Blacklight Retribution Data Node Fusion Guide

Blacklight Retribution Data Node Fusion Guide by aggh

Data nodes are essentially minor perks that give you bonuses like +5 run speed, -1 recoil etc. etc.

You have 5 sockets that you can insert data nodes into. You can only socket one node of each type, ie you can’t socket it two +5 movement speed nodes.

Node attributes:

Nodes have Three attributes:

-Rank: How long the node will last after it’s socketed.

Rank 1: 1day duration
Rank 2: 3 day duration
Rank 3: 7 day duration
Rank 4: 30 day duration
Rank 5: 90 day duration

-Effect: What the node does, ex: +5 movement speed, +3% melee damage etc. etc.

-Quality: Describes the effect of the node. Higher quality nodes have a greater effect than low quality nodes. The current node qualities are as follows: Common, uncommon, rare, very rare and epic.

Ex: A common movement speed node will give you +5 movement speed. And uncommon one will give you +10 etc. etc.


Fusion is when you fuse two nodes together to make a better and/or longer lasting node.

Nodes of the same rank will have a higher success rate, but the node that is upgraded will be random.

When fusing nodes that are of the same quality, only the node with the lower rank will have a chance of being destroyed.

When fusing nodes that have different qualities, only the lower quality node will have a chance of being destroyed.

This means that the best way to make a node starting from common.rank1 is to get multiples of the particular node you want and fuse them together to make a common.rank2. Then you can spam rank 1 nodes to get it up to rank3.

After that you need to start making rank2 nodes to upgrade your node to rank4. Repeat this process over and over always using nodes that are one rank lower than the node you want to upgrade.

Make sure to make the nodes your using for this are nodes that you don’t plan on using or have an abundance of. These throw away nodes should be made from two nodes of the same rank, you don’t care about their effect, just the rank and thus should try to get the best success rate possible so you can use as few nodes as possible.


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