Diablo 3 Barbarian 3/3 Build Guide

Diablo 3 Barbarian 3/3 Build Guide by Rhaloz

Here is the second Spotlight. The topic is 3/3 builds. Lately I see only builds with 2 main damage skills and 4 support skills. These builds are strong and viable but 3 main attack skills and 3 supports are nearly gone. Of course the high demands on a inferno build makes the 2/4 the first choice as healing/defense and mobility can be better included with 4 than 3 skills.
So why 3 main damage dealer? Because if we choose wisely we can get high damage for many situations by combinating skills with different aspects. If made correctly it can even outmatch 2/4 builds. When 2/4 is the direct approach than 3/3 is the strategic approach.

Combine long range skills to soften up your enemies with finishing short range. Weaken enemies with Rend and use HotA to finish them of. Break grps with SS and kill of straglers with Heavy Weapon Throw. All of these options hold the need for a high fury generation. Once of course to spam skills but also to be able to use the right skill at the right time. SS can only work on mid range. When you get swarmed you lost your chance for once until you get away.

3/3 suffer in utility. Your 3 “free” skills will be filled with mobility and defense to balance your build. But! here comes the little bonus for 3/3. If you choose wisely you can break the normal balance need. If you are strong at mid range and short range (Rend+SS f.e.) you can dare to drop your mobility as you dictate the flow of battle over the full range. Also many runes are able to increase your defense through stuns and healing etc. This does open up a new fighting style with 3/3 builds.

Example: Windcutter


Dual Wield. Offensive.

The goal is to get 3-4 attacks per second and to cut through your enemies in high speed. Sprint with Huricane allow “drive by action” with single mobs or small grps. Bigger grps get to feel the full WW power for longer time while Sprint allows us to maneuver around to not get overhelmed. MArauders rage is the main damage boost to make our 3 main skills count more. SMAASHH is th the tool to dispose of big bad boys really fast. Instigate with Mighty Weapon Master allow 15 fury per hit and so fuel our heavy fury consumption.
The higher we can push our WW dps the faster we can advance while the enemies die. With good crit/critdamage we should be able to kill critter mobs in about 0.5 seconds and so give the name Windcutter reality.

The holy trinity War Cry+Impunity+Nerves of Steel+Tough as Nails will keep us alive even without a shield. The high attack speed and very high damage make life leech and +hp on attack very strong but also mandatory as we have no build in heal skill.

As also told last time Sprint does help us to cut down travel time and so even increase our real avarage dps further.

There are many more ways to combine 3 main damage skills to achieve powerful setups. also you can go with two primary skills and only one spender and stun setup or what ever you feel right. Be creative.

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