Blacklight Retribution Ammo Types Guide

Blacklight Retribution Ammo Types Guide by ausfirewinga22

Standard Ammunition: Exactly what it says on the tin.

The default ammunition for all magazines. Standard Ammunition does the listed damage on your weapon. Hitting an enemy in the head will deal 2X damage. Hitting a Harduit Weakspot will deal 10X damage.

Explosive Ammunition: To match the personality type

This ammunition deals 80% damage to everything, but disorients the target, making it harder for them to fight back. Killing a player with explosive ammunition will prevent them from being revived, forcing them to wait for a respawn instead.

Electric Ammunition: Shocking!

This ammunition will deal 90% damage to players, and 110% damage to anything electronic. Hardsuits, Barricades and Turrets are affected by the increased damage.
However, any player under the effects of equipment that has Stun, Shock, EMP or Digi effects will also take 110% damage.
As usual, hitting the head will deal 2X and hitting the hardsuit weakpoint will deal 10X. However, this stacks with the 110% damage you get by using electro ammo against electronics and ‘shocked’ players
Finally, using Electro ammunition against a hardsuit will slow the speed at which it rotates, making it harder for the pilot to look around.

Toxic Ammuniton: Quarantine Zone

This ammunition will deal 80% to targets that are unpoisoned, but 100% damage to targets that are. Unlike other types of ammunition, Toxic ammo does half its damage initially, then the rest over a period of time.
Note that an enemy cannot avoid damage by using any method of healing, and they will not heal back up to 50% when not being shot at until the full amount of damage has been dealt.

Incendiary Ammunition: Burns with rage!

This ammuniton is the only type that will consistently damage a player for 110% of weapon damage under all circumstances. Incendiary rounds deal an initial 70% damage, then burn for an additional 40% damage.
Unlike Toxic ammunition however, the burn damage can be avoided by using healing methods.

It it unknown whether Incendiary ammunition has the same effect on a Hardsuit as a Flamethrower.

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