Blacklight Retribution Combat Rifle Short Guide

Blacklight Retribution Combat Rifle Short Guide by tradingstation

Combat Rifle

– Sniping
– Sniping
– Run n’ gun designated marksman duty
– Shooting someone’s face in emergency.

Place it excels
– Containment
– Pliedriver’s outside
– Vortex’s open air section

– Accuracy. Comes with Semi-auto, good for sniping and decent in self-defense.
– Decent damage.

– Damage. You’ll spend some seconds taking a enemy down. Don’t go duel with BAR when it’s user knows where you are. Also tends to not 1HKO, sadly.
– Rate of fire. I told you to CQC only in emergency.
– The decent recoil may cause some of you to undergo early deaths.
– Ammo count. Bloody hell you’ll be running to Depot often for this.

– You’re sniper. Not an assault. Even tank build will not save you there.
– It’s not one-hit kill weapon.
– Prepare an escape route in case of things go sour.
– Choose a good sidearm in case of CQC.

– Anything at close range except BARs and itself.

– Long-range closed scope for those old-fashioned sniping lads.
– Quick 3.00 zoom open scope if you have a knack of quickscoping.
– Holo sights for WW rifleman enthusiasts. You’re funny.

– Spread – It case you found targets running around too much. It’ll help. Clickclickclick.
– Max damage – Ideal. But I found trouble having lower sniping performance than spread build. Odd.
– CQC – You’ll die. Not actually if you’re calm enough to aim properly when hipfiring. But you don’t fight 2+ people with it. It’s awful in that case. And you’re ignoring CR’s biggest strength.
– Suppressor/silencer – Up to you. One of them make your gun a f-ing laser.

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