CityVille 2 New Player’s Guide

CityVille 2 New Player’s Guide by Grimwell

Welcome to the CityVille 2 Quick Start Guide! If you are just starting the game, this guide will take you through the beginning of CityVille 2 and show you all the basics. Once you are done you will be prepared to build your city up from a small town into a blossoming metropolis!

Loading CityVille 2 for the First Time

To load the game, click this link to load CityVille 2 for the first time!

The image above is an example of the CityVille 2 loading screen. There are a few parts of this screen that will change each time you load the game: the Game Tip, and the Loading Bar Message.

The Game Tip: The bottom left part of the Loading Screen will often include a message from one of the game characters. These notes are tips and tricks that can help you have a richer gaming experience in CityVille 2.

The Loading Bar Message: Above the loading bar, you will find fun messages that change as the load nears completion. These messages do not reflect anything specific about your city.

Meet Governor Maxley

The first time the game loads, you are met by Governor Maxley. The Governor is here to welcome you to your city and walk you through all the basics!

Click the “OKAY” button to get started.

When you click the “OKAY” button, your view will zoom across a clouded landscape into a clear region with homes and cars!

Collect from Houses to Get Shoppers

A thriving city needs people who can shop the businesses. Your city has a house with a person in it who is ready to do just that! Just click the house that the bouncing golden arrow is pointing at to send them on their way.

When you click the house it will collect, and the citizen will head out and shop! In the process you will see a little progress meter, and get a Doober!

Collect from the Second House

Now your second house is ready! The Governor will ask you to collect from that one too, and send its citizen out to shop your city!

Once again, click on the house to collect from it and send the resident out as a shopper!

Collect from the Convenience Store

Now that you have sent two citizens out to shop, the Governor will take you a little further down the street to your Convenience Store. Because the store has been visited by the shoppers you sent out earlier, it’s ready for collection!

When you collect from stores, you will get things like coins and Doobers to help you build your city!

Go to the Mayoral Estate

Now that you know how to send out shoppers and collect from stores, the Governor wants to show you the Mayoral Estate. Click the “OKAY” button to go see it!

After you click the “OKAY” button, the screen will shift over to your new home!


Oh no! Something went wrong and your Mayoral Estate is on Fire! The Governor thinks that it would be great if there was a large, red truck for a situation like this – and he’s right! Click on “OKAY” to look for one.

Collecting from Vehicles

There is a red fire truck in your city, ready to help! You can find it by looking for the golden arrow hovering over traffic. Just click it and they will help with the fire!

Note that when you move your mouse over the items you want to collect from; it changes to let you know that you have the right one selected.

You will see several cars and trucks driving about when you play CityVille 2, you can click on each of them to collect rewards. Sometimes you will see other, more unique vehicles driving in your city!

Putting out the Fire

Clicking on the fire truck will send it speeding over to the Mayoral Mansion to put out the fire. The firemen will hop out, turn on their hoses, and go to work!

Damage Control

Unfortunately, the mansion is too damaged by the fire to save. The Governor’s right, it needs to be demolished. Just click on the “DEMOLISH” button to get the job done.

The Dooberometer

You get to demolish the mansion! To do this you need to learn how to use the Dooberometer! The screen will zoom in over the wrecked mansion and show you the Dooberometer swinging like a crane above the mansion.

To use the Dooberometer just click your mouse anywhere on the game screen while the wrecking ball is in the blue target area. You need three clicks, and each one gets a little harder. Practice and timing will make perfect!

Don’t worry too much if you don’t get it perfect every time. The Dooberometer will still advance, and you will complete the task!

You may remember seeing the Dooberometer earlier, when you were collecting from houses and the Convenience Store. It looked a little different but works the same way! Whenever you see it, try to time your click for when the meter is in the blue area to get the best rewards!

Finishing the Quick Start

After your last click with the wrecking ball Dooberometer, the game screen will zoom out a little, and the display will fill up with lots of new items! You can learn more about them in the <CityVille 2 Display Guide> if you like!

That’s also your sign that Quick Start Guide for CityVille 2 is complete! There are still many things to learn and discover as your city grows, but you have the basics down!

Remember, if you want to succeed at CityVille 2 you need to, collect from residences to send out shoppers, collect from stores to gather coins and resources, collect from vehicles for a variety of results, and do your best on the Dooberometer for extra rewards!

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