FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Guide

FarmVille 2 Fertilizer Guide by Lexilicious

What is Fertilizer?

It may not smell the best, but Fertilizer is a very important resource in FarmVille 2!

Fertilized crops yield more Ingredients when harvested, which means more Coin in your pocket. In addition to this, a Fertilized crop may also produce a Prized Crop, which regular crops do not.

To use Fertilizer, place your cursor over a planted and watered crop. You will see a pop-up with two icons at the bottom. These icons indicate how much Fertilizer and Speed-Grow you have in your Inventory. Click on the bag icon to Fertilize your crop.

Where Can I Get Fertilizer?

Because Fertilizer is so useful, you are going to want to keep a steady supply in your Inventory. You can get Fertilizer from a few places:

  • When you feed your Animals, there is a chance they will give you a bag of Fertilizer in addition to the other Resources they provide.
  • Neighbors who visit your Farm can fertilize your crops.
  • Grab it from your friends Facebook feeds.
  • Get it as a Free Gift from your friends.
  • Farm Helpers will occasionally drop a bag of Fertilizer after they finish tending to your crops.

You’ll spend one Fertilizer for every plot that you fertilize, so make sure you keep an eye on your supplies; running out will mean you can’t reap the rewards of fertilization!

If you do not wish to wait for your Neighbors, you can purchase Fertilizer from General Store. The current sizes available for purchase are:

  • Fertilizer 2 Pack – 2 Farm Bucks
  • Fertilizer 10 Pack – 8 Farm Bucks
  • Fertilizer 25 Pack – 15 Farm Bucks

Happy Farming!

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