Blacklight Retribution Newbie Tips

Blacklight Retribution Newbie Tips by darkco1a

I’ve been noticing a while lately the following:
lots of newer players getting frustrated when coming up against a 35 level player all decked out in functional goods.

don’t give up, save up money on good purchases. those purchases really depend on your playstyle, but here is some beginner to beginner advice:

– don’t go toe to toe alone against a high rank player with a HAR & 220+ or more health.

– don’t chase down a high rank player on your own- they are most likely leading you away from your team and into a trap- a place where he or she has the advantage.

– if it’s objective, don’t worry about your k/d- win the goal.

– if you really want to buy stuff- and make sure you get SOME kills off the bat:
buy proximity mines or HE nades- always guaranteed a kill (almost always).
learn the range of all your thrown items- that is important so you dont spend a big time out in the open figuring out how you are going to throw your nade and then get killed.

– buy a machete for when it gets tight and close.
– revolver- great gun if you dont like shotty or machine pistol (if you think theyre too easy). Remember, put a scope on your revolver (like a 3.0 fast scope) and keep COOL!!! the gun works if you can find the right moment to briefly (and i do mean briefly) stand still and squeeze the one delicious headshot off. Its beautiful and addicting and itll make players think twice to come knife you.

– dont let whining players sucker you into their playstyle when they complain that you killed them in an unfair way. there IS no unfair way. If they can’t figure out how to get around it, then you earned the kill with your brilliance. Recently I was kicked out of a server against a bunch of clanspeople because they just didnt like it how I killed them, either with a BAR, a shotgun or a machete. Whatever I did, it wasnt right….sigh…dont let it bug you.

– be proud if you get one kill off a beast of a player. Even if it is from behind. Whatever works. You earned it.

– Don’t make it personal, let the other player lose their cool and make it personal, that is the first step for that player to start to lose- attitude. Goad, tease, taunt, but keep it superficial. focus on the game.

– Dont think you are going to win with an AR against long range HAR or BAR. just get over it, take a long walk around and shoot them in the ass…

Hope this helps.

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