Checkmate Officer Building Guide

Checkmate Officer Building Guide by sodomizer

Just a small guide on my observations thus far. This info may or may not help you in regards to building your officer and the data may change coming out of cbt.

Valor- while its nice to hit hard this skill isnt as useful as people think. The extra damage can be compensated with other stats, least important of the skills unless your arty.

Command- the most important of the stats in the game this allows for turn speed. as well as small attack and defense bonus. Its nice to go 1st and knock off that chunk of troops quick.

Tactics- This is your defensive skills, it is handy but all the defense in the world wont help if everyone goes before you do. In conjunction with Leadership it can be a pain to kill.

Leadership- This is the skill that boost troop counts. It is the 2nd most important skill in the game. After Command this skill makes you more valuable on the BF.

Aside from normal growth you are given 1 point per Officer level to distribute. You gain these when you upgrade your hero.

After he leveled, notice the normal change in stats and the ability points to distribute. To distribute them simple click next to the stat you wish and then click the add button.

Next I will explain the hero gear. Each piece of gear has different stats. The growth of the stats on the gear is determine by the quality and level required. Gear can be obtained through missions, boxes, the provision tab in the crafting section.

white= normal trash
green= 2 stat item
blue= 3 stat
purple= 4 stat

Now onto improving gear, to improve the gear you must go to the Provisions tab on the main screen There will be a fortify tab. The 1st 5 levels of improving gear only cost you merit. After level 5 however it costs fortifying stones. Which if you fail you lose as well. There is a luck stone also which improves your chances to succeed available in the emporium.

This covers all the basics with building your officer, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to shoot me a pm or leave a reply. I will add to this guide as info becomes available.

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