Auto Club Revolution Driving Tips

Auto Club Revolution Driving Tips by Alfred

1) To look around: left: “.” right: “/” behind: “right shift”

2) To adjust your transmission setting: start a single player time trail, hit escape, control settings. If you want to set up full manual/”H gate” you need to right click on the ACR symbol in your tray (usually by the clock), and go to controller mapping.

3) “Slow in, fast out.” The first bit of advice on driving faster, slow down for the corner earlier will help you stay on the racing line and get on the acceleration earlier, for an overall higher speed.

4) Try not to hit other cars. Its a sure fire way to ruin their race, and probably your own as well.

5) Race with assists off all the time. You’ll find it tricky at first (perhaps) but it’s so rewarding.

6) In the faster cars, be gentle with the throttle.

7) If you crash into someone by accident and push them off the track, think about waiting for them to catch up again.

8) Hold your line.

9) Let people pass if they are going faster than you.

10) Make use of the “look behind” button.

11) Racing is about the race, not just the finish position.

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