Cyber Monster Currency Guide

Cyber Monster Currency Guide by mangatarian

Welcome, newbies and veterans alike! In this forum, we’ll talk currency in Cyber Monster! Sounds simple, no? Well, I’ll be going over what you can do with the three free types of currency and provide you with tips on how to get them simply, easily, and dirt cheap!


To start off, we’ll talk about the basic and most easily acquired type of currency: Gold. Many Pockie Ninja players quiver at the sight of someone with 1 million gold, but here, you can have 1 million almost by doing nothing!


Gold is primarily used for 1 thing: Upgrades. Skill, formation, and new, better pets all require gold and lots of it. The typical low level pets will eat only about 30-40k gold to summon, while the mean ol’ boss pet can take us much at 340k… just for the third one! Formations upgrades start out cheap as well, but don’t expect that to last too long. Level 6-10 will each consume well over 100k as well. And isn’t that level 40 second skill upgrade frightening with it’s 500k cost for level 1? Imagine the prices for the later levels! (Spoilers: They aren’t that high. It’s more of an unlocking fee.)

However, gold isn’t just used for upgrades. It’s used for a lot of stuff. Like:
Purchasing things from the shop (Wait, people DO that?)
Sealing pets
Replacement for Pets (in Sealing) or Equipment (in Dismantling)                             (<- Credits to Kahlia)
Healing (Yes… You can spend 1k gold to add 100k to your… HP reserve? The blood drop.)
Unlocking (certain) Mounts in the Guild
Donating to the Guild
(Using “donations” from donating to the guild can earn do these.)
– Hiring the Guild Beast’s Help
– Fast Leveling Pets
– Putting Pets in the Farm
– Riding Guild Mounts
Etc. (<- Rose’s way of saying “I don’t remember much else off hand.)

Grinding Techniques

1. Storyline Quests

They don’t net the most, but they’re a good source for money, as well as battles.

2. Gold-Specific Guild Quests

Do these. Do these a LOT. These quests specifically give you gold and gives you 15-30 monster requirements. For a low energy cost, doing these in bulk with daily quests/element specific guild quests that require enemies from the same area or do a combination of the three that require the same monster.

3. Daily Must-Do

You got a small amount of gold for doing a bunch of the little things you’re probably going to be doing every day anyway, so keep an eye on your Daily Must-Do menu and don’t forget to claim!

4. Alchemy

Alchemy requires Philosopher Stones that can be obtain through Arrest Warrant, Treasure Sail, or 3 Coupons.
I haven’t done Alchemy more than past once, so would someone kindly leave the amounts of Philosopher Stones and it’s granted gold in a reply?


Elements are used for equipment. After purchasing/obtaining a piece of equipment, you’ll want it to be nice an upgraded, right? Well, here’s what it can do.


1. Upgrading

First stage of leveling up your equipment is upgrading it. Easily the most consuming of the Element uses, a piece of equipment can go through 20 levels, with the cost of Elements starting surprisingly low to painfully high! With 9 pieces of equipment… you’re going to want to grind quite a bit.

2. Enhancement

Enhancement is done through the second tab of the forge window and has a fixed price, unlike upgrading. Enhancements can only be done at level 1 or higher and the cap for enhancement rises with each level, so it really does pay to raise equipment to 20! Keep a watchful eye over your Elements though, enhancing can be quite costly if you want the perfect stats.

3. Dismantling and Souls

Dismantling has a low, fixed cost of 100 Elements per dismantle. Each time you dismantle, you lose the equipment you put in there, but you receive it’s soul. Upgrading souls can be done by dragging one soul onto another and there’s 4 levels of souls: Green < Blue < Purple < Gold. Upgrade those or just attach them to equipment!

Grind Techniques

Now there’s only one viable means of grinding Elements, but you can get plenty of Element cards with 100 elements a piece through various means!

1. Pandora’s Box

Although it’s not a means for grinding, you can spend Crystals to earn elements every day.
First 3- Costs: 10 Crystals Earns: 500 Elements.
Next 3- Costs: 20 Crystals Earns: 600 Elements.
So on and so forth.

2. Element Oriented Guild Quests

Just like the gold type, this is a nice and the only real means to earn Elements! However, just the low level quests earn you 300-400 Elements a piece at the cost of, what could be as low as 7 energy to as high as-… Well, that depends on how much you goof off or connect quests like with the gold guild quests. These too have monster kill requirements of 15-40.


Crystals… aren’t -exactly- your normal currency. It’s basically an upgrade of Gold and Elements as well as a means to get them.

(Oh dear…)

Skip Cooldown Timers on Most Everything
Purchasing Items of the Black Market
Enhanced Fast Leveling
Enhanced Ships
Divining Useless Items Away in Treasure Sail
Enhanced Pet Sealing
Enhanced Dismantling (60%/80% Element Return of Dismantled Equipment)
Unlock Better Mounts
Quick Travel to Quest Locations
Speed Through 30 Minutes of Mop-Up
Buy Revives in the Coliseum
Insta-Complete Quest(s)
Purchase Elements from Pandora’s Box

Grinding Techniques

There’s… Honestly, there’s no way to grind Crystals. So let me go over some methods of obtaining.

1. Mob Battles

Yes, battles against mobs will randomly grant you 10 crystals. Good luck on those.

2. Mining

Sending a pet to the mines is a great way to get crystals, but not always reliable if you can’t get a good spot.

3. Coupons

10 Coupons = 10 Crystals

4. Hidden NPCs

A decently common drop from these guys if a Small Crystal Bag worth 10 Crystals


This is the fourth type of currency, but it’s honestly just a better Crystal that costs real money, so I won’t be covering it. It’s only method of obtaining is topping up.

There’s more that can be added to this guide, I can just feel it! So leave a reply if you have something to add! Good night and have fun, everyone!

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