The Secret World Dungeon/Boss DPS Builds Guide

The Secret World Dungeon/Boss DPS Builds Guide by insanesenator


I thought it would be a good idea to post specifically about DPS builds for boss fights, so in effect, single-target and assuming all normal debuffs are present (weakened, afflicted, etc)

Single-Target Critical/Affliction Pistols/Ele build:

Livewire (elite) (awesome dps for a crit build)
One in the Chamber (more crit dps)
Increased Focus (more crits for main builder/finisher)
Mad Skills (more crits)
Aidelon (guaranteed crit)
Brawler (15% crit damage, yes please)
Mind over Matter (affliction off crits)

Hair Trigger (builder)
Shootout (consumer)
Blaze (consumer)
Gun Crazy (“free w/cooldown” channeled attack)
Deadly Aim (group crit buff)
Flashpoint (“free w/ cooldown” affliction attack)
Flicker (classic “blink”) – Situational, if you are awesome at avoiding AoE and know all the fights you may not need this, I like my “training wheels double dodge”.

I’ve found that this is a great single-target DPS build, centering on critical hits and affliction. Hair Trigger and Shootout are the bread and butter, filling in the rest as cooldowns and elemental resources allow. A good starting rotation is:

build 3 resources -> Flashpoint -> Blaze -> Deadly Aim -> Gun Crazy -> build 2 more resources -> Shootout -> 1 more builder -> Blaze

This gets the affliction/crit train off to a good start. Remember to try to use flashpoint before blaze in case your DoT’s drop off, since Blaze does more damage to afflicted targets. Also, try to not use Blaze under the effect of Deadly Aim, since it will always crit anyway, that casting time is better spent getting resources or using Shootout. I use variations on this build for general questing as well. This build is VERY glass-cannon, as it has zero survivability passives or actives. This isn’t a “support DPS” build, but could easily be adapted to include Hinders, the pistols healing debuff or cleanses quite easily. Flashpoint and the last active slot is what could be replaced, anything else would neuter the DPS too much, in my opinion.

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