The Infinite Black Invasions Guide

The Infinite Black Invasions Guide by Tssunami2011

Heya everyone, Tssunami2011 back with another guide.

Today I’m going to go over invasions.

Invasions have recently been introduced to TIB. They are PVE encounters versus waves of very strong NPC’s. You can find them on the TIB Grid as red outlined icons with Pirate skulls, Heteroclite orbs, or Wyrd ship icons. Some of the most sought after items in game are found via killing these NPC’s the loot modifier is increased by 600% here. This is what draws TIB’s elite as well as ambitions lower level players to these events.

Their hitpoints range from roughly 3000 hp to 24000+ HP per NPC. They can hit VERY hard. IN excess of 2K damage in one shot.

What you need to bring:

I suggest bringing no less than 9-10 Well equipped ships to an invasion if you want to have any kind of success. You can attempt to slowly whittle the invasion down with a smaller crew, but be prepared to spend a small fortune in metals in order to stay alive. Optimally, a full fleet of 15 is recommended. It is my understanding that sector limits may have been imposed in the past few days limiting the amount of ships in a sector. If this is the case (I will verify later) then it is vital that the crew you bring is optimized properly, paying attention and working as a team to bring down the invasion.

Your ships:


As I have mentioned previously, I like to see a good mix of low delay weapons to take big chunks of HP off the NPC, as well as a good number of fast weapons to clean up the short HP NPC’s so that your fleet doesn’t sit taking damage while your cooldowns recharge. One thing to consider: You may encounter a hostile corp that is competing for the invasion kills, if they turn hostile towards YOUR fleet, it is good to have some hard hitters in your fleet. Hard hitters meaning, high EP Pulverizers or Hellcannons.

Since some of the boss NPC’s can crit for over 2k, you’re going to really have a few close calls if you can’t bring at least 2500+ HP on your ship. I have seen (and personally been on) invasions with a ship with only 2000 HP, one REALLY has to be paying attention to their health with such low hull. Also if you encounter an enemy fleet, chances are that YOU will be targeted first.

Anywhere between 2600 and 3K + Hull is optimal, if you have to BD heal you get more bang for your buck, and you’re bringing much more survivability to the team.

You not only should be watching your own health, but that of your fleetmates as well. 25 capacity is about as low as you want to go here unless you plan on BD healing often or begging your lead for a starport run after every kill. I have seem fleetmates with 50 capacity storages bring a ton of metal, and dump some of it mid fight to help out folks with lower storage capacity that have run out of mets. Either way you choose to go, try to be as self sufficient as possible.

I like to have no less than 20K credits available to spend on metals, and 10 BDS for heals and emergency EJ’s and CJ’s Don’t get caught with your pants down and be unable to save yourself in an emergency.

Also, invasions spawn randomly, oftentimes it may be faster to have your fleet EJ and CJ to save time and be fewer jumps away from the next invasion. Be prepared!

Hyperdrive. You’re going to need it. I’ve never run an invasion without one. You need to be able to move fast because the invasion spawns ARE contested. Meaning they are free for anyone to attack. Be fast or be beaten by alliances who are better prepared.

Mindsurge. Xp in invasions is GODLY. I made 10% of level 16 last night on 2 invasions WITHOUT MS. If you have the BD to spare, by all means, this is a great time to use it.


Teamwork is key here. You need to choose ONE leader to follow through the encounter. Everyone must follow that ship and LISTEN to their instructions. Determine target priority BEFORE You enter the invasion. 15 people shooting at 3 different ships is a waste of dps. Follow instructions and collect that loot!

Speak up. If you are low on metals say so in whatever chat channel that your fleet is using. Also, keep chat clear of useless chatter as it is distracting and someone may miss an important message.

Also, while physical loot is randomly generated, and sent directly to a players inventory, these invasions also drop several black dollars. They are free for anyone to grab. It is wise to discuss how they will be collected and distributed. If you aren’t going to have one person pick them up and distribute them, the “Don’t be a Jerk” rule applies here. If you’ve already snapped up a few bds, let some of your teammates grab them. If you’re greedy, then folks may not want to group with you in the future. This rule is completely null and void if a hostile corp is nearbye, if this is the case GRAB UP THOSE BDS. No need to arm the enemy from your hard work.


Normally there are several starports within close jump range of invasions. Take note of their location and be ready to travel to them either as a group or alone to replenish metals. I find that it works much better to have the group move together. Invasions are dangerous territory. On peak game hours they are swarmed with well prepared fleets of player controlled ships that may not hesitate to send you to earth if you are alone. In fleet mode it’s a little less likely that you’ll be attacked, and if you are, then you have your people to back you up.

In conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. I hope that it is helpful to you, and will help bring better prepared players to your invasions. If I’ve missed anything or provided any incorrect information, please don’t hesitate to post here and let me know so I can fix it.

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