The Infinite Black Training Guide

The Infinite Black Training Guide by DrHans

Training. Sounds like a hard thing to accomplish. Well, it is a hard thing to level in TIB, but I’m here to help you out with this guide.

Grey Sectors
Buy Storage 2. You will need it.
Let’s say you have a Corvette. 4 equippoints. 2 equipoints to be used on Storage 2. The remaining equipoints should be used to buy a level 2 weapon. Any type of weapon is fine.
After equipping the items, you are ready.
Travel anywhere in the grey area. You will encounter many hostile NPCs. When you do, start to kill them. When there are multiple mobs in a sector, always target the weakest first. Weaker mobs die faster, and thus, it will decrease the amount of damage inflicted on you per second.
Storage 2 allows you to carry 20 resources, so that going to a StarPort won’t be a bothersome thing. When you don’t have anymore space in your inventory, heal yourself or find the nearest StarPort and dump all the resources you have in it.

One metal restores 150 Hull(HP). Let’s say you have 2,000 HP. You’ve lost 158 from fighting off some NPCs. You feel like healing yourself. DON’T. You will waste one metal to heal only 8 points of hull/health. Metal is valuable and can save lives when used properly. I suggest you fend off some more mobs until your hull goes down to 1,700-1,750, then you heal. This will put the metal to better use. We don’t want to waste metal which can be sold and used for other purposes. Use math to prevent metal wastage.

Black Sectors
Get a battleship(Or better). Be at least level 7. Get uncommon equipment. I personally recommend a Wyrd Screamer 3. The fast fire rate prevents long waiting time when the enemy is left with only a few HP.

Hunt with a group. Most enemies in the black sectors are much more powerful than you. Groups finish the mobs off faster and easier.

Get 10 metal in Storage, just in case you meet some random PVP group that wishes to kill you. Run with hyperdrive if you are exhausted of the metal supply.

Do not explore too far from the grey sectors as running away won’t be so easy if you do.
If you’re able to, buy higher rarity equipment to help you with the hunting.
And to that, I end my guide.

Happy Hunting,


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