Dark Legends Quick Gold Guide

Dark Legends Quick Gold Guide by mike1298

Hey all would like to share with you a nice map I have found for farming. It can net you a nice amount of kills, gold and loot if you are lucky each run.

I’d like to introduce you to House of Horrors! To get here go to Map –> Campaigns –> The Old Quarter –> House of Horror. It will be the map on the bottom right.

This map consists of 33 monsters and a boss. You will find 10 urns, 2 chests, 4 bodies, and 5 bookcases for you to smash open for gold/loot/ghosts. I’ve seen a few ghosts so far, which I believe came out of the chests and urns.

The map is fairly quick to run. I’d say about one minute or two. And 34 total kills per run.

Also you have the chance to find Szandor Haagen bounty spawn for achievements. Pretty rare chance for spawn though.

Averaging a gain of 700 – 1k gold each run after selling drops. So far that beats any of the other maps I have found.

Still need information on ghosts. I’ve only had them drop me green weapons so far. I’m wondering if they drop any legendary equips? Still testing with them.

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    Hey Mike, are you the ones who helped me named “Mikedirnt”? :)

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    Tty for this

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