Forge of Empires Happiness Guide

Forge of Empires Happiness Guide by funonline

Hi everyone,

you may have also noticed that you don’t see the happiness needed for the 120 percent happiness buff of the population.

So lets do a little math to get this value, shall we ?:

Take your pure Provided Happiness without any boost from your neighbors (example) = 2804
Divide it through / 1,4
And you get a new value, lets call it “Max people supported with 120 percent happiness”
In this case 2002,86 people, lets make things easy and we say = 2002
Subtract “demand for happiness” or your actual people (example) = 1609
And you get the number of “free peoples until 120 percent happiness limit is reached” = 393

Only in numbers:
2804 / 1,4 = 2002 – 1609 = 393 / 73 = 5,38

Nice calc, but how many more houses could I build ?

Let’s take a cottage (73 peoples)
Take the “free peoples until 120 percent happiness limit is reached” and divide it through 73 and you get = 5,38
In this case there is still room with your provided happiness for another 5 houses with some reserve.
You may not have this additional space on your map, but your happiness should be suffice enough to build them.

All math here I get only by playing the game and it’s tested under bronze & iron & early middle age

It could be changed anytime by the game developers, so be careful if you use it !

Do not try to reach the max limit without any reserve (example 5,00 or 4,99 with the cottage calculation) !


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    Anyone translate this into English we are not all mathematicians.

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