DK Online Crafting Salvaging and Alchemy Guide

DK Online Crafting Salvaging and Alchemy Guide by Extra0rdinary


The first thing you need, and is the most crucial thing in crafting, is a blueprint for what you’re going to craft. Without the blueprint, you can’t craft. You can obtain a blueprint by killing mobs, or you can buy them from other players.

From obtaining the blueprint, you need to find the appropriate NPC to make it, for this specific NPC you will need to go see [Metallurgist] Codis in Ledise City in the Market District.

Talk to Codis, and choose “Manufacturing Request”

After choosing “Manufacturing Request” Navigate the UI until you see what you want to make, in my case for this guide, I want to find Luann’s Probation Gloves. So I’d go to Armor, Gloves, then choose the options for Luann’s Probation Gloves.

Okay, so that’s great. We have the blueprint, but we don’t have the materials to make it! Here’s how you get your materials for crafting. Go to Ledise or Raden (In this guide I’ll be using Ledise) then find the Item Merchant Soile. Talk to him and open the shop menu then click the Materials icon.

It’s the fourth icon so if the example isn’t clear on that, now you know! So for Luann’s Probation Gloves, I need 5 Iron, 3 Leather, 3 Fabric, and 2 threads. The total comes to 1.3k Not too expensive for a nice pair of gloves.

After this head back to [Metallurgist] Codis and open up the Manufacturing Request menu and navigate back to the item you’re crafting.

So now we have everything we need to craft, so go ahead and click “Making” and the progress on the crafting will start. And the cool thing about crafting in DK Online is the 100% chance to craft no matter what you’re crafting. So you always win! And after the crafting is done, you now have a nice new piece of green or blue gear!

However, I feel like I should add on since you can also craft Legendary Weapons as well.

In Ledise and Raden you can find the appropriate NPC to craft a Purple or Red “Legendary Weapon”. In Ledise you need to find [Imperial Weaponsmith] Pimir. He is located to the left hand side of the stairs when you’re going down them to head into the Market District.

The downside to making Legendary Weapons, is you need to gather a massive amount of Vouchers for Ledise or Raden. The good news is, you don’t need a blueprint. You need 100 Vouchers for Purple grade weapons, and 400 Vouchers for Red grade weapons. As a small example here’s what the stats of a purple Staff is like. To get vouchers you need to do daily quests.

Salvaging and Alchemy

In Ledise or Raden, find an Alchemist, in Ledise the NPC is [Alchemist]Karalimos

He is found in the market place of Ledise City, near the Storage NPC and [Metallurgist]Codis. Right click him and click Salvaging and this menu will show up.

So right click a blue or green piece of equipment in your inventory, but you don’t have any solvent, so let’s go get some. Head to the Item Merchant in Ledise or Raden and purchase one from them (Solvent sells 1 for 100g.) They are on the 3rd page of the Merchant shop.

After you purchase the Solvent, head back to [Alchemist]Karalimos and open up the salvage menu, and right click that blue or green item you have. And now we can get to work! Click Salvage and obtain crystals. For my Luann’s Probation Glove, I got 4 crystals. The amount of crystals you get is dependent upon the quality, and level of the gear you put in them. They could also be random, but so far it seems to be based on quality and level of gear.

Now that we have some crystals, we are now able to make the following: Spellstorms, Vigor Tonic, Valor Elixir, or Wisdom Dram. A note I’d like to make is if you make Spellstorm, you get 100, instead of 1. However for this, we’ll be making a Vigor tonic.

We need an Empty Bottle to make this, to find the empty bottle go to the item merchant again and go to the materials icon again, and go to the final page and that’s where the empty bottle is.

You only need 1 glass bottle for 1 valor tonic (or Valor Elixir or Wisdom Dram.) Each Empty bottle costs 50g.

Head back to [Alchemist]Karalimos and click Manufacturing Request, click on potion, then click Vigor Tonic. After that click Making, and the item will be made.

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