The Infinite Black Gaining Credits Guide

The Infinite Black Gaining Credits Guide by Tssunami2011

Hello, Tssunami back with another guide for the TIB community!

This game, like most other MMO’s has an in game currency system.

In TIB we have Credits, and Black Dollars. I will cover Credits first.


Similar to wow gold, EQ plat, and other MMO currencies, Credits are essentially money that can be earned from killing NPC’s, selling resources (gas, radioactives, organics, dark matter, and metals) Selling items (weapons, hulls, storages etc.)

Credits are also tradeable by players, (to pay for services or goods) and can be used on the auction house to purchase auctions by other players.


BlackDollars are an alternate in game currency. They are a semi-rare drop from NPC’s, a guaranteed drop from invasion encounters, and can be bought via the Google Play Store (formerl, the android market)

Blackdollars can also be traded between players and can be use to purchase ship enhancements (Hyperdrive, mindsurge etc.) BlackDollars can also be used to purchase ships from Earth, or from player corporate worlds.

Now that we have that covered

How to gain credits and BlackDollars (BDS) in TIB!

The most simple way is to farm them from NPC’s. New players won’t have many other options in fact.
But Tssunami! NPC’s don’t drop many if any credits!!?!!?
True, but they do drop resources. (Gas, Organics, Radioactives, Dark Matter, and Metals)

That being said, the first priority for a new player is to find the largest storage unit that they can effectively equip on their ship. Begin killing NPCs, they will drop the aformentioned resources and over time you should have a nice “stack” of resources to sell.

Resources are sold at starports

See all those space station like icons in random locations throughout the grey and black? Those are starports. You can both sell and buy resources and items at starports.

Metal is the most common resource, therefore you’ll be selling a lot of it. My general strategy when soloing is to save half of my metal and sell the rest. Once I get close to full capacity on metal, I start making my way to a starport. Sell the metal and any common items that I do not deem worth selling to other players. I also sell off any other resources that I’ve aquired. It is important to keep *some* metal though so that you can continue to heal yourself as you farm. Buying metal is not profitable and it costs much more than the starports pay you when you sell it.

Eventually, you will be fortunate enough to have uncommon, rare, ultra rare and above, or even viable common loot drops to sell to other players or list on the auction house. (Common items cannot be placed in the auction house)

This is where the player element comes into trading. Always be monitoring the auction house and the current prices of certain items. It is important to understand that supply versus demand will dictate the pricing on items. You can set your own prices on the items that you sell accordingly and hopefully amass a nice amount of credits this way. Between farming resources and selling/auctioning items you should build up a nice chuck of credits with a little bit of patience.

There is also a special channel in game called “Market” There you can advertise what you have for sale, as well as see what other players are selling. Bargaining skills are key here and you can score some great deals from players who want to make a quick sale!

Profiting off of the Auction House

The idea here is buy low, sell high. Keep an eye on auctions, and their time limits. If you see an item that has low bids on it, that you think can be resold at a profit, BUY IT! This is by far the easiest way to turn a profit in TIB. While you have to have a chunk of “startup cash” to do this, the old adage holds true: “you have to have money to make money.” Buy the item at a low price, list the starting bid slightly higher than what you paid for it. You don’t have to swing for the fences here, while there is a listing fee on the auction house you can easily generate 5-10k profits easily and that’s a worst case scenario. Set your buyout somewhat high. Not so high that nobody will buy your item but high enough to generate some bidding. You may not sell your item right away, but be patient and you will. Not to sound like an opportunistic Jerk, but there are people who just buy whatever they see and pay whatever is asked. This is true in the real world as well as TIB. Be reasonable though, and you’ll start seeing the credits flow right in. Auctions can sell while you are logged out, and it’s nice to log in to a few hundred thousand extra credits on your account

Take the time to do research on prices of items, this gives you an advantage over the players who just throw something on the auction house without knowing the item’s value, as well as players who are desperate for a quick sale. Buy low, sell high!

BlackDollars (BDS)

Another way to earn credits is to buy and sell BDS.

Like the real world, BDS is a currency that fluctuates in value. At times I’ve seen them sell for 1000 credits each, at other times I’ve seen them sold for twice that amount.

The most effective way to trade BDS is to post up your ship near Earth. Go on the market channel and start advertising. Oftentimes, players will sell BDS in bulk at a highly discounted price. This is a great way to aquire a nice chunk of BDS once you have the credits to spare. Now you can sell them slightly higher than what you bought them. Again, don’t try to swing for the fences, if you buy them for 1.2K per BDS (1,200 credits) Try selling them for 1.5K per BDS. It’s not a huge profit but if it’s a busy day you can make a nice amount of credits doing this. If BDS are selling rediculously low, buy them up, wait a few days and the price eventually goes up. Sometimes within hours. This is when you resell them at a profit.

Obviously your mileage may vary depending on the flow of the market and current prices, but this is certainly a popular and viable way to make a nice income in TIB.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I hope it was helpful to you!


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