The Secret World Healer Tank Build Guide

The Secret World Healer Tank Build Guide by Mitchcraft

After a Polaris run where I had to tank as the healer on the last boss, I decided to take a serious look at the possibilities of the spec. I took some abilities from the Misc taunt tree, stacked up on Healing power, then convinced a group to give me a try in Inferno. Some were a bit dubious, since the “tank” had less than 2k health. 1745 to be exact. But it worked. I was able to hold aggro and heal myself through boss attacks. Having four DPS’ers going full throttle was especially nice on Recursia (aka the hound queen) and the final boss.

This spec isn’t without dangers and a standard tank in the standard trinity is certainly safer in a lot of ways. However, if you’re a healer and having a hard time finding a tank, this can be a viable alternative, especially if you play during low traffic hours.

Key abilities:
Provoke – single target taunt
Mass Provocation – AOE taunt
Fuel to the Fire – adds taunts to attacks
Scarlet Arts – big single target heal (700+ with QL6 gear)
Blood Pact – AOE shield (500+ with QL6 gear) – I forget who suggested this to me when I first brought up the build in general, but thanks! It worked really well!

You’re right on the bleeding edge. Not a lot of breathing room for error.
Requires higher gear than standard tanks. For Inferno, I was in mostly QL6 gear, whereas standard tanks can definitely get by on less.

Allows the team to have 4 dps.
Waiting time for a team is minimized, since you’re both the tank and healer
A lot of fun experiencing the flexibility of this game!

A big thanks to the players who helped me test and tweak the build through several successful runs of Inferno:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, you don't say what your weapons are. It looks like you spent most of your AP in Misc and Blood. Off hand/Main hand weapons?

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