Rise of Immortals Vezin Tank Guide

Rise of Immortals Vezin Tank Guide by Trylobyte

Vezin is a powerful AoE damage-dealing Immortal who is feared for his massive crowd controlling abilities and extremely disruptive late-game potential. Vezin is rarely useless because his abilities synergize well with almost everyone, meaning he can set up some epic combos with more than half the immortals in the game right now. He is one of the best pushers in the game as it stands right now and is a force to be reckoned with in either a solo or duo lane. As far as casters go, he does not need a large array of items to do the job he needs to do, which means he can be built in a variety of ways. The current metagame heavily favors tanky casters, however, and this means Vezin should be built to last.

Skills and Abilities:

Q: Deathly Presence
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Range: 185
Radius: 100/110/120/130/130
Casting Time: 0.5 seconds
Cost: 100/115/130/145/160 Mana
Cooldown: 18 Seconds
Damage: 80/135/190/250/320 Magical
Other: Slows 15% (+10% with masteries) for 3 seconds. Grants 2/4/6/8/10% Spirit Vamp to team if not on cooldown.

There are two components to this skill. One is the passive, which grants 2% per level Spirit Vamp to the entire team as long as it is not on cooldown. This is a nice boon but a pretty minor one – Never let it get in the way of using the actual skill. It essentially means that every autoattack made by you or your teammates will recover a little bit of mana. The active ability is a long-range medium-area nuke that deals light damage at the earliest levels but scales well into the midgame becoming quite powerful quite fast. It has a small Slow component to it that can be underestimated, but is not very effective without the associated Mastery.

W: Unholy Spore
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Range: 150
Radius: ~100 (Ally aura, estimated)
Casting Time: Instant
Cost: 80/100/120/140/160 Mana
Cooldown: 15 Seconds (12 seconds with masteries)
Damage: 22/34/46/58/70 Magical per second (Ally only)
Duration: 6 seconds
Other: Restores 8/12/16/20/24 mana/second on ally. Silences enemy for 2 seconds, drains 2% (all levels) enemy maximum mana per second for 6 seconds.

Another two-part spell. If cast on an ally, it grants them a small amount of mana regeneration while dealing damage to anything near them. If you have a mana-intensive melee like Kyrie or Lazarus, this can be a good thing to toss on them before they charge into battle. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage unless the enemy stands next to them for its full six-second duration, but every little bit helps and it can secure a kill that might otherwise have gotten away by dealing the last bit of damage. Its other component is if you cast it on an enemy, where it Silences the enemy for 2 seconds and drains a small percentage of their maximum mana per second for six seconds. This is best used for teamfights to shut down enemies who are especially deadly with their spells or keep very competent healers from doing their jobs. An important note – This skill does NOT generate as much mana as it costs, so you should not use it on yourself to try and recover mana.

E: Vortex
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Range: 175
Radius: 125
Casting Time: 0.5 seconds
Cost: 80/110/140/170/200 Mana
Cooldown: 25 Seconds (20 seconds with masteries)
Damage: 20/35/50/65/80 Magical per second
Duration: 3 seconds
Other: Stuns enemies while moving them to its center.

This spell pulls in everything around it, dealing damage over time as it does so. The damage is not significant initially but has decent scaling, which means that early on this spell is primarily used to pull enemy Immortals out of position or to set up Deathly Presence. It does acceptable damage on its own later on and can be used to weaken or kill creep waves. Remember that this spell has a short casting range and a delay between the cast and the activation, which makes it difficult to land on a target actively trying to escape, but its large radius gives you some breathing room and makes snagging unsuspecting victims pretty easy. This makes it better used to pull a more stationary Immortal away from their friends or to round up a large, scattered group of creeps and enemies. Of particular interest is that this spell will pull in projectiles both friendly and enemy, including Kylie’s shurikens and Netheurgist’s spears. This can be used, with enough foresight, to ruin Netheurgist’s spear teleport or to steer Kyrie’s shurikens away from a friendly Immortal or into an enemy one.

W: Arena of Death

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Range: Self
Radius: 350
Casting Time: ‘Instant’ (0.5 seconds in practice)
Cost: 250/300/350 Mana
Cooldown: 120 Seconds
Damage: 350/500/650 Magical
Duration: 5 seconds
Other: Stuns enemies 2 seconds (3 seconds with masteries). Only enemies who run through it are affected.

Arena of Death creates a large green ring centered on Vezin. Any enemy passing through this ring is both damaged instantly and Stunned for two seconds. Note that this only happens once – An Immortal who has run through the barrier once and taken damage can run through it again with no ill effects, and some Immortals can jump or dash through it without taking damage. While hard to position, this is a great spell to use if there is a large fight going on around you and your team is winning it, as it means enemies have to stay and take six seconds of beatings or run through the wall. Alternatively, it can be used to discourage pursuit if your team is losing a fight, since they cannot pass through the wall without being stunned. Sneaky Vezins can use it to cut off an enemy’s escape route in a lane by dropping it behind them, pinning them between you and your teammates. Note that Arena of Death has a substantial casting channel time that is interrupted by stuns and silences so it can be difficult to execute in the middle of a large brawl.

D: Realm of Death
(Picture unavailable)
Range: 350
Radius: 150
Casting Time: 1 second
Cost: 250 Mana
Cooldown: 300 Seconds
Damage: 150 Magical per half-second
Duration: 4 seconds
Other: Vezin is invulnerable and immune to disables for the duration, but is Silenced as well.

Realm of Death allows Vezin to teleport to a nearby location where he immediately becomes invulnerable while creating a massive vortex of death centered on his location. This deals 150 Magical damage per half-second to everything near Vezin for four seconds. It has a casting time during which it can be interrupted, but it’s no longer as obnoxiously long as it used to be, making it more combat-viable. However, it has an extremely long casting range letting Vezin jump a sizable way towards his enemies. Be extremely careful that you don’t waste it – It has a very long cooldown!

Shop at Home: Itemization

Now that we know what Vezin’s skills do, these are the core items that I recommend for a Tank Vezin, and why. Feel free to swap these out depending on your playstyle, but this is the default ‘Tank Caster’ build and it works as well for Vezin as it does for Netheurgist. That’s why it looks like I copy-pasted the items and descriptions from that guide into this one – I did.

Windrunner Boots: The last word in boots. Speed is more important than ever in the current meta, and, like Neth, Vezin does well with the cooldown reduction. All his abilities are on lengthy cooldowns that can be reduced by these boots and the additional speed lets him keep pace with people he might want to Vortex into an Arena instead of being slower than everyone else.

Lytle Locket: When upgraded, this can let you toss Deathly Presence for what feels like forever early on, meaning you should rarely have to leave lane. It’s especially good if you’ve decided to take mid lane, letting you outlast most enemies without having to chug potions like a drunken frat boy (and risk running out of them and needing to go back). It is, however, somewhat pricey and will set your other items back a bit. Sell it once it’s no longer needed to recover some of your expenses and free up an item slot.

Penman Reflector: This boosts your armor, your health regeneration, and at its final upgrade it gives you 400 extra health. The wait time is worth it, and it’s not even that long when you consider Vezin’s excellent farming and ganking ability. The damage reduction is also very useful at mitigating creep damage and pokes from caster immortals. With straight health being the most effective thing you can get at the moment, it’s a healthy investment.

Bloodstone Pendant: Pretty much the same thing as Penman, only it gives you more health and regeneration, less armor, and no poke mitigation. Get them both if you can afford it.

Orchid Stone: Gives you health and mana. You need both. The death timer reduction is a bonus, and a pretty good one at that.

Berek’s Scroll: Magic resist is becoming increasingly important, and this item gives you a good chunk of it while also boosting your health (Are you noticing a theme here?) and reducing the effectiveness of enemy leeching, which puts a hurt on an enemy Nysuss if you get close to her.

Mageslayer Gloves: Mana, mana regeneration, and magic defense penetration. This is probably going to be your late-game mana item of choice, as it should be for every spellcaster. It’s very expensive to upgrade, so only get the last two when you can afford it.

Ring of Shielding: Only worth considering if you’re facing a well-fed Nysuss, since the critical hit reduction will help you survive longer than an extra hundred hitpoints. What item you sell to get it depends on the rest of the match and who the threats are, but it’s worth noting here that this item is still useful.

Champion Masteries
Most champions get small bonuses from their Champion skill tree, but Vezin gets large and significant boosts from it that should not be ignored. Here are the most important ones to pick up, and why:

Vezin Energy Regeneration Boost: Severely reduced from its glory days, but still worthwhile to have – It’s 0.5 mana regeneration you didn’t have before, and the other option, attack range increase, is just terrible. A great pick for the new player, since Vezin goes through mana at quite a pace.

Vezin Armor Boost 1: 1.65 seems like such an odd number for 2 points, but every little bit counts. Given how useless the attack range increase is, go with this even if you’re not building tank.

Vezin Health Boost: 4 points, 80 health. If you’re tanking, more health is always more, and this eases Vezin’s early-game squishiness a bit by increasing his overall HP by almost 20%.

Upgrade Deathly Presence 1: These 2 points increase the Slow effect from Vezin’s Deathly Presence by 10% – It doesn’t seem like much but it’s enough to actually make the slow matter. A decent investment on its own, but a great one considering what it unlocks next.

Upgrade Deathly Presence 2: 2 points for 40 more damage on your Deathly Presence is vital considering how much its damage has been reduced early-on. This represents a 40% damage increase in your early damage with this spell. Get this now.

Upgrade Vortex 1: This is the biggest bang for your buck damage-wise, increasing your Vortex damage-over-time by 7.5 points per mastery point, up to 15. Having two points in this is essentially a free level on your Vortex, increasing its damage at level 1 by 75% and enabling the spell to do a surprising amount of damage early.

Vezin Magic Resistance Penetration Boost: Put two points in this. With the current meta the way it is, damage is more important than magic resist penetration, so you’ll want to take something else instead of maxing this out.

Vezin Armor Boost 2: For 2 points, you get 1.5 armor every 200 mana you have. Definitely worthwhile, since it means your mana items are also giving you armor and making you more durable. Even 1000 mana, which is far on the light side of endgame, means you’ll have 7.5 more armor you didn’t need to pay for. With the diminishing number and magnitude of Health items having a huge Armor value is usually vital, and I’ve already had games where I’ve had 18 Armor mid-game and 12 of it came from this mastery alone. This recently got buffed, making it all the more important.

Upgrade Arena of Death 1: Yes. Just, yes. An extra duration to the stun of Arena makes it that more intimidating and makes enemies even more afraid of running into it. I can’t see how a three-second stun could possibly be a bad thing – Get this.

Signature Ability: Realm of Death: Though it’s taken a hard nerf recently, you might as well still have it. It’s a good chunk of damage on carries and it makes you impossible to kill for a few vital seconds.

After this, I go with what I call the Standard Defense Build, which is as such:

Max Health Boost: 2 points for 6% more health. The more health you have, the less you die.

Max Mana Boost: 2 points, 6% more mana. The more mana you have, the less you need to go back and get more.

Mana Regeneration Boost: Mana regeneration is almost always more important than health regeneration, especially for a caster like Neth or Vezin. Four points for 0.8 mana regeneration is better than the same points for 1 health regeneration.

Armor Boost: More armor is more protection. Put two points into this initially, then a third after you get the combined boost.

Magic Resist Boost: Same as above. I’d prioritize this one over Armor Boost in the current meta.

Resistance Boost: Two points for 1.5 armor AND 1.5 Magic Resist. It’s a bargain. Why don’t you have it yet?

Midas Boost: More gold means faster builds means more durability. Even though Vezin is already a great farmer. It also unlocks Ironhide.

Ironhide Boost: One point, 4% global damage reduction. You’ve come this far, why not?

This should leave you with several remaining points to spend as you wish.

Archeology 101: Artifacts

As with the items, there’s a lot of overlap with Netheurgist here, and for good reason.

Talismans: Gilded Coral Talismans. You should be able to get enough armor and magic resist ingame to make health the better choice for talismans. Optionally, Gilded Ivory Talismans for more magic resistance, as that will be your lower resist with the items recommended above. These are a low priority in any case.

Totems: Ancestral Totems of the Leopard. With all 5, you’ll obtain a healthy 7.5% cooldown reduction. This adds up.

Seals: Grand Seals of Clarity. With all three, plus the totems from above, you’re up to 13.5%.

Symbols: Primal Symbols of Air. Combine two of these with the above, you’re at 18% cooldown reduction.

Relic: Relic of Ta’amuun. 21% cooldown reduction, which combined with Windrunner Boots will max you out at 40%. I recommend this particular relic because it gives you more mana as well as 5% Spirit Vamp, which can help with your mana issues early on.

Tactics and Strategy.

Posted Image
Do this, more or less.

So why would you ever want to build a spellcaster so incredibly tanky? Simple. You damage in a large area, you’re able to hit a whole team at once, and you have an exceptionally strong early and mid game which makes people overestimate how much of a threat you are later. What this means is you will have a lot of people gunning for you for most of the game. Having a lot of survivability will ensure that you are difficult for the enemy to kill and that, with a good team behind you, the enemy will suffer whenever you die. These are some tactics I’ve learned to maximize Vezin’s potential as an enemy magnet.

You and Your Creeps: Vezin is the Creep King, and this is undisputed. Nobody can control a creep wave better than Vezin, especially when he reaches level 3. Even with the smaller radius of his Deathly Presence, you can still one-shot most or all of a wave by waiting for them to bunch up when they start fighting something. Proper manipulation of creeps is what separates the good Vezins from the great ones – It is not uncommon for half the damage on enemy Immortals I kill early-game to be from creeps, and even mid and late-game they can pile on damage if not quickly avoided or attended to. Maximize the potential of this free source of damage. The most common way to do this is to use Vortex to round up both the enemy creep wave and the enemy immortals into your own creeps, then hit them with Deathly Presence – Enemy creeps go away, your creeps attack the immortals who are left behind. Patience is key with this maneuver to ensure a kill – Wait for the enemy to be banged up a bit, since your heavy damage spells will be on cooldown after doing this and you’ll need to finish the enemy Immortal with your autoattack and your creeps. Getting people to chase you at low health through friendly creeps then turning on them is also possible if you know your limits, especially late-game where people tend to overestimate how fast they can kill you and underestimate how much damage your creeps do. Arena of Death around an enemy Immortal and a mob of friendly creeps can maim squishier ones surprisingly well if they plow into the Arena wall, especially if they’ve just wasted all their cooldowns on you. If nothing else, your ability to obliterate creep waves means you should never have any problems pushing a lane except against another Vezin or a good Trovoc or Netheurgist. Simply sit back, blow up the creep wave when it arrives, and let your creeps do the rest. Help them if you feel it’s safe. Maybe get a drink while you wait for the next group of victims. The moral is, learn how creeps think, see how they prioritize targets, and use them as free damage in your combos. Nobody else can do this nearly as effectively.

Early Game Harassment: Vezin’s Deathly Presence (Q) no longer does the raw damage that it used to and requires a bit more finesse in its use. Many new Vezins make the mistake of always attempting to land Q on the enemy champion. Don’t fall into this habit, it’s not the best use for it. Early on, when your Q does minimal damage, land it on creep waves instead (though get the enemy champion in its area if possible) then kill the creeps off – This will leave the enemy champion having to fight you and your creeps, which do significantly more damage than your Q would have. It’s also a quick way to pick up level 2 in a solo lane, which gives you Vortex sooner than people expect it. Once your Deathly Presence reaches level 3 or 4, it can, with knowledge of its radius and creep behavior, still kill entire creep waves on its own without the need for Vortex and do significant damage to enemy Immortals who have been slacking on their magic resistances. If you startle an Immortal by killing their creep wave out from under them and your creeps start attacking them, use Vortex to grab them and pull them back into the damage. Remember you can no longer nuke targets by yourself until about level 7, so coordinate early ganks with your teammates.

Backdooring: Though not the best choice for backdooring due to his slow autoattack, Vezin is capable of doing some serious damage to a lane if left unchecked due to his superior creep control and general durability. His autoattack hits hard and his ability to take care of enemy creep waves all at once makes him a strong pusher and gives him some capability to backdoor – Pushing their turrets when their whole team is elsewhere trying to push against your own team. This is a lose-lose situation for the enemy team – They can either keep pushing your team, which gives you free reign to destroy their undefended lane (faster than they can push yours, usually, if your team is good) or they can send someone off to deal with you. With a watchful team, you can know when they send that person over to stop you so you can sneak over and join your team for a little 5v4. Be careful doing this, though, because if your team isn’t calling MIAs it’s a good way to get a surprise gank on your head. You also have to make sure your team is capable of holding out without you – Some teams rely very heavily on Vezin’s damage and control to sustain a lane presence against numbers and losing that can cost them.

Initiation: Vezin is an excellent initiator, something not a lot of people expect from an AoE crowd controller. Use this to your advantage. The classic combo, and the only one you really have until you get your Signature ability, is Vortex and Arena. This one’s simple enough – Use a Vortex to grab part of an enemy team and pop Arena before they can run back out of its area. Most people will plow right into it (As Lazarus did in the above picture) taking a lot of damage and stunning them – This is when your team cleans them up. In ambush situations, your Deathly Presence can be used to initiate if you have the Slow upgrade, since it will give your teammates time to dash in and get in top of them, especially if a Vortex becomes involved as well. As for Vezin’s signature, Realm of Death used to be Vezin’s most disruptive ability. It allows him to jump to a spot and create a huge whirling vortex of doom, dealing 600 damage over 4 seconds letting you cause general chaos. This makes the old tactic of Vezin Bombing – Initiating on an enemy team under their own turret with Realm – a lot more devastating and a lot less likely to result in your death. Remember that while you can move, you are Silenced. Unfortunately for this tactic, the enemy team is no longer Slowed as of the February update, which means enemies can run away from you a lot easier so this may no longer be worth it. An alternative to this is to use the Vortex-Arena rope-a-dope maneuver then Realm inside it, forcing an enemy team to eat a huge amount of damage regardless of what they do. An important note is that if you initiate with your Arena, you won’t have it for later in the teamfight – If you don’t have anyone else that can keep targets from escaping or if you have more than one strong initiator, try to save your Arena for when the enemy realizes they’re not going to win, then drop it to ensure they all die. In this situation, it’s more effective to wait than to initiate.

Ambushing: Vezin’s lane control and massive mid-game burst damage make him a superb ambusher, and this is a great means of accumulating kills if you haven’t unlocked Realm of Death. The ideal place to initiate is behind your opponent when they’re in lane – Have teammates come in and push them back towards you, where you can pin them with Vortex or drop Arena of Death to trap them between your team and your Arena. Use Deathly Presence to hit as many people as you can, or to finish someone who might escape. Silence anyone that’s particularly troublesome, especially supports who can help their teammates survive. If you can start a fight when there are creeps around, use them to your advantage – You can kill enemy creep waves faster than anyone in the game which means you can often use your creeps to rack up impressive damage totals on enemies, especially mid-game.

Itemization and Skill Paths:

This is the way I level up my skills and items, though it is not a hard and fast guide. It simply happens to suit my playstyle the best, making Vezin an excellent pusher who is capable of severely hindering an enemy team.

Skills By Level: Q, E, Q, W, Q, R, Q, E, Q, E, R, E, E, W, W, D*, R, W, W
*If available

Reasoning: By keeping Q maximized and E at a decent level, I can eradicate creep waves in a one-two punch of Vortex and Deathly Presence from level three to level twenty (and past level 5 I might not even need Vortex) making Vezin a brutally effective lane-pusher who cannot be left alone by the enemy. Keeping Q at its highest level also lets me do punishing damage in the mid-game, when Vezin is most powerful. Always upgrade R and take D the instant it becomes available. I used to delay taking W until later, but with the Deathly Presence scaling changes you can easily afford to take it at level 4 while still mauling creep waves. This gives you access to your Silence in time to start using it on people with especially nasty ultimates.

Note: This is not a hard and fast order at all, but is the usual order that I upgrade them in any given game. Use it as a suggestion, not as a mandate.

Windrunner Boots
Lytle Locket
Lytle Locket Upgrade
Windrunner Boots Upgrade 1
Bloodstone Pendant
Bloodstone Pendant Upgrade 1
Bloodstone Pendant Upgrade 2
Bloodstone Pendant Upgrade 3
Orchid Stone
Orchid Stone Upgrade 1
Orchid Stone Upgrade 2
Penman Reflector
Penman Reflector Upgrade 1
Penman Reflector Upgrade 2
Penman Reflector Upgrade 3
Berek’s Scroll
Berek’s Scroll Upgrade 1
Sell Lytle Locket
Mageslayer Gloves
Mageslayer Gloves Upgrade 1
Windrunner Boots Upgrade 2
Berek’s Scroll Upgrade 2
Berek’s Scroll Upgrade 3
Mageslayer Gloves Upgrade 2
Mageslayer Gloves Upgrade 3

Posted Image
You’re still not getting out of this one, Lazarus.

Notes on Lane Partners:

A few things I’ve picked up while laning with various people. Might not be 100% accurate, and I haven’t laned with a lot of folks. These are just things I’ve noticed.

Aislynn: My ideal laning partner. Even at level one, Deathly Presence and Light of the Moon is nearly instant death for creeps and will force any Immortal to chug a potion or fall back to their turret. Aislynn’s ability to keep Vezin healed and out of trouble negates the enemy’s primary tactic of poking him until he has to leave the lane and keeps him alive when he’s most vulnerable, early on. Spirit of the Wolf lets them both get to or away from an enemy turret rapidly or chase down a fleeing enemy with low health. Heart of the Mountain makes both of them difficult to deal significant damage to. Later on, Rebirth can be used to help Vezin survive a Vezin Bomb (detailed above) that he wouldn’t otherwise. In short, this is a laning pair to be feared.

Balak/Nysuss: With the combination of high ranged physical DPS and unmatched creep-clearing, towers have a hard time enduring these pairs for very long. If the enemy laning pair isn’t as savvy or competent as you, you can expect to get turrets down extremely quickly and without a lot of effort. Vezin’s Q can weaken groups of creeps allowing Nysuss or Balak to clean them up rapidly and accumulate a lot of easy farm early on.

Kyrie: Not a lot of synergy here, but you can quickly kill enemy Immortals that get too brave. Once at level six, you can often insta-kill an Immortal by having Kyrie use Meditated Assault on them then trapping them in an Arena of Death while they’re stunned, forcing them to fight both of you or run through the Arena and die (assuming you can’t just finish them with your Q). Kyrie’s Shurikens are very useful for killing people who escape you at low health.

Ichorr: The only thing worse than trying to fight Tank Vezin is trying to fight Tank Vezin when Ichorr is healing him. Ichorr’s heals can keep you in the fight a lot longer than enemies expect, and the combination of his entangling roots and your Vortex can force enemies into taking a ton of damage over time since Vortex increases the damage the Roots do as well as dealing damage itself. This pair doesn’t start nearly as strong as some, but it’s absolutely punishing later on when Vezin becomes very hard to damage in the first place – With Ichorr’s healing, he becomes nigh unstoppable.

General Tips and Tricks:

  • Tank Vezin is only really squishy at the start of the game when he doesn’t have any defensive items, especially if you don’t have his masteries. Don’t take risks until you’re more survivable.
  • Vezin’s auto-attack is slow but damaging for a spellcaster. Make use of it when all your spells are on cooldown – People underestimate how badly it can hurt, especially early.
  • Vortex disrupts channeled spells if it grabs the channeler, though this is hard to exploit deliberately due to its long delay and short range. There are some people especially weak to this however – Use it to snag Tatiana out of her Elemental Vortex, for instance.
  • Vortex is tough to use to pull pursuers away from you due to its short casting range. Unless you have a lot of practice doing it, just keep running – You might wind up pulling the enemy closer, and pausing to cast it means the enemy will have time to close distance.
  • Savvy Vezin players can use Vortex to pull people very close to, if not into, the walls of Arena of Death, forcing them to stand perfectly still or take a lot of damage. Be careful not to pull them out of it.
  • Watch what enemy Immortals are building and exploit weaknesses. Most people do not invest heavily in Defense Penetration, which can render you almost invincible late-game.
  • Map awareness and teamwork are still important. Just because it takes three people to kill you doesn’t mean you should be off by yourself doing something stupid, since you will usually run into those three people when you’re doing it.
  • Always be cautious when diving turrets, as they do massive damage even late-game.
  • Try not to use Arena of Death when chasing an enemy champion; you’re not likely to hit them with it unless you’re pretty close to them.
  • Arena isn’t just for initiating. It can also be used when escaping to block an entire lane, stopping pursuit by everyone except a very smart Kyrie or Tzai.
  • Don’t waste your Vortex! With its longer cooldown, you need to make it count.
  • Arena can knock Kyrie out of her Rush. It’s a great way to keep her from escaping.

I hope this guide has proven helpful and I hope to see you all ingame in the future.

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