Blacklight Retribution How to Destroy a Hardsuit Guide

Blacklight Retribution How to Destroy a Hardsuit Guide by tradingstation

After getting shot many many times by one and messing with 7 Hardsuit in tutorial mission recently, I decided to write a tutorial on it.
Even though I’m no master on this matter, this should help you and your team out in fights.

Hardsuit are buy-able at weapon depot for 1300CP. If there’s anybody who racking up many kills, expect them to call one in. Equipped with Chain gun (Which needs spin up time) and a Railgun. (One-shot kill really fast all-range sniper-like weapon) They’re fast on flat,open grounds thanks to their speed Boost (jphreak: That can burn you if you get too close behind them) and tanks your shots like nobody’s business. (15000 HP) Oh, and they can run you over.

It’s purpose is mainly soak weapons fire for teammates while returning heavy weapon fire. This way they can cause panic on your team when facing one. But it does not come without drawbacks :
– They’re big. Some stair prevent Hardsuit from entering. Also that damned pole that’s blocking the door between your Hardsuit and your soon-to-be-dead-but-got-away victim.
– They’re slow without using their Boost. So they’ll took a while to come assist teammate. Fighting in closed area like underground section of Containment will also hinder them further.
– They also slow to turn around. This will disadvantage them in point-blank range combat.
Boost. You cannot change direction during Boost. There’s a delay time at the end of a Boost before you can do anything. And there’s still a need for it to recharge.
– Riding Hardsuit means no HRV. (There’s a Hardsuit Ping Tactical Gear. but that one have limited range.) Pilot will have to rely on their teammates to point them in right direction. This also means that they’ll be annoyed if someone use toxics or helpless if somebody use Digi-grenade.
– Last and the most important : randomly generated weakpoint on Hardsuit. Which you can spot using HRV. Shooting it deal 10 times the damage on it. You’ll know you’ve hit them when where your shot land is lit in blue.

So how do we ‘kill’ it :
1) Don’t panic when fighting them. You panic then you’ll forgot to go to Weapon Depot and you’ll screw up. Friendlies being steamrolled in TDM, good times…
2) Use your HRV to spot weakpoint and tell teammates. Chance are that moron will just be too happy killing your friends to care what you just said in allchat. :P
3) Do not fight it in front. It have a Railgun, a really fast 1HKO hitscan weapon. If your luck is that bad run in circles around it, that should delay him.
4) Get a Heavy Weapon. You’ll have better chance with it than your primary weapon.
I saw many people/team fail because of not getting Heavy Weapon in time.
5) Watch out for it’s escort! If you’re not dying because of Hardsuit, these guys will f- you up. They’ll kill you before you can setup your Hardsuit-killing aim.
6) Aim at the weakpoint. 10X the damage! Remember that! You’ll be surprised that you can blow up a Hardsuit with just around 2 cilp of Brust-fire Rifle. Here’s the overview of the weakpoint system by ComptonEMT (HSA),not very accurate because of many changes on the primary weapon today but it should give you ideas.

And here are some tactic/tips. Both general and what I’ve observed.
Flanking. While Hardsuit is busy on the other way take the opportunity (and it’s slow ass turning) to strike him from the other side.
EMP (both mines and bullets) and Stun mine can temporary disable/hinder Hardsuit for a short time. Giving you time to lodge in Heavy Weapon fire before retreat into cover.
Flamethrower! This can be used to burn pilots to death letting you to steal it and return the favor.As this official video will demonstrate. But when you do, wait for Hardsuit to cooldown before entering or you’ll end up roasted because of yourselves.
– Boost Ambush. This one is what somebody pulled on me in a match : Most people would get overconfident with Hardsuit. You’ll need a safe corner to lure him to boost into you. Then, attack while he’s still in delay after boost. In my case I got a flamethrower for my trouble.
Barricade. Imagine the frustation when you place what is basically a roadblock on his/her usual path. And you can use it as cover. It may not be how to outright ‘kill’ it but it can keep them off the game for sure.
– In Hardsuit duel, It’s either weapon spamming fight or single stroke battle by the appilcation of Railgun to the weakpoint. Also when you leveled up high enough you’ll have the option to add Railgun into your Weapon Depot arsenal, allow you to buy it into battle directly.
– In team-based mode: If anything else fails, call everyone on your team to concentrate fire on it’s weakpoint. It’ll take time but it might allow you to turn the tide of battle.

That’s all for now. If there’s anything you’d like to add/ask, feel free to post it here.

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