Cyber Monster Beginner’s Guide

Cyber Monster Beginner’s Guide by Squalo

Hi All,

I am Squalo and this is a mini guide that i learn through experience or experimenting.


– You get a gift box that contains equipments and this will continue for up to level 50.

Leveling and Farming

– Leveling from 1-30 is fast and easy. Just follow the main quests.

– Guild quests do not give exp rewards. Only main quests and daily quests does.

– If you are focused on leveling, you can just do the main quests and daily quests then sweep with double exp. This gives more exp than the monsters you kill for the guild quests since depending on your level, you can sweep higher level monsters.

– Sweeping/Mob up is available for level 30+. You can go to sweeping areas and start sweeping there depending on your level.

– Sweeping/Mob up can be done even if you are offline just like rest.

– If you are in a guild, always summon Beast(eudemon in TS) when fighting. It makes things easier and sometimes let you beat mobs that you couldn’t otherwise.

– Element is the most important currency for upgrading your equipments. Gold for your spells, formations, summoning pets, npc shops, and repairs.

– Elements are easy to get, just do element guild quests. You can also open pandoras box everyday to get more.

– Crystals can be found on mines, sometimes on divination.

– If you are level 40 and your guild is occupying a guild mine, then you can dig from the mine and get golds or elements depending on what resource you have.

Events and Rewards

– To deal maximum damage to bahamut, you can just put 2 pets on your squad and make sure that these are your 2 highest damage dealer. The reason is that 3 hits will not give bahamut enough rage to cast his aoe skill does letting you get 2-3 more attacks(1 will die from bahamuts normal attack).

– To get maximum exp from the carrot race, use crystals. You will have to use 100 crystals to maximize the pet vigor (1100vigor) but the exp gain is very much worth it.

– The black merchant who is in both cities, resets every 10am – 16pm. He sells random mall items for  either discounted voucher price or cystals which is free ingame. Try to camp him since the cheapest and most important items get sold out in a matter of seconds. Make sure you have a good amount of crystals before hand to make sure that you will not miss out on the items.

– If you close the faction war window then it will kick you from the war, unlike the carrot race where you can close the window and your pet is still there.

– You cannot change or remove the pet that you entered in the carrot race.

– You get arena rewards everyday at 22:00. The reward is based on your ranking.

– You get weekly login rewards every monday which depends on how much time you have stayed online. This is different from your weekly prestige rewards.


– The guild resources which is shown at the top left corner of the guild window is used to upgrade the technology of the guild. It is also used to launch an attack on resource mines.

– The guild donation bank which is seen in the right as “Object” displays the amount of donations required for the guild to go to the next level.

– Guild donations go to the guild “Object” which is required for leveling up a guild. It also goes to the guild resources.

– When your guild occupies a resurce mine then it gets what that mine produces per hour and it goes to the guild’s resource. The resources ticks per half an hour and you get half each time.

– You can abandon a reso mine for 100 crystals if you want to get new mines.

– You can use a truce card for 100 crystals to protect your mine for 1 hr but this can only be used once per resource per day.

– After conquering a resource, you get 5 minutes protection which you can use to time your attacks so that your resources is protected during the time you get the reso tick.

– You can check the time of your resource tick in the guild log.

– When joining a guild, you may be required to pay a certain amount of gold or elements. This goes to the guild resources.

– Everytime you finish a quest, the guild also gets a certain amount of elemnt or gold and this goes to the guld resources.

– Every guild member gains contribution points from donating and doing guild quests.

– The higher the level of beast(eudemon) is, the higher the contribution points needed to summon it. A beast’s power increases as it is leveled up.

– Donating is limited per day per person, which means that if you have already donated to guild A, then you can no longer donate to guild B in case you switched guilds the same day.


– You can get medal from joining faction wars, bahamut event, attacking the mines, guild arena or guild battles for resources.

– For the guild arena and resource battles, your pet must be in the guild squad to get medal


– You get bahamuts for being the person who last hits bahamut during the event.

– You get carrot bunny for winning the carrot race once.

– In order to get the rewards for the achievements that asks you to collect xxx amount of animal,dragon etc cards, you need to challenge them in your album. The cards will only count if they are already in your album and you can summon them.

– Some summons take a lot of days so save your summon scrolls for these.

Other stuff

– There are hidden NPCs scattered around that can be found in all maps connected to the cities exceptadventure island. These NPCs can only be reached by flying mounts so you will know where they are if you check the map and look for NPCs in unreachable spots. They give out random items that include hp orbs, crystals, savvy pots, heritage scrolls(exp) and demon treasure box(generates random item with a chance at rare) Click Here for Hidden Npc location guide

– You also get additional random stuff from digging a resource mine at lvl 40.

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