Diablo 3 PvP Pure Archon Build Guide

Diablo 3 PvP Pure Archon Build Guide by Zeratul

From a previous post, I learned that the Wizard will have a minimalist hp of 1,546 at level 60.
35% of this is ~542 hp.  The goal of this build is to survive and cast off Archon Form for the win.  I will detail each skill to show you why I chose them.


Magic Missile-> Seeker= Obvious choice here.  Spam Guided Magic Missiles when not recasting Diamond Skin or deflecting/knocking characters back with Wave of Force

Wave of Force-> Force Affinity= Impactful Wave/Teleporting Wave may prove to be better, but as of now this is a way to keep melee characters away from you and to deflect projectiles.  Apart from Archon, is your only Arcane Power drainer, so it will be available every time it is ready.  12 second cooldown-> 11-10 seconds from Evocation.

Diamond Skin-> Crystal Shell= Cast this when low on life (1,860 hp regenerated from Galvanizing Ward) and you will be able to take another 3 hits assuming it absorbs ALL of the damage.

Familiar-> Ancient Guardian= Attacks with your Magic Missiles (even if it’s attacks aren’t guided as well this is very nice).  Surviving a potentially fatal blow once every 6 seconds is somehow overlooked by most.  If Diamond Skin is cast immediately afterwards, the cooldown will have been reset and it will be ready to save you again.

Energy Armor-> Force Armor= Allows Glass Cannon passive to be used without drawbacks.  Is the sole reason massing hp regeneration is the main goal to this build.  Absolutely nerfs any ultimate killing blows done to you.  Close to IMBA synergy with the Familiar.

Archon-> Teleport= Will need to mess around with the runes on this one, but as of now it is the main damage dealer and Teleport is needed because your opponent will know this and run when you transform.  Spam every spell possible and try to win on your first transformation.  Cooldown is decreased to 102 seconds from Evocation.

Evocation= Reduces cooldown on Archon, Diamond Skin, and Wave of Force (most likely not on Ancient Guardian- untested though).

Glass Cannon= 15% extra damage at no drawback due to Force Armor.  Would consider changing in Critical Mass depending on the percentages on my gear.

Galvanizing Ward= Reduces casts of Force Armor (no big deal), but gives you 310 hp regeneration which is massive.

As long as you can keep up with the casts and time Diamond Skin right, it is near impossible to kill you.  Archon and Wave of Force still need to be tested to see what the best rune additions is for them as well, but otherwise it is a very solid build for PvP.  As always, if you see a Witch Doctor, forget about trying to tank them and just all-out attack as their poison will no doubt nullify this build.

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