Rise of Immortals Kyrie Guide

Rise of Immortals Kyrie Guide by xpress88

The latest patch nerfed Kyrie, relatively similar to how she was before shurikens got buffed. Shurikens do less damage, but you have to remember that armor penetration wasn’t intergrated into shurikens back then, so the damage is relatively the same. The real nerf was on her sig, which I can live with. Looks like all that time and effort I spent trying to convince Petroglyph not to overdo the nerf worked.

First, why should you take my advice?
– Sienna; Rank 1; Last tournament champ; bam.

Now before I start, I want to say that the way I play Kyrie isn’t meant to be easy. It takes skill to be able to utilize my build. Sure you may think you’re good because you can pubstomp, but if you try playing against premades, you will see a huge difference on how difficult it is to do well. If you fall behind in levels and gear, it’ll be very hard to get back into the game. So if you’re looking for something easy, this isn’t the place for you.

I will now go over each of Kyrie’s abilities and how they should be used and the corresponding importance of each ability.

“Q” ABILITY (LACERATE) – This is the ability you want to level AFTER shurikens and your “R” ability. You won’t find yourself using this ability that much until much later in middle and late game. This is mainly because during early game, you’re really squishy without any defense items, so you won’t be finding yourself staying right up in the enemy’s face spamming this ability. If anything you’re using this ability because everything else is on cooldown and you need to slow down the enemy until you can hit them with your shurikens again if they’re not already dead. Almost every time, you’ll probably get to use this ability only once on the enemy before they die or you die. This ability sees the most use in late game where your shurikens lose their effectiveness against high health and high armor immortals and you have to auto-attack them to death.

“W” ABILITY (SHURIKENS) – This is the ability you want to level as a priority besides your “R” ability. It does the most damage out of all the abilities on the same tier, but its also one of the hardest to hit with. Despite its short cooldown, have patience when you use your shurikens. If you have a teammate nearby with a ranged stun or snare, you can hit the target more easily once they become stunned or snared.

“E” ABILITY (RUSH) – Get this ability at level 2, and don’t level it any further until you’ve leveled everything else. Leveling this ability only reduces its cooldown and chances are you will only have to (or get to) use this ability once to get to your target or run away. The reduced cooldown does help, but the increased damage of all your other abilities takes precedence. The reason why I chose to get this ability at level 3 instead of lacerate is because, like I said earlier you’re rarely going to find yourself in a situation where you get to use lacerate. You will find yourself in plenty of situations where this ability will come in handy. This is really the only defensive ability you got.

“R” ABILITY (MEDITATED ASSAULT) – The strongest of your abilities. The more you level this ability, the longer the stun and the more damage it does. If you have the right item build, you can kill almost any non-tank immortal by the time the ability’s duration finishes. Use caution when you use this ability because you’re also extremely vulnerable when you use this ability. Who you choose to target with this ability is extremely important.

“D” ABILITY (DEMENTIA GAS BOMB) – This ability is great for group fights, and I usually try to catch two or more people with it. This ability has the potential to wipe out the entire enemy group if used at the right times. A good way to use this ability is to rush in on a target, preferably a big threat like a farmed Balak and pop it right on top of them. I’d advise not using this ability when you’re by yourself. This ability reaches its full potential when its used in combination with other immortal abilities such as Netheurgist’s sig or Vezin’s vortex.

So how you level your skills should look like this: W-E-W-Q-W-R-W-Q-W-Q-R-Q-Q-E-E-D-R-E-E.


Now the standard item build I have for Kyrie is:

Bear Skin Boots
Serrated Edge
Blade of Randarz
Assassin’s Dirk
Ring of Shielding
Giant’s Belt

This build gives a good balance of damage and survivability and complements her abilities. First, you pretty much got every item that gives +damage except the boots and the Tome of Power. With these fully upgraded, I have 251 damage. You also get a lot of armor penetration, crit, and attack speed as a bonus result from talents. You also get a fair boost to health, armor, and MR. Now some of you may argue that I’ve completely ignored cooldown reduction and that damage boost items aren’t that significant to Kyrie. Now its true that Kyrie doesn’t use her auto-attack as much as Balak, Talia, or Nyssus, but it doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

For example, say your in a group fight at late game and you were able to catch the enemy team’s only carry with your “R” ability. If you followed my item build, that carry will most likely have died to your ult. As an anti-carry you were able to immediately turn the group fight from a 5v5 to a 5v4. From then on the opposing team is forced to play defensive without their main damage dealer and are all running away or trying to fight a disadvantageous battle. With the amount of defense stats you have coupled with your lifesteal, your auto-attack will allow you to kill them faster than they can kill you, as they’ll most likely only have healers, tanks, and support immortals left. Not to mention that a lot of my killing blows come from the one auto-attack that subsuquently follows after I rush to a target. I can void up to 46 armor and have about 60% crit. And when you can crit someone for more than 500 damage on more than half your hits, it trumps whatever cooldown reduction build you had planned spamming your lacerate for only 160 damage. Not to mention the increased damage from this build also increases your attack speed by at least 25%.

Kyrie is designed to kill things in huge bursts, and this item build allows her to do just that and at the same time give her a fair chance to stay alive.

HOWEVER, I don’t use this standard build all the time. In fact I use it only about half the time. Its important when you play Kyrie that you are versatile and adapt to the current situation. For example, in one particular game there was a Tzai who was built completely on damage. His flying kick alone did 500 damage and in the first half of the match I would always die in his stun. So I changed my item build around and built Kyrie on more defense. I sacrificed one damage item for a Shining Breastplate and upgraded all my tank items first and voila! Tzai could no longer kill me after using all his abilities. In fact after he was done, I just smacked him til he died and pushed mid lane all the way into their base with just me and an Aislynn.

Anyways pay attention to the team composition of the enemy and the items that they buy. You have to adapt.

In regards to how you should prioritize which items to upgrade, that also depends on the current situation of the match. If you find yourself ahead by several levels and gold, you should upgrade your damage to increase the effectiveness of your ult. If you find yourself falling behind on gold, upgrade items which will help you farm better, such as Blade of Randarz. If the team is full of high damage, but low armor immortals, build up your defense stats first. But two things I always upgrade first are the Bear Skin Boots and the Assassins Dirk. You only need one upgrade on each of these two items because they’re worth the gold cost, but any more upgrades than that is wasted. You get 200 bonus health for upgrading the first tier of Bear Skin Boots for 865 gold. You only get 100 more for 900. Not really worth it at the beginning. With the Assassin’s Dirk, for 830 gold you get a ministun and a bit more damage and armor penetration. The ministun alone is worth it because its capable of interrupting powerful channeling spells such as Tatiana’s “R” ability, and it helps slow targets down when you’re chasing them. Once you’ve upgraded everything else, you can finish upgrading these two items.

You may have noticed that my item build lacks any mana regen, which leads me to the next part: talents and artifacts.


As a Kyrie you don’t stack one particular stat. I found that out of all the immortals, she was the hardest to find a right build for. You need the right balance of offensive and defensive stats so that you could dish out lots of damage and survive through fights. Another thing in particular is that Kyrie needs some mana regen, but doesn’t need so much that shes giving up an item slot for it.

All you need is one point in the Spirit Vamp Boost talent slot and 4 Gilded Blessed Talisman in artifacts, and that will supply you with enough mana for the entire match, assuming you don’t spam your abilities needlessly. You could slightly adjust the points and artifacts to whatever you find most befitting to you. As far as artifacts go, I get:

4 Gilded Blessed Talisman (1.2 Mana Regen)
1 Gilded Ivory Talisman (1 Magic Resist)
5 Ancestral Totem of the Hawk (3.75 Armor Penetration)
3 Grand Seal of Dexterity (4.5% Movement Speed)
2 Primal Life Symbol (3 Armor and Magic Resist)
1 Relic of Reliz (3 Weapon Damage, 1.2 Armor Pen, 1% Life Steal)

For talents, your Champion tree should look like this:

2 0 0 0 0
2 2 2 4 2 1
2 1 2 2 2 2

Your Offense tree should look like this:

2 4 1 3 2
2 2 3 0 2 1
0 0 1 1 0

The end result, you start with 8.95 Armor Penetration, 19.5% crit chance, 7% bonus crit damage, 75 damage, 3% life steal, 6 armor and 6 magic resist, and other things that I’ve already mentioned.


Here I’m going to cover how the game and the community has changed and adapted, and how we, Kyries, should adapt in response.

When the shuriken buff to Kyrie came, there were a lot more people playing Kyrie. Shurikens were being spammed and as a result the general community has gotten better at dodging them (because you guys gave them so much practice!). Also I’ve had many people that don’t play Kyrie, read my guide, in order to better fight me. So I’ve had to create a few tricks to replace the old ones. Now I can’t tell you what they are, but I will tell you one thing: be unpredictable. Back when shurikens were on a five second cooldown, it was so easy to dodge them because almost every Kyrie spammed shurikens as soon as it came off cooldown. I literally just counted to five and moved a few inches to the side and dodged them everytime. Its the shurikens that come every once in a while that catch you by surprise and sometimes lead to your death.

Another thing I want to note, as I mentioned before, is that there is a difference between playing Kyrie in a random pub and playing in a premade battle, such as the ones in the last tournament. I can tell you now that playing against a coordinated group is much more harder. In a good game, you will rarely find an opportunity to use your ult. This is why teamwork is important and you must work together to create an opportunity. Let your tanks do the tanking, let your supports do the supporting. Be patient and wait for the right time to jump in on a fight.

Now for the guide below on how you should deal with each immortal, with the rise of many premades and teams, I feel it is a bit unnecessary. So for now I am not going to update it. So read ahead, but be aware that it is slightly outdated.

I will go over how you should deal with each individual immortal (assuming decent people are playing them) along with a score that determines the priority on who you should kill first (1 being “kill only if shes by herself” and 5 being “kill him ASAP!”):

AISLYNN (2) – A good Aislynn will pretty much make it near impossible to get a kill in your lane. They also carry lots of armor and will probably take lots of lacerates to kill. Time your attacks after she uses her heal because that will be when shes most vulnerable. I’d avoid using your ult on someone when Aislynn is nearby with her “rebirth” ability ready.

BALAK (5) – This is someone you want to be in the same lane against. Balak is one of the squishiest immortals. If he drops his guard for even a second you could kill him with just your shurikens. Using your “R” ability on Balak is pretty much a guaranteed kill. As an anti-carry it is your job to make sure that Balak dies a lot before he gets farmed and becomes difficult to deal with. In the case that Balak gets farmed, save your “R” ability for him, otherwise he will kill you and your group in seconds. Avoid approaching him head on, and make sure he doesn’t interrupt your shurikens with his stun. You wan’t to be in melee range of him before he gets the first shot on you.

ICHORR (3) – Be careful of his roots. They tick for a lot of damage even when you use rush. Some Ichorrs have lot of armor and some don’t. If they do have lot of armor, save your mana for someone else. If they don’t feel free to use shurikens on him, but try to use it in conjunction with another ally’s ability. You don’t want to give him the chance to heal. Ichorr isn’t really an ideal target to use your “R” ability on mainly because his abilities aren’t significant enough to interrupt. If possible save your cooldown and just chase him down if you can with your other abilities.

KYRIE (?) – I’m keeping this part secret because I don’t want to give away my advantage over other Kyries. Call me selfish but you guys are lucky that I’m writing this guide in the first place.

LAZARUS (1) – Against a good Lazarus you can’t do much. If you ever played against Huzbug, you’ll learn to avoid him in any lane hes at. Even if you hit him with all your shurikens consistently, he will just self-heal all that damage instantly. Theres nothing you can really do against him early and mid game. Good news is that Lazarus is near useless late-game and you can just ignore him. He has minimal damage and no way of disabling you while you kill off the rest of his group. And of course there are some pretty bad Lazarus out there and no matter what immortal they play, a feeding newb is a feeding newb. Also be careful when you use your “R” ability on Lazarus. You don’t want to do it when he has his invulnerability up.

NETHEURGIST (4) – Lately a lot of Neths have been building tanky. They aren’t so easy to kill. Be careful when you rush in on Neth. Once you do you’re likely to put yourself in a vulnerable spot as he can keep you snared for a very long time. Just be sure to dodge his spears and he should never really be able to initiate an attack on you.

NYSUSS (5)- One of my favorites to lane against.Just like Balak, you want to kill Nysuss as much as you can before she gets farmed. She’s also just as squishy and though she lacks a stun like Balak, she has a shield. Still your “R” ability alone can kill her. And her damage capability early game is not that great, you can probably just lacerate and shuriken her to death early and mid game. And just like any carry, use your “R” ability on her first if shes farmed.

PSYCHOZEN (3) – Most Psychozens carry lot of armor and will continuously harass you by spamming their snare and silence on you. Keep your distance from them when laning against them. Try to get some armor early if you’re laning against them. I’d avoid using your ult on Psychozen when he’s past level 6 unless you’re sure he will die within the stun. Otherwise he will just use his ult and go invisible and run away.

PYCON (3) – Most 50 Pycons start with a lot of armor. Not the ideal person to lane against but hes not so bad either. Like your shurikens his axe is a skillshot but still easier since his axe goes through creeps. Dodge his axes and try to whittle him down with shurikens before you rush in for the kill. Otherwise he will stun you and either kill you or send you back to base to heal. Avoid using your ult on anyone thats near him, as he will just stun you during your ult and probably kill you. Also if hes past level 6 and you’re below half health, I’d recommend healing or going somewhere else because he will charge right into you with his ult and stun you to death. Although he will be troublesome early game, late game he will be easier to deal with once you have plenty of armor.

SCORPIX (1) – This is the hard counter to Kyrie early game to mid game. You can’t hit him with shurikens because hes got all those mini scorpions surrounding him and once you’re caught in his snare, its almost impossible to escape if you don’t have something to rush to. If possible I’d switch lanes immediately if you’re up against him. He’s just going to make sure that you don’t get to farm and take away any advantage you have early game. Once you’re geared up though, Scorpix isn’t much of a problem as his damage isn’t enough to penetrate your armor. You can also negate much of his armor and kill him by yourself if nobody interferes.

TALIA (5) – If you find Talia laning against you, you’re probably fine. If she jungles from the start, be scared, be very scared. She will outlevel everyone and come for you as soon as she hits level 6. I’ve seen Talias crit for 600 at level 9. Its a good idea to stay near tower when you feel she might be level 6 or higher. I’d also be careful with your shurikens. Lot of Talia’s wait for you to put it on cooldown and ambush you then. Use your “R” ability on her before she catches you in range of her pull. It’ll interrupt your cast and you will probably die before you can get the cast off again. Avoid fighting toe-to-toe with her unless you severely outlevel and outgear her. If your “R” ability is on cooldown, its best to just kite her around and kill her with shurikens. Also you can rush out of her immobilize so use that when you can. From early game to late game, always use your “R” ability on her primarily.

TATIANA (4)- I’d probably rank her as 5 instead of 4, if carries didn’t two shot you to death. Her stun and ult are deadly, and she needs to be locked down with your “R” ability. Before you go in to use your “R” ability on a carry, wait for Tatiana to use her stun on someone else so she can’t interrupt your ult. If her team has no carries or the carry is undergeared, consider her the primary target. Laning against her can be tough and you have to be wary of the range between you two. Keep your distance and use shurikens to drive her away or kill her in lane. Also its a good idea to stay a bit further away from your group when you travel together. When Tatiana uses her sig and ult, you don’t want to be caught in it. You can also turn the tides by stunning her with Assassin’s Dirk’s ministun by rushing in, or using her ult to interrupt her ult. She’s usually very fragile and will die within your “R” ability, but lately lot of Tatianas have been stacking armor. If thats the case then get some magic resist because she’s probably giving up a lot of magic resist penetration for armor.

TZAI (4) – Nearly every Tzai does the same thing. They flying kick in, use their stun, hit you once or twice, then do their laser eyes thing. Then they run away. Make no mistake, Tzais will be targetting you so I’d grab some armor quick. They can get out of your ult, which makes them a bit harder to kill. Nonetheless your shurikens hit him hard so if he gets careless for even a second, you can kill him. Ring of Shielding is perfect against this guy. Don’t be afraid of his sig when he uses it. He’s still just as easy to kill.

TROVOC (2) – The only good news is that you can easily hit him with your shurikens when he comes out to fire breath. Good Trovocs are hard to kill, but because of their low damage output, you can ignore them for the most part. Be careful when you chase Trovoc down though. His ult can easily trap you in a bad situation you can’t get out of. Not to mention he has three ways of interrupting your “R” ability. When you lane with him you can kill him with your shurikens, but its not going to be easy.

VEZIN (3.5) – Almost all Vezins are built tanky so you’re most likely not going to be able to bring him down before he gets his cycle of AOE control off. When laning against him, watch out for brushes where he may hide and catch you in his vortex and inflict lots of pain on you. You’re going to need a lot of potions against him. If hes not near a tower and is about to use vortex on you, its a good idea to rush to him and smack him in his face. Lots of Vezins expect you to run away from them instead of toward them when they use their vortex. Watch out for his Arena of Death and keep in mind that if you rush or ult your way in from the outside of the Arena, you will get stunned. On the other hand you can rush out of the Arena, which is nice. Also using your “R” on Vezin is not a bad idea either, but if possible get one of your teammates to silence him instead. Vezin is also the best creep-killer in the game so don’t be surprised if you lose your first tower in the first couple minutes. Theres just nothing you can do about it yourself and just focus on farming while dodging his AOE.

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