CityVille 2 Game Performance Improvement Tips

CityVille 2 Game Performance Improvement Tips by Grimwell

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Would you like to get the best performance out of your computer while playing CityVille 2? As one of the newest social games, CityVille 2 takes advantage of some of the latest technologies to bring you a great gaming experience. The tips below will help you get the best from your computer while you play!

Tip #1: Use the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player

CityVille 2 requires that you have Adobe Flash Player 11 (or better) installed on your computer. To make sure you are getting the best Flash performance possible, you should upgrade to the most recent release of Flash.

Tip #2 Use Firefox or Internet Explorer

CityVille2 runs best on computers using Firefox or Internet Explorer as the browser of choice. You can play CityVille 2 in other Internet browsers if you would like, but will often see a performance improvement by using one of these two browsers.
Apple Customers: CityVille2 will often run better using the Safari internet browser on a Mac.

Tip #3 Close any unnecessary applications on your computer.

While playing CityVille 2, you may see a performance improvement if you close or shut down other applications that you are running. This will free up computer resources for CityVille 2 gameplay.

Tip #4 Upgrade your Video Drivers

CityVille 2 works best when your video drivers are updated with the latest software. For more information about this, check out information from the website of the company that makes your computer’s video card.

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