Super MNC Annihilator Tips for Solo Guide

Super MNC Annihilator Tips for Solo Guide by frosty40


I am going to throw out a couple ways to secure the annhi on your lonesome. If the enemy decides you are too important to ignore, this will prolong the deaths of many noob teammates. As a single player, moving to the jungle early, and cutting off the entrances, is by far the best thing you can do for your team.

Support –
is the best solo annhi fighter. – Airstrike, overclock, Airstrike destroys entire teams. As a support, place turret in coverage of annhi position. Do not stand by your turret and die trying to keep it alive. Place, and protect from a distance with airstrikes if you need. Most importantly, wait until you see the enemy activate the button, the second you see this, Airstrike. Overclock then airstrike again when another enemy steps up. HIDE YOUR AIRSTRIKES! do your best to place the airstrike on ceilings (bullet gorge), or walls (locomoco, spunky). This should allow you to weaken more than one enemy, if not finish them. The support does not have to expose himself much to accomplish and secure the annhi.

Vet –
Mr risky frisky must maintian good position dominate the annhi. If you do not control the jungle, risking your life for a “kill pull” is probably necessary. On spunky, attack from the spawn corner highside, roll into your spot of choice and pull the button location. If you cant risk moving towards center for a gapspot ringout, pull towards the edge, and skid row throw. Always try to pull them into the adjoining holes or to the edge. If you dont grab the guy who is pushing annhi, you will get a ring out kill then have to run. mission failed, but the push will be slower.
Locomoco and Bullet gorge are a bit easier in that you take the jungle early (solo usually works) and just stand in front of enemy jump pads swinging your stool and shout at your teammates to get behind you. As simple as this is, it works most the time. If you do not maintain jungle control, try to flank, and pull when the enemy activates. Dont try to kill, just pull and run like hell. Then try and do it again. The enemy will usually try to chase and waste valuable time not pressing the annhi.

Cheston –
Chestons gotta get close to the pad to make any magic happen. By magic i mean banana. Target the guy who is doing the button, banana in the air before you land on annhi-pad/enemy position, groundpound right before you land so u dont get grappled, then throw a banana on the entrance to the enemy jump-pad. This will buy you enough time to get your teammates around (hopefully). Dont try this on bullet gorge. Just banana barrel roll spam and hope your scary enough =/ on BG, its better to get to jungle early, shoot enemy from holes in jump-pad, and then swing your shtick as they try to get up and land on bananas.

crook hook yourself to whoever is pushing button. It is posible to place your shoulder on a corner so crook hook stops enemy, but doesn’t pull you into them. Crook hook should stop annhi activation, shifty shuffle, spank your way to freedom, or just roll out as fast you can with the hopes of repeating the operation. Do not get caught up in a grapple. Don’t forget to tofu bacon as you enter/escape.

Gunner – – by homerndrby1

Gunner also has a very effective way to cancel as well: Slam. The AoE from Slam is quite large, slows everyone hit, and deals nice damage. Just hover into position, SLAM, and get back. REALLY EFFECTIVE in Spunky where ring outs can be easily won! Also, can someone confirm if the recently buffed Rocket now cancels Annihilators with knock-back?

Tank – by Ducky
On the Anni, there are different methods for different maps. On Loco, if there’s only one person up top (EXCLUDING SUPPORT), you just need to charge and make sure you don’t land on the platform. This allows you to be a nuisance without getting grapple ganked by the rest of the team that are probably coming up. When there’s more than one person, you need to cause chaos. Charge and death blossom, cause confusion with the product grenade, and grapple people for the icing on the cake. If there’s a support, you product grenade his turret and charge off, even if he’s low hp. You DO NOT want to get grappled.

On Bullet Gorge, you really need a support or Inspire if you can secure railgun kills. Basically, same as second method for Loco Moco: cause chaos. Charge, Death blossom, product grenade, keep them from using it. If there are more than two people, be conservative. You will need your whole team to take out 3+ enemies.

On Spunky, there aren’t a whole lot of options apart from setting up early. Otherwise, the only other thing you can do is spam product grenade from above and suicide to save the anni.

E- Charge, Shift- Product Grenade, Q- Shield, Right mouse with Jetgun- Death Blossom

Megabeth is great at Anni Denial! Dem Rockets. – by cuttershy

Beth’s ability at Anni denial is really indirectly proportional to how high up it is.

In Loco Moco, all she has at proper Anni Denial is her Whirling Derbish. It’s Semi Useful as it pushes multiple enemies off the platform and does stupidly good DPS when overleveled, but you won’t be able to secure it solo. If the enemy is alone you can always pound thier face in with rockets before you throw them off the Anni.

In Bullet gorge, she can use her rocket jumps for a surprise attack. They’re high enough that she can fire over the walls blocking the annihilator, and instantly be back in cover. Her Disku can cause some good damage here, rebounding off multiple targets and knocking back whoever is activating the annihilator. A juiced Megabeth is even better. Just firing rockets into the pile of enemies is extremely effective at pushing them back. Whirling Derbish is a last resort to use here.

She denies best at Spunky. With a direct LOS to the Annihilator from above (where she fights best), she can simply screw over the enemy team, raining down rockets from above and killing anyone stupid enough to try to take it while she’s still up there. Her Disku is amazing in Spunky’s jungle. A good Beth will aim it at the collumns so that it ricochets off and can form a temporary wall around one side of the annihilator, or she can toss one in there and watch it frag people with it’s bouncing. Whirling Derbish again, is a last resort at Anni denial, but it’s far more effective here than in Bullet Gorge. When using WD, try to push the enemies into the pit for an instant kill instead of attempting to kill them with its DPS. Also, the whole time you’re denying them the anni, you can also blow up their level 2 turret on the other side easy peasy.

Sniper – by kelleroid
can just shoot the activator and freeze enemies that are approaching. Especially good on Loco, where he can shoot the activator from his right level 3 turrets and deny the only way for most classes to access the pad by traps.

Gunslinger can save trigger happy for healthy activators, popping their head with many headshots.

How to win as sniper forever:
2 Level 4 ice traps in close proximity.
Throw another one on enemy escape path when he/she triggers one.
Scope in and click head.
Reload and do it again.

Works on any pro that decides to come close.
Exceptions may include Tanks, Veterans, Chestons and Assaults.

How to win as gunslinger forever:
Knee cap level 4. (preferably with Bacon)
Trigger happy of any level.
Hold lmb with cursor on enemy defender head.
Reload and do it again on the leftovers.

Any experienced players please add pro tips as to how different characters stop the enemy from winning =p I know this is simple and when u master your character these things will come natural. This is for the new guys. If anybody has recorded themselves doing these activites please quote/post video. I will be saving replays in light of this for an easier way to digest info.

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