Auto Club Revolution Newbie Guide

Auto Club Revolution Newbie Guide by zoft

Hi and welcome to ACR! This is an unofficial introduction.

When you create your new account you will get a stock class E Opel Corsa. In addition there is an offer to get a class A BMW 1erM for free. Go to to get it. This may change as the beta program evolves I guess.

Use these cars to earn credits by racing them. In my experience the Infineon track gives most credits for time spent racing. Spa is also a good practice track which pays well.

Driving etiquette and tips:

  • Do not intentionally ram, crash or push your opponents. Overtake using finesse, not brute force.
  • Let faster cars overtake you, especially if they are laps ahead of you. Make room.
  • It is not allowed to intentionally drive outside of the track. Keep on the track at all times.
  • Use the filters when creating races. You can use VPR ranges and max class to limit the cars joining the race. Do this rather than kicking people out of the lobby if you think their car is too fast. You can also ask them in the lobby chat to leave and come back with a different car.
  • Don’t use foul language in the hangout chat.

The official code of conduct can be found here:…g/code-conduct

Most Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there are power hours which give you double credit and experience for an hour. Make sure to use this opportunity to earn extra credits and gain experience. Look in the community calendar, link from your home page, for specific power hour times.

As you earn credits you can use them to upgrade your cars. Make sure to fully upgrade the Corsa and the 1erM. You also gain experience by racing which allows you to get to higher levels and unlocking new car classes.

At experience level 10 you will receive a bonus of 250 E-bucks. This may change as the beta program evolves. Use them to buy a class C Nissan 370z and continue earning credits and upgrading it.

Once the Corsa, 1erM and Nissan are fully upgraded and you have stashed 63000 credits and unlocked class B (level 15), buy the BMW M3. Make sure to use all earned credits to upgrade the M3 fully. Do not spend any credits on unnecessary things until the M3 is fully upgraded.

You will now have fully upgraded class E, C, B and A cars which allows you to participate in most races. From now on earn credits and buy cars. You are no longer a noob and have made many friends in the hangout chat. You’ll figure out what cars to buy by asking and interacting with other drivers.

If you want and can afford to you can buy e-bucks for real money to sponsor the development efforts of this game. Some cars are only available for E-bucks, like the Nissan 370z.

If these guidelines can be improved I welcome the community to contribute below. The full manual can be found here:

I am quite new to the game at the time of writing this (just out of noob-ness according to my own definition:-). When I started I could have used this kind of introduction which also is why I wrote it.

Good luck and see you on the road mates!!

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