FarmVille 2 Tips and Tricks

FarmVille 2 Tips and Tricks by aditya1997

What To Do
Always Plant Lengthy crops before leveling up and try to water all the trees before leveling up don’t worry that ur water will be gone and u won’t have any water left.

Result is obvious as u will level up all ur crops, animals and trees will instantly Grow and ur water will be replenished too
and u’ll get a lot’s of xp.

U already know about the prized animals feature which none of u liked here’s something more,, whenever u buy an coin or farm bucks animal both will become prized don’t think only coins one become prized however coin animals become prized animal faster compared to farm bucks animals.

Whenever u Buy An Animals remember they have to become prize so utilise ur coins on only those animals which u really need at the moment otherwise if u buy those animals which cost like approx. 30000 coins around for fancy it would be really waste of coins afterall it’s ur choice also there’s an Animal Population Limit as u r aware of keep in mind that even if ur animal becomes prized it is counted in that population of animals thus u can store the prized animal to free the population for other animals or sell it for a small profit.

Simple Tips

1. Whenever u Right Click on an decoration, plot, animals, trees or buildings it will pick up the specific thing and if u right click again it will rotate the object thus it’s an easy way for moving or rotating objects.

2. Always try to visit all the neighbours as they will give u some nice extra coins, xp and some water too.

Xp Trick
If u have plenty of coins and r not planning to buy anything new then i would suggest u to buy hay wagon or concrete sundial as these both decoration items yield high xp which really help’s in leveling up and then u can sell them and they r not so bad either, it’s similar to farmville hay bale level up trick where u keep buying hay bales here just the cost is higher…

Harvest those crops before friends can!,, because if ur friends harvest ur crops then u’ll get less xp incase u r getting 14 xp from strawberries or else and instead of u neighbour’s harvests it then u’ll get half or maybe less amount of xp so be careful instead after of using neighbours for harvesting crops, do this plant crops and then use them to water the crops.

Don’t buy too many tree’s because if u do so then u’ll surely have an problem as they occupy a lots of space and other than that they need water in large amount, some need 4 and etc…so if u spend ur water on more tree’s that mean’s less water will be available for your crops, i’ll consider having only 2 tree’s of all types because that’s like medium
unless u really need it ur choice.

Told By Community

By ajzustra
if you fertilize your neighbor plots, you can also receive fertilizers too.
U could get max 3.

By Twikoff1

a couple other things…
if you have a mission that requires feeding an animal several times.. get your friends to do that when they visit you… it can be a pain to wait 24 hours for a horse to be ready to feed… but a neighbor can come over and tend it, even when its not hungry.. and you get credit…
If not hunting something specific.. and I see that my neighbors need trees watered.. I will water their trees alot of times… since trees cost 2,3,4 or more water for them to take care of.. but only cost me 1 of my 5 uses.. its a nice thing to do to help neighbors out..

best ways are to get lots of zfriends, play through and not facebook to get all the free bonuses, and be sure you use the friends properly.. as mentioned, friends should ALWAYS result in long term crops finished immediately.. whether its the ones that come to your land to help or the ones from the hay bale. .(read my posts from page one if you’re not sure what Im talking about)..

then look at the recipe thread and find the ones that you can do, that provide the best bang for the buck.

By Nobar King
You can click and drag to do multiple operations at once!

By Dianeu
The best trick I learned is that if you hold down the alt key and then move it doesn’t do any actions on your farm so you don’t have to worry about accidentally watering or harvesting

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