Diablo 3 Jade Doc Wormwood Guide

Diablo 3 Jade Doc Wormwood Guide by ronincast

Greetings fellow Nephalem – Ronin here, with my first written guide ever created! My goal is to create quick, concise guides for classes and specs that go over gear selection, skills/passives, and play style. I ideally would like to have all the basic info that I feel most players are quickly looking for when picking up a new spec, and when anyone wants to get a little more in depth, we can start a conversation here on the forums, or you can contact me in game CUTEthulu#1201 (I know, epic name) or contact me via twitch message twitch.tv/ronincast. LETS DOT THIS… I mean.. Do this..

Going to start with the Witch Doctor today, and the Jade Harvester WORMWOOD spec. I picked up WD for season two and I’m loving it. Peaked at rank 14 for solo and will be doing some more pushing soon – tune in to stream for that, and pop on by to show some support or if you have any questions/concerns.. Or if you want to hear my epic dungeon master voice, see my epic stache, and/or hear my angelic singing. Let’s get right down to it.

  • Jade Harvester is all about consuming dots with soul harvest. Epic explosions of mobs. huge nukes. much harvest, such souls
  • hard spec to play in practice as you must kite well, spam a lot of abilities and also run in and out of melee as a squishy ass caster.
  • CDR most important stat in build. More spirit walk, fears, harvests, piranas. Aka more winning.
  • DAT WORMWOOD new season 2h staff. auto casts locust swarm, has poison ele dmg.
  • I am telling you right now this is another spec that will eat the rift like a delicious cake, even with average density, but will not eat the rift guard. The rift boss is so annoying and slow to kill its actually so boring and frustrating and a major downfall of this spec; best bet is to save a helpful pylon. all you do is dot, run, avoid, and soul harvest. on GR42 (seasons) it took me like 4 minutes to kill the rift boss, i foolishly died once. I guess we don’t really have it as bad as raekor barbs.

SKILLS – I will simply list skills and runes and then play style section will discuss all of them.

  • Mass Confusion – paranoia.
  • Spirit walk – jaunt
  • horrify – armor rune
  • soul harvest – siphon (heal rune)
  • haunt – poison
  • piranha – tornado (even though its a whirlpool)

PASSIVES – Creeping death – Pierce the Veil – Spirit Vessel – Grave Injustice


  • spirit vessel- our cheat death, as well as 2 seconds off horrify and spirit walk! great talent. When it procs, you get a 1 second spirit walk. use it to run to safety cus you about to DIE
  • pierce the veil – self explanatory, but be careful when haunt spamming, you need a chunk of mana for piranha. I have seen this swapped for gruesome feast occasionally but I don’t think health globes are consistent enough and also this sucks for the rift guards which we suck at so bad to begin with.
  • wormwood casts locust swarm for you every second and it will spread to other enemies. The staff has a decent radius for effect, still requires melee-ish range.
  • you need to spread your dots and then soul harvest. Staff gets swarm going, but you must spread haunt. Haunt spreads when mobs die. you will want to kite and cast a lot of haunts as your parousing your rift gathering mobs. Creeping death passive helps duration, and with this passive the dot isn’t fully consumed. (Creeping death makes all the things last 5 mins and harvesting consumes 30 seconds of it. So you will have to reapply on big mobs)
  • Grave Injustice passive helps reset CD’s when mobs die, piranha, spirit walk, horrify, and soul harvest are relatively low cool downs, so stacked CDR stat and this passive really helps you spam, and you need to to survive/kill. you need to make sure you’re going to be killing some mobs so you can reset cool downs.. if you don’t kill anything cus you harvested early, you will get popped when you don’t have your piranhas, horrify or spirit walk. even if this means kiting and waiting to use abilities and slowly spreading dots. the goal is to dot mobs up, start grouping them, and then you start this voodoo groove – spirit walk in, piranha, horrify, harvest – killing a ton of shit will immediately give you all those cool downs back. you will only need 2-3 casts of spirit walk and soul harvest to survive/kill HUGE rooms of monsters. dots, control, kill, reset cool downs. repeat, profit. It is very very fun to watch all your cd’s get reset as well as infinite spirit walk and a bunch of 1.5 billion hits with soul harvest one after another.
  • mass confusion with paranoia rune helps with those big nukes even more. use as often as possible, the cool down will get reset relatively fast with grave injustice and also all that fat CDR. Also, the spell is a great CC. Confused mobs run around not attacking you, and ones that are so confused will literally fight for you and I have seen big elite mobs turn and start SMACKING his/her buddies which also helps with grave injustice. We will also be using horrify as a cc, its great to be able to spam it while you’re surrounded by monsters. The armor from the rune really helps with spike/nuke dmg, as armor helps you resist all types of dmg.
  • we like the heal rune from soul harvest cus you will be harvesting a ton of mobs, keeping you topped off. There will be times when you need like 1 second for another spirit walk or harvest. thats what horrify is there for, also use pirahnas like a pro. the whirlpool sucks mobs in, stuns them, knocks them. can save your life! I have sat in the middle of my piranha whirlpool with like 0 health, no spirit vessel, but i was able to kill the 2 seconds i needed for more spirit walk and harvest.


Helm – Quetzalcoatl. Doubles dot power. Get vit, int, crit chance, socket. Vit not as important. CDR gem in dat sock

Shouldz- jade! Vit, int, CDR, haunt dmg. CDR most important. Locust swarm dmg is runner up to haunt dmg.

Gloves – jade. trifecta for us is CDR, crit hit dmg, crit hit chance.

Chest – jade!! vit, intel, haunt dmg, 3 sockets.

Belt – couple options – can’t go wrong with a good vigilante belt for CDR, but witching hour is great. I would go for vig belt because casting more spells is better. howj wrap is nice, but not needed. others are better.

Bracers – strongarms. poison dmg. crit chace. piranhas procs this, and we use piranhas a shitload.

Pants – jade. armor, vit, intel, 2 socks.

Boots – jj-j-j—j–jjjade. intel, vit, armor, move speed or all resist (so you can reallocate paragon)

Rings – haha. Hate how this game has turned in to virtually no ring choices; but so be it! unity with some cdr and a socket, and a ring of royal with cdr and socket as well.

Ammy – any trifecta. our trifecta is poison dmg, crit chance and crit dmg. very hard to find. the OG trifecta of intel, crit chance, and crit dmg is good; but honestly, I have found poison dmg over the crit hit dmg to be better if you have a good crit to crit dmg ration from paragon and other gear. The absorb ele ammys are great, hellfire ammy is THE BEST, just so hard to get a good one.

Wep – DAT WORMWOOD. comes with poison dmg. you will want intel, socket, and cool down reduction on this pup. so happy they added this cus its a great competitor with furnace. furnace still pulls ahead, only if you have an ancient perfect rolled one and also, it requires you to use locust swarm over mass confuse, makes spreading dots annoying, and slow. Can’t hate on the furnace; thing literally melts elites. blizzard wants us to use it, but are slowly rolling out solid side grade options. if you happen to witness me pulling an ancient one on stream, it will most likely be the most glorious thing one can witness.

Legend Gems – bane of the trapped (haunt has an inherent small slow and piranha casts are frequent) bane of the powerful (helps destroy the rift, and elites) final gem will be poison gem, for the 10% bonus as well as the nice dot that scales with our poison ele dmg.

Paragon real quick. Intel always, unless you need move speed. CDR, then crit hit dmg, then crit chance. armor to max first, then go for life % or AR, whichever you need more of. Final tab I like area dmg and resource cost reduction maxed first. life per hit prods off horrify but we stay in spirit walk so much and heal with harvest rune anyway not a great stat.

Followers – enchantress is great for this spec. I have a seriously geared one with the blinding sword and the cc is great. templar is great too, the heals are great, and he’s a decent tank. you can deck these guys out in cool gear to help cc.. azure wrath on templar, or thunder fury, definitely slap an ess of johan ammy on either of these guys, helps group mobs tremendously. they need a unity too CUS WHO DOESNT NEED A UNITY EVEN NPCS NEED UNITY. scoundrel continues to sit in town completely useless, he’s still my boy though having met him first in the adventure. can’t forget your boys


That is about all I have got for the jade doc. there is plenty of theory crafting that can be done with the spec and its complexity is why I enjoy it so much! again, rift guards totally suck with this spec. save a group of mobs near a local pylon to summon the boss near it if you can, i know this situation is rare. don’t harvest early. spread haunts.. don’t forget to spread haunts. wait until spirit walk is about to end before casting the harvest that would kill enough to reset spirit walk. sometimes harvesting early will get you killed cus you needed spirit walk again or even the heals from the rune. it is real important to group huge huge huge groups of mobs together, cus some of them will be tougher than others and won’t die to your first harvest but you NEED TO KILL STUFF TO RESET CD’S!! another pro tip.. If you have just a yellow elite left or a couple big mobs that would need more than 1 harvest to kill, just kite them to the next big group with dots. DO NOT get hung up on finishing 1 mob. YOU NEED big groups. I really don’t even think there is an optimal number of CDR to have. I have 49% and still WANT MOREEE. my ring and vig belt both at 5% cdr rolls so… Im working on it. thanks for reading, hope you guys enjoyed, I will be trying to put together more stuff for the community if this is well received. good luck, and have fun all! :)

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