Blacklight Retribution Lag Minimizing Guide

Blacklight Retribution Lag Minimizing Guide by questored

If you’re like me then you have low MS but you still lag! Here’s a little guide I put together to help reduce in-game lag.

In-Game Settings

Texture Quality

If your texture quality is on HIGH then it would be wise to set it to MEDIUM, all the graphical cost is the perfect flawless details that you notice up close. I personally don’t stare at the details while in combat so I don’t notice them anyways.

Lag Reduction: Medium
Graphical Cost: Low

Depth of Field

Rather than having it set to STANDARD change it to OFF. This greatly reduced lag for me however it did get rid of some nice ambient lights and other beautifying aspects of the game.

Lag Reduction: High
Graphical Cost: High

Particle Detail

This one depends on your processing unit, you need to find the right setting for your computer. My setting is medium, Low made my game look a bit off and High made me lag a bit.

Lag Reduction: Low
Graphical Cost: Varies

Out-Game Lag Fighting

Disk De-fragmenting

Click on your windows menu, in the search bar type “Defragment” then select the “Disk Defragmenter” option.

What this does: Essentially, it places appropriate files with each other so that your computer does not need to find your individual files. When your computer downloads a file, it puts it most anywhere it can find space. So when you defragment your disk then it sorts your files out.

Lag Reduction: Varies, usually Medium
Graphical Cost: None

Game Booster

This is a free downloadable software that boosts your game (as the name suggests)


What it does: It ceases all unnecessary processes that take up your CPU or some of your Internet Connection. It’s really easy and it turns on gaming mode when it detects that you’ve activated a game application and it turns it off when all game applications have been closed.

Lag Reduction: Varies, Usually medium
Graphical Cost: None

Still Lagging?

If you’re still lagging, then try setting your game to an even lower setting. If that doesn’t work then please make sure you actually have the right processor to play Blacklight: Retribution. Maybe it’s time for a software update.

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