Age of Wulin Growing Your Character Guide

Age of Wulin Growing Your Character Guide by v2seraph

Most MMORPG requires you to grow your character in order to challenge tougher monsters, dungeons and more, Age of Wulin is no exception! AoW’s character growth is unique and at the same time, complicated.

How to obtain Experience (历练)? What it does?
Check how much Experience you have by clicking on the Yin Yang icon below your character portrait.

Various actions in the game can earn you Experience Points. Whether when you’re walking, riding a horse, performing life skills etc. Experience Points cannot be used.

You can get a large amount of Experience Points by >Spying Another School< or completing raid dungeons.

Experience will be converted to Mastery Points every 100 seconds. Non-VIP will only get 70% of the converted Mastery Points, another 30% will go into reserved pool. These reserved Mastery Points can be reclaimed by spending Gold.

There are various methods to increase the conversion rate:
● School Patrol (10%)
● Guild territory patrol (30%)
● EXP conversion potion (25%, 50%, 100%, 150% or 250%, only 1 can be consumed at a time, maximum of 35 times per week) Click for more details
● Fortune Telling (6 times per day, up to 400%)
● Praying (2%, 4% or 6%, maximum of 10 times per day)
● Winning a world PVP ring (10%)
● Losing a world PVP ring (5%)

Experience Grades
Obtained experiences were divided into 5 grades: (Note that non-VIP will only get 70% converted points)

Grade 1: (10 mastery / 100 sec)
Obtained from – Spying, Patrolling, Rob Book Event etc

Grade 2: (20 mastery / 100 sec)
Obtained from – Spying, Patrolling, Rob Book Event etc

Grade 3: (50 mastery / 100 sec)
Obtained from – Main Quest, School Quest, Spying, Patrolling, Rob Book Event etc

Grade 4: (100 mastery / 100 sec)
Obtained from – Complete Instances (踢馆), Main Quest, School Quest, Spying, Patrolling, Rob Book Event etc

Grade 5: (200 mastery / 100 sec)
Obtained from – Complete Instances (踢馆) / Raid Dungeons (禁地), Main Quest, School Quest, Spying, Patrolling, Protect Caravan, Rob Book Event etc

Confused? Explanation below!

Eg. I have completed spying once and I got 160 experience from that, ALL 160 experience points MAY be categorized as grade 5. (If you’re unlucky, you may get grade 1 or 2 instead)

Once you have collected all 5 grades of experiences, your base mastery points conversion would be (10 + 20 + 50 + 100 + 200 = 380 mastery / 100 sec for VIP, 266 mastery / 100 sec for non-VIP).

What if I ran out of 3rd and 5th grade experience? Your base mastery points conversion would then be ([10 + 20 + 100] * 70% = 91 mastery / 100 sec for non-VIP ). VIP members will have still have 360 mastery / 100 sec conversion as the system will automatically distribute your experience points equally to each grades.

Mastery Points 修为

Mastery Points are used to train your skills. There are 3 training methods, see below:

Internal Training 内修

The basic training method. Your skill will level automatically when you choose this mode and you are free to do anything you wish. If you have VIP status, your skill will continue to level even when you’re offline.

Kung Fu Practice 演武

You can spend non-tradable silvers to level your skill for a limited time per day. If you wish to use this mode to train further, you will have to spend tradable silvers.

There are 3 different potions for you to choose from, the more expensive it is, the more Mastery Points will be transited to your skill level. Note that amount transited are random.

*It is recommended that you train using non-tradable silvers to limit every day. Spending 150 tradable silvers will enable double non-tradable silvers limit for 7 days.

Party Training 团练

Another MUST DO daily routine. You can often find players gathering at places with Environment Bonus. (Will be explained later) Join them for party training, you skill will level EXTREMELY FAST!

To apply for Party Training, click on the player who has ‘团练’ above him, right click on his portrait and choose ‘申请团练’.

You can also join by clicking on ‘点击加入’ at General channel when the leader is auto-shouting.

Make sure you have roughly 80,000 Mastery Points and have chosen a skill you wish to train before you start !

You are required to challenge a mini game when it is your turn. To success in the challenge, you will need to press the keys in correct sequence on your screen which consist of UP (W), DOWN (S), LEFT (A), RIGHT (D) + J, K .

You will need to start all over again if you pressed a key wrongly. It will get harder as the training goes on. Stay in front of the party if you are not confident in this mini game!

Example of key combinations for 10th person.

The more people in a party, the higher the converted EXP will be! A small amount of mastery points will be converted to your skill total EXP for every successful attempt. If anyone failed to press in time, the converted EXP will be much lower and thus wasting everyone’s time.

Every 800 mastery points equals to 1% fatigue. Once your fatigue reaches 100%, you won’t be able to convert EXP anymore. VIP players will reach max fatigue at faster rate as they convert 30% more mastery points compared to normal players. Max fatigue does not increase though.

There are 4 party training modes: 10, 15, 20 or 25 turns. The fastest way to reach 100% fatigue would be doing 25 turns and 10 turns once each. (Assuming no one made mistakes) You may check each party training’s details at Party Training interface.

VIP members will get roughly 80k Meridian Chi (~15k for Non-VIP) upon reaching 100% fatigue!

Lastly, party training can be interrupted if someone decided to attack you for no good reason.

Environment Bonus 宝地加成

You can further increase your training speed  by staying at certain environment.

*Staying in city or school will slow down your training speed by 8%.

You can check the attribute of your skill from skill training interface. Go to the corresponding location and start training! You will get bonus mastery points by party training at these environment. (Bonus does not count toward fatigue)

*Cave is the best choice if you wish to train with players from different schools.

Mountain = 山 | Water = 水 | Cave = 洞 | Forest = 森 | Snow = 雪 | City / School = 市

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