Forge of Empires Supplies Guide

Forge of Empires Supplies Guide by xXStampsXx

1) Summary
2) Suppliers
3) Spacious
4) Getting the most you can

Supplies are one of the three basic materials in Forge of empires, the other two being Gold and Population. Supplies are use in almost everything, from building structures too Training troops and researching new technology’s. this is guide will just give you the basic info on supplies and some tips and tricks on the best ways to get it. Done in __ Simple Parts

Suppliers is just a simple way 2 refer to any building that Manufactures supplies.As your progress farther into the game you will gain more supplier building, but in the start of the game you only get one and then quickly gain a second type. The first type of building is the Hunters(Space 3×3), they produce primitive tools and items. As you look at the interface that is brought up when you click on the building there are different items you can select that will take different amounts of time and create different amounts of supplies. All supplier building will have the same options for time 5min,15min,1hour,4hours,8hours,1day. the only difference in suppliers is the amount of supplies they give and the item they are creating.

List of suppliers buildings(And size):
Hunters= Primitive tools/items (3×3)
Potters=Pottery (4×3)
Fruit Farm=Fruit (5×4)
Black Smith= Tools/Weapons (2×2)
Goat Farm= Goat Meat (?x?)
Butches= Meats (?x?)
Tanners= Leather (?x?)
Shoe Makers= Shoes(?x?)
Alchemist= Potions (?x?)
Farms= Crops (?x?)
Cooperage=? (?x?)
Brewery=? (?x?)

3) Spacious:
Many of the supplier building take up different amounts of space. so using your space wisely can make the difference between having 4 suppliers or 5. there are many ways 2 place your buildings so that you get the most out of them.
*this part is still under construction, Sorry for any inconvenience*

4) Getting the most you can:
So now you ask “how do i get a lot of supplies quickly?” , well the answer is not as simple as the question. the answers is how much time do you have 2 baby sit your com****r. the way 2 get the most supplies is 2 use the 5min production item. lets do and example: The Potters

The Potters:
5min (Flagon)=10 Supplies
15 (Bowls)= 20 Supplies
1hour (Jars)= 50 Supplies
4hours (Can)= 80 Supplies
8hours (Amphora)= 125 Supplies
1day (Pot)= 249 Supplies

-So now you just do the math and see how many each of these would give you if you did it for a full 24 hours

5min= 2880 Supplies (24×60=1440 1440/5=288 288×10=2880)
15min= 1920 Supplies (24×60=1440 1440/15=96 96×20=1920)
1hour= 1200 Supplies (24/1=24 24×50=1200)
4hours= 480 Supplies (24/4=6 6×80=480)
8hours= 375 Supplies (24/8=3 3×125=375)
1day= 249 Supplies (24/24=1 1×249=249)

-if your are confused about where i got the numbers from i will explain its here. the 5min and 15 min are not fractions of and hours so i needed 2 find out how many minutes are in a day (24×60= 1440) the you take the number of minutes and just divide it by the time taken 2 make the supplies 2 find out how many cycles you do (1440/5=288 ) then just take the number of supplies give by how many cycles you have ( 288×10=2880) and you find the answer.

*Because these formulas are done assuming there is no delay between one cycle and the next. So the numbers are not completely correct. the delay is how long it takes for you 2 click on the finished supply building, how long the game takes for you 2 start another cycle and how long it takes for you 2 choose the next cycles options. the delay can be any where from 20 sec-1min depending on player speed and internet connection.

*Still under construction, More content to be added*

-Pls feel free 2 tell about any spelling or grammatical errors, or 2 help me add 2 the guide. thank you in advance xXStampsXx

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    Hello; if I produce a flagon…or amphora, etc…once it’s completed, where does the item ho? I checked my inventory and it’s not there
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    I find your grammar abysmal.

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  4. Just wanted to add that obviously no one will be on for 24 hours at a time lol. If i'm heading to bed I will set the supplier to go for 8 hours as thats will maximise my time while sleeping.

    The rest of the numbers are great though, having a small supply every 5 mins is better than the hour i usually do.

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