Rise of Immortals Early Game DPS Math Guide

Rise of Immortals Early Game DPS Math Guide by Lim3s

Welcome to RoI Mathcrafting!

This series is a look into the maths behind RoI and how it can affect your gameplay. This specific guide will be looking at the early-game DPS gained through damage items obtained early on.

This list is an up-to-date look at some of the early game damage choices available in Rise of Immortals. Because this is pure mathcrafting there are a few things to note when considering this information:

• Early game item choices depict how quickly you can obtain later upgrades, which may lend themselves to late-game better than others. A good example of this is Blade of Randarz, which falls behind in damage on most of these tables, but is a much better late game choice than Serrated Edge, for example.
• I have only taken the following items into account as this only takes raw physical damage into account (New items will be added if the need arises):
o Serrated Edge
o Blade of Randarz
o Assassin’s Dirk
o Quickblade
• I decided against adding Tome of Power as it’s very situational and would break the tables due to its ridiculous cost-per-point efficiency.
• I have set a maximum gold limit of 2,000 gold. Anything above that and combinations become extremely varied (looking around 50 odd combinations below 3,000 alone). I may raise the gold cap in the future, but the higher it is, the longer and more cluttered the list becomes (and the more irrelevant the information becomes as you get closer to final, full build damage). This is also the reason the tables only go up to 20 armor, as early on you won’t be seeing many values higher than this.
• Outside variables are not taken into account, and critical hits are only taken as an average amount of damage they would do over a period of time.
• Stats like lifesteal are ignored in this data, but are a considerable part of an AD carry’s build.
• This guide should not be taken on its own. You shouldn’t even consider this guide until you have a more than decent amount of knowledge of the RoI meta and how carries are actually played or built.
• I am currently using some fairly unrealistic starting values for base attack damage and attack speed. I will update these with some true values later on. This may affect some of the values in the future (at least for attack speed).
• If some of the info here is incorrect, please tell me and I’ll update it.

With that out of the way, we can continue. I have split this information into a few sections:

• Damage done per attack to targets with various armor values.
• Damage done over 10 seconds to targets with various armor values.
• Damage done over 10 seconds including critical hits against targets with various armor values.

This will allow you to see the damage progression and how each element of combat affects the total damage output of a particular situation.

Items will be listed in order of their total cost. Damage values that are listed in red are lower than values of lesser cost value. Damage values in blue are the same as red ones, but build into items that end up being better along the line. Bold damage values deliver the most damage for their price. If this were to lead all the way to full-build everything would be listed as yellow, hence the 2,000 gold cap (Note: I am aware that Blade of Randarz(+) and Serrated Edge go over the gold limit slightly, you’ll see why).

Without further adieu, here are the lists:
(+) – Upgraded (Number of +’s shows number of upgrades)

Damage per hit

Posted Image

Damage over 10 seconds

Posted Image

Damage over 10 seconds with crits

Posted Image

Numbers, numbers everywhere.

So, in case you didn’t understand any of that, let me break it down for you real quick. The first table looks at direct damage done to a single target in a single attack. This is your harassment and last hit damage as you most likely won’t be getting off more than one or two attacks before backing off behind creeps and you don’t want to be pushing your lane by autoattacking creep waves. What you can do in these attacks depends on your raw damage output and less on attack speed or crit chance. From the first table, at all armor values the Assassin’s Dirk(+) and Serrated Edge out-damage the other items while being the cheapest and staying below the 2,000 gold limit.

The second and third tables are very similar in they look at damage done over a period of time, so it takes into account your attack speed gained. The third table takes into account your crit chance, albeit in a very harsh manner (it adds the average damage your crits would do over a certain amount of time rather than per attack, so it includes “half attacks”. It’s less accurate but more scalable). From those tables, the Blade of Randarz(+) and Serrated Edge combo hold out very well, only beaten by Quickblade(+) and Serrated edge at higher armor levels.

That being said, make of this data what you will. The issue with current carry builds is there is no right or wrong items. Everything becomes useful in its upgraded form late game, but I hope this helps out in optimising some of the early game choices you make.

Look out for more guides like this in the future, thanks for reading!

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