ArcheAge Pre-Launch FAQs

ArcheAge Pre-Launch FAQs by AerowynX

Seen so many of the same threads over and over figured i would do a quick FAQ… any suggestions on what to add let me know

When is release? Lots of speculation but all Trion has said officially is 2014.. when it’s announced you will see it posted all over the web and here on reddit on the side panel. Also no official word on when open beta will be.

When is the next Beta event? 10:00 AM PDT Thursday, August 14 and run through Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT Countdown!

Beta Servers? Alpha servers? How does it work? Alpha servers(two servers both in the US) are online pretty much 24/7 but are only by special invite OR by purchasing the $150 Archeum pack. Beta servers are ONLY up during beta events which so far there have been two events and last about 5 days. Also so far alpha servers have been up during the beta events. Once the game launches alpha will become their test server for future builds.

What is patron and what does it give you? Also what is apex? I’d check out trions official post on both systems here

I bought a silver/gold pack why can’t I play right now? Beta is only events not 24/7 if you want access to play 24/7 you need to get the archeum pack.

Does my beta key from last event carry over? No each event requires its own key unless you get a founders pack then you get access to all betas. Many game sites such as mmohut, alienware and giveaway thousands of keys for each event

Are founders packs worth it? Really no one can answer that but the value is there imho. You get CS money, you get head start, you get some patron time, you get to try the game in beta or alpha as a patron, you get couple other extras as well. Game costs nothing to download and play at launch so it’s a nice way to support Trion for bringing this game to the states/EU

I purchased a pack but my patron says it expires on xx date It will reset at launch

Does progress save from beta event to beta event? Yes

Will there be any wipes? They will wipe the servers after open beta when head start launches

If I purchase a pack from steam how do I get that applied to my Trion account? Steam gives you a key you login to your trion/glyph account and apply the key to your account.

If I use my cash shop currency I got from a pack during alpha/beta will it get refunded at launch?Yes

What is up with random spots of blurry/missing textures? Seems to be an issue with DX11 switch to DX9 it should fix that.

I have a great system why is performance horrible? Many of the performance issues I have found personally were with the DX11 client so id highly recommend if any issues switch to the DX9 client. Another thing to try is moving shaders under quality settings from very high to high in some cases this can fix certain issues. Also the game seems to have a frame jump issue where it will jump around from 60-well over 100fps on some systems.. id recommend using vsync or some may run into overheating issues

Why aren’t my settings saving when I log out and back in? One thing that seems to cause this is if you have your windows OS language set to something other than English. What you can try is log out and set your OS language to English, restart your PC, log back in change your settings and log out, then change your language back and restart your PC.

Why does my game keep crashing at the opening cinematic? First make sure the servers are even live. Then if they are once the cinematic starts spam ESC it should bypass it.

How do I prevent from being hacked? Use the mobile authenticator!!!.. currently it’s called Rift Authenticator but works with all Trions games.. they said it will be called Glyph authenticator soon.

Is this game P2W? Depends what you consider P2W. To me P2W has always been if equipment or items are sold in the CS that are more powerful than anything you could get in the game for free. For whatever reason it seems now many consider paying for time P2W. This game has items that make things go a little faster, basically like a booster. To me boosters are not P2W but if you feel they are then you would feel AA is p2w.

What restrictions are put on F2P players? You cannot own land, you cannot put items up on the auction house. You generate less labor online and none offline(currently). Also if you buy patron and it expires you will still keep the full AH access or Free accounts will be able to unlock full Auction House access as a low-cost Marketplace purchase

Don’t these restrictions ruin the game for F2P players seem like a trial rather than f2p? Lot of controversy on this but here is my take. Going with the restrictions above f2p players can still farm in various ways you can find a nice patron that can allow you to use their land, you have public farms, you can risk doing a hidden farm. For the AH you can buy but not sell. You can always sell through chat or have a patron friend/guild member list the item for you. Labor is the big one as it is required for almost all crafting/tradeskills. You are limited but it honestly isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Playing on RU I got 1 LP online and zero offline and did just fine. Some issues are the coin purses and quest gear which may change a bit before launch. Overall though it’s a community game get some friends find a guild and have fun you are really only restricted if you want to do everything alone. No content is gated from you(just some content takes a little more time due to labor), you can build a ship, you can hit 50, you can do anything in the game you want to do as a f2p player aside from the things listed above but again there are work arounds and it isn’t that bad considering you aren’t paying a cent for so much content. Then you have the APEX system. No clue how much APEX will run once the game goes live but the system allows you to buy patron with in-game gold from other players.

What happens to my land if I have patron then stop paying for it? You will no longer be able to pay your weekly taxes(and you can’t have other patrons pay it for you) so once that time comes you will end up losing your land

What are some good class builds? Depends what your playstyle is but some popular combos are Primeval, Darkrunner, Blighter, Daggerspell, Shadowblade, Trickster, skullknight, abolisher, stone arrow, Demonologist, outrider, just to name a few.. if you don’t know what these combos are check here

What sets AA apart from the sea of MMOs out there? Check out the videos below you should be able to find your answer in there

I’m completely new to the game what are some good videos to watch?

Trions Twitch stream videos

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