Cyber Monster Getting More Energy Guide

Cyber Monster Getting More Energy Guide by Cruisher

Energy bar icon with green colour near your character info.
4 energy.JPG

Energy is point to fight with monster. Every 1 battle will use 1 point of energy. Because this game not reset the energy when servertime restart, so we must smart and wise using our energy. Use your energy ONLY when you have quest ( MAIN quest , DAILY quest and GUILD quest) and training centre ( MOP UP time).

In this guide, i’ill try to give information how to collect energy point. More energy means more exp, more gold and more crystal.

1. Normal Gain
( 5 Point per 30 minute )

Normally you get this point when you online and offline.
@10 x 24 hours = 240 point. But energy bar max is 200, so we need 20 hour using this method to get full bar

2. Rest in the City
( 1 point per 5 minute)

three rest.JPG

For this method you must stay break and rest in the city ( City of Dawn or City of Hero).
U can using rest when you ONLINE. AUTOMATICALLY stop the rest if u logout or DC.

@1 hour = 12 point =>>> 24 hours = 24 x @12=  288 energy.
But energy bar max is 200, so u need only 17 hour to full your energy bar.

3. Attend Wedding Party

(Extra energy in the venue every 10 Minute: 5 Energy for low venue, 10 Energy for medium venue and 20 for advanced venue)

NPC Marriage Clerk


The 3rd method, u got energy when attended player wedding. You can meet NPC Marriage Clerk to check for wedding party. This method will boost your energy quickly. But this wedding only run in 1 hour and you must scramble with other player because wedding have limited attendance.

Low Venue       ( 10 attendance)  =>>> 1 hour = 30 energy (60 minute : @10 minut= 6 x @5 energy)
Medium Venue ( 20 Attendance)  =>>> 1 hour = 60 energy (60 minute : @10 minut= 6 x @10 energy)
Advance Venue ( 40 Attendance) =>>> 1 hour = 120 energy (60 minute : @10 minut= 6 x @20 energy)

4. Use Crystal
( 20 energy per 10 crystal, Every 3 time use will increasing using crystal 10 point)

10.JPG 20.JPG

Yeah you are right, crystal is very usefull in this game, especially to getting energy. If u lack of crystal u can use 3 times a day to get 60 energy. because every 3 time use per day will increasing the number of crystal 10 point, example 1-3 only @10 crystal, 4-6 need 20 crystal, 7-9 need 30 crystal.

NB= For normal and rest method u can gain till 200 energy bar only.

I hope this guide can help to max your energy.

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