CityVille 2 Game Display Guide

CityVille 2 Game Display Guide by Grimwell

Not sure what something on the CityVille 2 Display means or does? This guide can help! The arrows and numbers on the image below correspond to a brief description below. Note that you can also hover over these same items in game on the display to learn what they are for!

  1. Coins: Collect from Businesses. Spend coins in the Market.
  2. Approval: Fill up the meter by stopping progress bars in the blue area and catching presents in the air.
  3. Day Night Toggle: Click to make it day or night.
  4. Experience: Tells you how many more Experience Points (XP) you need to reach the next Level. Get more XP by completing Quests and clicking on city buildings and vehicles.
  5. Golden Keys: Used to buy premium game items, finish quests more quickly, and make it easier to Build, Craft, and Collect from Businesses.
  6. Reputation: Visit friends to get more Reputation. Spend Reputation on items in the Market.
  7. Population: View what population you need for the next Milestone. Add more Housing to increase Population.
  8. Energy: You expend Energy to do game actions. Purchase more Energy from the Consumables tab in the Market. You can also send friends energy using the Free Gifts tab.
  9. Quests: Click to view the steps needed to complete a quest.
  10. Change View: Click to toggle between various camera views.
  11. Neighbor Message: Click to leave a message your Neighbors will see when they Visit your City.
  12. Neighbors: Click to Visit your Neighbors, and add new ones!
  13. Achievements: Click to look at your achievement progress.
  14. Leaderboard: Click to see how your city ranks against your friends.
  15. Design Mode: Click to Move, Rotate, and Demolish objects in your city. You can also take Photographs and Rename Buildings.
  16. My Stuff: Click to view your inventory, or view the suspects.
  17. User Settings: Click to adjust music, and sounds.
  18. Market: Click to buy Buildings, Decorations, Roads, and Consumables.

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