed to fill.
  • Don’t have time to wait on a crew of volunteers? You can also hire builders by paying Farm Bucks for each position you need filled.

Once you have the required number of Builders, the “Finish Building” button in the popup will turn blue, meaning that you’re ready to go! Click on it to finish building your Water Trough. When your Trough is complete, your Animal Limit will automatically increase by 5.

Note: when an Animal drinks from the Water Trough, it does not deduct from your Water Supply.

Prized Animals

Your Animals work hard to produce Resources for you. Eventually, they are going to need a break from all that work to relax and enjoy the green pastures of your farm. Feeding your animals slowly progresses them to “Prized Animal” state. Prized Animals no longer produce resources, but they will provide Coins when you feed them.

If you would like more information about Prized Animals, please visit our guide HERE.

Selling Animals

Want to make more space for different animals? You can sell your animals using the Sell tool in the Tool Menu:

Sell tool

Please note, however, that the price you get for selling your animals is only a fraction of what you paid to get them. The profit for your animals lies in keeping them around to produce Resources that you can sell, rather than selling the animals themselves.

Enjoy Your New Friends!

You now know how to get, raise, keep, and profit from adorable animals on your Farm! Take good care of your animal friends and they will take care of you and your Farm!

Happy Farming!

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